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News release

February 15, 2012


Culture Guard files formal complaint

to VSB about Out In Schools program

VANCOUVER, Feb. 15, 2012 (Culture Guard) — Kari Simpson, president of Culture Guard, filed a formal complaint this morning with the Vancouver Board of School on behalf of concerned Vancouver parents, after VSB Chair Patti Bacchus claimed at the last public Board meeting to have “no knowledge” of complaints about the Board-endorsed “Out In Schools” program.

Mrs. Simpson said she wasn’t surprised by Ms. Bacchus’s claims of ignorance: “Ms. Bacchus admitted, at that meeting, to endorsing the notorious Out In Schools program without knowing anything about it.”

Kari Simpson further states: “It appears that Ms. Bacchus is comfortable operating in a vacuum—devoid of knowing what is really transpiring in the classrooms of the Vancouver School District. Clearly, she has abdicated her duty to be the guardian of the public’s trust, and has placed the health and well-being of students in harm’s way.”

The filed complaint states: The Vancouver Board of School Trustees (VSB), by endorsing the OIS program and allowing it to be advertised, published and taught in the classrooms and/or other facilities of the Vancouver Public School District, is complicit in distributing false, dangerous and misleading information to students and parents—thus endangering the health and well-being of children, and breaching the public’s trust.

The complaint then identifies many of the more obvious failings of the program, including the goal of encouraging students to call people names by using hateful terms like “homophobe”.

Simpson goes on to say that parents will be horrified when they find out who is “sponsoring” this program in Vancouver schools. These sponsors include a “queer” sex festival and XTRA!—a division of a so-called “not-for-profit” publishing company called Pink Triangle Press, that operates (among other lucrative ventures) a casual homosexual “hook-up” site called “Squirt”.

The Out In Schools program has been able to operate under the public radar by claiming to be an “anti-bullying” program. Thus misrepresenting the goals of the program, it also made false claims that the resource had been sent to the Ministry of Education for approval, this assertion has been proved to be a lie. The VSB and the sponsoring teachers have also failed to inform parents that sex activists like Jen “Jenderf**k” Sung were “educating” their children.

The complaint sent to the Vancouver Board of School Trustees follows this release.

For more information on OIS, watch the two-part video presentations, updates, and a letter that remains unanswered by Ross Johnstone, OIS program director; all are available at www.cultureguard.com Warning: the videos contain graphic content not suitable for minors.


Contact: Kari Simpson

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Vancouver Board of School Trustees

C/O Vancouver School Board

1580 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC

V6J 5K8

Via Email

February 15, 2012

Re: Out In Schools

Attention: Board of School Trustees SD No. 39

Complaint to the Vancouver Board of School Trustees

I, Kari Simpson, President of Culture Guard, make this formal complaint on behalf of Vancouver parents and tax-payers who have fulsome knowledge and concerns about the Out In Schools (“OIS”) program.

Specifically that:

The Vancouver Board of School Trustees (VSB), by endorsing the OIS program and allowing it to be advertised, published and taught in the classrooms and/or other facilities of the Vancouver Public School District, is complicit in distributing false and misleading information to students and parents—thus endangering the health and well-being of children, and breaching the public’s trust.

The Preamble of the School Act states:

WHEREAS it is the goal of a democratic society to ensure that all its members receive an education that enables them to become literate, personally fulfilled and publicly useful, thereby increasing the strength and contributions to the health and stability of that society;

AND WHEREAS the purpose of the British Columbia school system is to enable all learners to become literate, to develop their individual potential and to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to contribute to a

healthy, democratic and pluralistic society and a prosperous and sustainable economy;

But by engaging in the aforementioned conduct, the Vancouver School Board has acted contrary to the lawful mandate given to the Vancouver School District, and in violation of the spirit, purposes and goals of the BC public education system as established in law.

Further, Section 76 (2) of the School Act requires that “the highest morality” must be inculcated, but no religious dogma or creed is to be taught in a school or Provincial school. The OIS program, and its affiliated contests and goals, breaches Section 76 (2).


