Tax Talk 36: Reforming Canada’s Employment Insurance Program, w. guest Nick Bergamini

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Nov 282013

Earlier this month, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation issued a new report calling for changes to the Employment Insurance (EI) system that would allow Canadians to keep the money they and their employers pay in EI taxes in a personal unemployment account. Report author Nick Bergamini, the CTF’s Research Director, joins CTF B.C. Director and Tax Talk host Jordan Bateman to break down the current EI system, highlight some shocking regional inequities, and lay out the CTF’s idea to revamp it. To read the full EI report, click here. To sign our petition calling for changes, click here.

Plus our usual features – the Comment of the Cast (praising a politician who – gasp! – did something right!) and the Waste of the Week (an MLA who collects more in pension than he did in salary).

Dec 222012

December 2000 Warning

Health Canada recognizes the unborn as “babies”. Among the graphics that Health Canada requires to be displayed on cigarette packages in Canada, one depicts a pregnant woman holding a cigarette. One ad reads:


Tobacco use during pregnancy reduces the growth of babies during pregnancy. These smaller babies may not catch up in growth after birth and the risks of infant illness, disability and death are increased.

If hurting babies is worthy of mandatory warning labels, why doesn’t the killing of babies warrant even stronger warnings?

December 2000 Warning

Why does the Canadian government allow the murder of 100,000 babies every year in the form of abortions?

2012 Warning

Stephen Harper’s government is hypocritical when it warns against cigarettes but not against abortion.

2012 Package Insert

Health officials get it. Why don’t our so-called “leaders”? Help them out and write to you MLA today!
Jun 142011

Rhonda Bailey is a Salmon Arm, BC, social worker for the Ministry of Children and Family Development. She has fabricated “evidence” and controlled professional access in order to abduct two infants from this loving couple. How many times she has done this, we do not know. Her superiors aid her in this aberrant behaviour because, frankly, the Ministry’s primary source of income is billing the government $90,000 per year per child that they take into custody. She’s a great soldier for the Ministry, but a lousy public servant.

What can we do about the Rhonda Baileys of the world? Please write to your local MLA. If nobody complains, it’s our own fault this continues.