Part 1: False and misleading information to parents and students

The Vancouver Board of School Trustees has engaged, whether wittingly or not, in scamming parents and students by facilitating a program that has been falsely marketed to stakeholders.

Specifically that –

a) the OIS program has been presented as an “anti-bullying” program, which it is not;

b) the OIS goal has been alleged to be to “reduce” instances of bullying, but officers of OIS have stated other goals;

c) the OIS program was alleged to have been sent for approval, or approved by the Ministry of Education—neither of which is true;

d) the OIS program was presented as “age-appropriate”;

e) the OIS program is purportedly in compliance with the VSB policies on discrimination, but violates them;

f) the OIS program is presumed to be in compliance with the BC Human Rights Act, but it is not;

g) the OIS program and sponsoring teachers are purported to be in compliance with the BCTF code of Conduct, but they repeatedly violate it.

Part 2: Endangering the health and well-being of children

The Vancouver Board of School Trustees have recklessly breached their responsibility and duty to be guardians of the public’s trust and to protect the health and best interests of minor children, by failing to perform their due diligence in properly researching a program that actually involves the promotion and celebration of dangerous sexual practices. Further, by failing to have full knowledge about this program—a program rooted in political rhetoric, false information, and militant sex activism—the VSB has facilitated a gateway to give access to minors by sex activists, for the purpose of luring and exposing them to sexually explicit material and sexual practices known to be harmful.

Specifically that –

a) By promoting, hosting and endorsing the OIS program—a program that lures and facilitates minor students into being tricked, seduced (by “prizes”!) or scammed into attending sexualized pornographic environments under the guise of an “awards” party—the VSB is complicit in corrupting the morals of minors, and violating the trust of parents.

b) By promoting, hosting and endorsing the OIS program—a program that lures and facilitates minor students into being tricked, seduced (by “prizes”!) or scammed into attending sexualized pornographic environments under the guise of an “awards” party, the VSB has violated the public’s trust.

c) By failing to advise parents, after being informed that students were encouraged and invited to play sex games at an event publicized by OIS program via the VSB, the Board exacerbates the harm.

d) By failing to advise parents that students were possibly exposed to terms that approve of dangerous sexual practices—terms like “rimming”, “butt pirate” and other dangerous sexual acts—the VSB is failing to reduce the harm that could come to students, and is in contravention of the lawful requirements of the School Act for promoting a healthy society.

e) By promoting, hosting and endorsing the OIS program, the VSB has knowingly (or ought to have known) that minor students would be exposed to information that creates an environment of discrimination, hatred and contempt for individuals whose religious beliefs and/or cultural values and/or fact-based commonsense requires a refusal to “celebrate” sex activism or sex activist politics within the schools. These facts contravene the lawful requirement of the School Act that the VSB enable students to “…acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to contribute to a healthy, democratic and pluralistic society…”

f) The OIS program cultivates hatred and contempt for students, teachers, other individuals and groups who are opposed to sex activist propaganda. These include groups and individuals whose convictions are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as groups and individuals who are factually informed of the medical, psychological and societal consequences of dangerous sexual acts and other behaviours that include, but are not limited to sodomy, drug use and promiscuous sexual practices and/or other sexual practices that result in harm; e.g.: multiple partner fellatio (blow jobs) among homosexual males has led to throat cancer at levels higher than lung cancer in smokers.

g) That by engaging and indoctrinating minors in propagandist material, exemplified by the VSB’s endorsement and use of the OIS program and other similar material, the VSB is failing to educate students as to the serious implications to the health of individuals (and the obscene costs to our economy) that are a direct result of sexual promiscuity, and the VSB’s requirement of staff and students to “celebrate” these practices among identifiable groups. This violates the legislated mandate of the public schools.

h) Further, by lying to students about the proven health consequences associated with these acts, as documented by the Centres for Disease Control (and both provincial and federal budgets), the VSB is failing to achieve the established goals of fostering “socially responsible” and “informed” citizens. This failure contravenes the lawful requirement that the VSB ensure that students acquire the necessary knowledge to be a positive contributor to a healthy and sustainable economy.

i) By failing to advise parents of the true facts associated with their children’s attendance and involvement in the OIS program—and the ensuing sex party—the VSB fails to mitigate the harm. Students and parents deserve the truth.

j) Trustees approved the OIS program, relying on unidentified Pride Committee members and/or unidentified staff to determine the alleged appropriateness of a program which was in fact designed to foster values and views that conflict with and undermine the Charter-protected cultural and moral values of important stakeholders.

Part 3: Cultivating ignorance (and ignorant bullies)

The OIS program provides obvious clues that it is unsuitable for school use. The words “homophobia”, “homophobe”, “homophobic” and other similar words are used in conjunction with sex activist propaganda; this cultivates harm, hurt and contempt for individuals and/or groups who oppose the propagation of false and misleading information and/or the promotion and “celebration” of the medically harmful sexual practices and diseases typically associated with sodomy and/or other promiscuous sexual behaviours. The OIS program, as presented, violates the BC Human Rights Code by including words and actions that discriminate against identifiable groups based on their religious beliefs; and also discriminate based on age, race and ethnic background.

Specifically that:

a) The OIS program relies on the repeated use of slurs, such as “homophobia”, “homophobe”, homophobic” and “heterosexist” to demean, demoralize and to cultivate contempt and hatred for Charter-protected groups opposed to homosexual behaviours. These terms violate the spirit and letter of the law; the School Act demands the cultivation of a pluralistic society. The courts have held that the school must protect all students, including those whose religious beliefs oppose homosexuality and students whose fact-based commonsense and well-informed knowledge militate against accepting sex activist propaganda.

b) The OIS program relies on the repeated use of slurs, namely “homophobia”, “homophobe”, and “homophobic” to demean, demoralize and to cultivate contempt and hatred for individuals and/or groups who seek factual discourse on the politics of sex activism.

c) The OIS program relies on the repeated use of slurs, namely “homophobia”, “homophobe”, homophobic” to demean, demoralize and to cultivate contempt and hatred for medical and/or psychological professionals who seek to provide factual research on issues relating to homosexuality and other issues related to sexual identity.

d) The videos used in the OIS program promote hatred and contempt for those who oppose the abuse of children by indoctrinating them with false and misleading information. Further, encourage the use of slurs to demean others.

e) That one of the videos used, distributed and shown in OIS presentations, Peking Turkey, incites contempt for an identifiable group by mocking Chinese-Canadian culture.

f) That a number of the videos seemingly approve of sex activists’ bully tactics, used to make individuals accept them. In one video, a frail 91-year-old man is bullied by a relative into “accepting” her lesbian “identity”. The man dies before the film is finished; but any objective observer would be horrified at the tactics used—and seemingly approved of—by these activists.

g) The OIS’ own promotional videos, published on their website, feature young students resorting to being “bullies” against other students; this behaviour is presented as being acceptable.

Part 4: Partnering up

Unbeknown to parents, the VSB is facilitating the for-profit interests of money-making business endeavours to recruit minor children as future consumers.

Specifically that –

a) The VSB is allowing children to be used as a captive audience in a number of for-profit marketing schemes associated with the OIS program.

b) The VSB has failed to inform parents that their children are being exposed to marketing schemes that seek to recruit a new generation of sex-based consumerism. By endorsing the OIS program, the VSB is “partnering up” with other OIS-sponsoring partners, including XTRA!, a publication owned and operated by Pink Triangle Press, a so-called “non-profit” society, whose mission statement reads in part:

‘Set love free’—We honour lust and seek a world where sex is valued as a human trait, no more no less than any other, and all are free and equal, no matter whom they love.

c) The VSB has failed to inform parents that, in keeping with their mission statement of honouring “lust”, this “non-profit” organization (functioning like a for-profit corporation, except for not having to pay taxes) also operates—as one of many possible examples—a lucrative casual homosexual sex “hook-up” site called “SQUIRT”; and that students are introduced to this profitable marketing strategy through the OIS program, contests and associated parties.

d) The VSB has failed to disclose to parents that XTRA! is also a sponsor of the Queer Film Festival, and has recently ramped-up their public endorsements of OIS, thus integrating themselves deeper into the OIS program—and the influencing of students as a direct result thereof.

e) The VSB has failed to inform parents that the VSB facilitated the use of students as a test market for a new “Dirty, Silly Drinking game” called Lesbian Debauchery during a party that is hosted by OIS and in conjunction with the queer sex festival.

f) Parents have a right to know that the OIS program is a school-based marketing tool for sex consumerism; the VSB has failed to so inform them.

Part 5: Remedy –

1) That a moratorium be placed immediately on any use of the Out In Schools program in schools or on school property;

2) That parents be notified forthwith that the VSB has failed to advise them of the true nature of this program; specifically that:

a) a moratorium be placed immediately on any use of the Out In Schools) the OIS program is a political indoctrination tool;

b) their children may have been exposed to a false understanding of issues involved in homosexuality;

c) that children were exposed to hate slurs like “homophobe” and “homophobia” as being acceptable, contrary to Charter of Rights, and contrary to policies of mutual acceptance made by the VSB and the BC Human Rights Code;

d) their children may have accessed, through a VSB-approved “youth-link”, a site featuring a hard-core homosexual porn;

e) minor students may have accessed, while researching the OIS program information and the PSA contest rules, information about the Queer Film Festival and the pornographic films associated with that sex festival. These films contained promotional information and material linked to hard-core homosexual porn, violent sex, sex with dead people (necrophilia), sex with animals (bestiality) and other graphic sexual depictions that are unacceptable for minors and unlawful;

f) their children may have been taught to believe that the use of slurs promoted by this program is acceptable;

g) their children may have acquired a false understanding of the dangerous health issues related to homosexuality;

h) their children may have been given a false knowledge base relating to homosexuality, transgenderism and other issues purported to be related to sexual identity.

3) That the Board of School Trustees issues an apology to parents and students for failing to protect their interests.

4) And other provisions to be agreed upon.

Failure to place an immediate moratorium on the OIS program will result in legal action. Further, the failings of this program are not limited to the information contained herein.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of Vancouver parents, students and stakeholders,

Kari D. Simpson

President, Culture Guard

Jan 242012

Hello, dear visitors. No, we haven’t abandoned you. The RoadKill team has been out and about poking our sticks into old and new hornet nests – all for your enlightenment. We wanted to take a winter vacation, but sex activists, smart meter installers, rogue judges, unethical politicians, Big Pharma, and a host of other special (and kooky) interests kept us busy. We took notes and shot some video, and now RoadKill Radio revs up its lineup for 2012…

We have many new features that we plan to roll out this year. February marks our return with familiar shows…

  • RoadKill Radio News: slightly new name, same socially conscious content hosted by the indefatigable Kari Simpson.
  • The Mark Hasiuk Show: more fast-action journalistic interviews by Vancouver Courier columnist Mark Hasiuk.
  • Culture Guard: reports on new and continued efforts to protect Canada’s besieged culture, featuring Ron Gray and Kari Simpson.
  • Drive for Justice: periodic updates on Kari Simpson’s renewed war against the corruption in Canada’s courts.

And later this year…

  • Family Freedom Fighters: Ron Gray tackles the issues that put our families at risk.
  • Health and Politics: what’s healthy, what’s not, and how politics and law are often damaging our personal health.
  • The National Absurder: news and commentary about the absurd side of Canadian life – as seen by an American, Jim Lawter.

It all starts Tuesday night, Valentine’s Day, February 14, with the return of RoadKill Radio News!

Dec 012011

Christy Clark cuts funding to a proven program that steered abused women off the street and onto the educational highway.

Ty Mistry runs Peers Vancouver, a service that helps sex trade workers exit that lifestyle. Most common-sense people think this is a good thing; Mark Hasiuk thinks it is a good thing, and the RoadKill Radio crew thinks it is a great thing… BUT, the provincial government thinks otherwise! Shock!! … Gasps!!

It seems that while provincial funding continues to pour toward programs that perpetuate drug use and encourages health-threatening sex activism, Peers is facing a total cut in their provincial funding. Join Mark Hasiuk as he speaks to Ty Mistry about this incredibly misguided decision.


Where Truth Prevails

Thursdays at 7:30pm

Thursday, December 1, 2011: Christy Clark Road Block – No Exit

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Dec 012011

Christy Clark cuts funding. No Exit for sex trade workers!


December 1, 2011– 7:30 pm

Christy Clark cuts funding to a proven program that steered abused women off the street and onto the educational highway.

Ty Mistry runs Peers Vancouver, a service that helps sex trade workers exit that lifestyle. Most common-sense people think this is a good thing; Mark Hasiuk thinks it is a good thing, and the RoadKill Radio crew thinks it is a great thing… BUT, the provincial government thinks otherwise! Shock!! … Gasps!!

It seems that while provincial funding continues to pour toward programs that perpetuate drug use and encourages health-threatening sex activism, Peers is facing a total cut in their provincial funding. Join Mark Hasiuk as he speaks to Ty Mistry about this incredibly misguided decision.


The Mark Hasiuk Show ~ Where Truth Prevails
Thursdays at 7:30pm


WHERE: Listen – http://www.roadkillradio.com

EMAIL THE SHOW: Roadkillradio@live.ca

Your Thoughts, Your Opinions, Your Outrage are welcome!


Inspect before you inject

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Sep 062011

With Kari Simpson & Ron Gray

Show #114, Part 1, audio only:

Download Show #114, Part 1, audio only

7:30 – 8:15 pm: HEALTH ALERT!! Are health officials using children as guinea pigs?! Are health officials lying to us about the risks associated with some vaccines?! LESLIE BOTHA, publisher, author, activist, radio and television host and SANE Vax President, NORMA ERICKSON, talk about the controversial vaccine called GARDASIL – a vaccine paid for by Canadian taxpayers and injected at a school near you!. Parents and grandparents this is a must listen to show!!!

6 September 2011 Webcast

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Sep 062011

Inspect before you inject!


A Back to School Special!

With Kari Simpson & Ron Gray

Show #114, Part 1, audio only:

Download Show #114, Part 1, audio only

7:30 – 8:15 pm: HEALTH ALERT!! Are health officials using children as guinea pigs?! Are health officials lying to us about the risks associated with some vaccines?! LESLIE BOTHA, publisher, author, activist, radio and television host and SANE Vax President, NORMA ERICKSON, talk about the controversial vaccine called GARDASIL – a vaccine paid for by Canadian taxpayers and injected at a school near you!. Parents and grandparents this is a must listen to show!!!

Show #114, Part 2, audio only:

Download Show #114, Part 2, audio only

8:40 – 9:30 pm: A back to school special! HELEN WARD, President of KIDS FIRST will update us on All-Day Kindergarten (AKA taxpayer-funded daycare) and what parents need to know about the public education system!

It’s Time to End FatOphobia!

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Aug 112011

By Kari Simpson, Co-host of RoadKill Radio.com

August 11, 2011

The headlines just won’t stop: ‘Take the Fat Kids’…

‘CPS workers remove Obese Kids from their Parents’…

‘Fat Kids need State intervention’…!

OK everyone, it’s time to stop the hatred and contempt of fat folk! It’s time to end the oppression! It’s time for fat to be celebrated, obesity embraced. We’re not gonna take it any more!

It wasn’t that long ago when homosexuality was considered a mental disorder; now it’s time to deal with the fatophobic lies about obesigenetics! If homosexuals can become “gay”, then fatsos must become “jolly”! Fatophobia must END!

We’ll plan our political strategy, using the same tools of deceit and deception so masterfully employed by our comrades-in-arms, the gays! Just as they have succeeded in bullying their way into political stardom now, “Jollies” can, must and will join them in receiving special privileges; we, no less than they (maybe even more, because we’re bigger and our numbers are provably larger!) deserve public and taxpayer recognition—politically, socially and emotionally (not to mention government money—lots of government money!)!

Think of the Jolly jobs we can secure by having Jolly-positive messages mandated in every school, in every subject, at every grade level—to be imposed on every impressionable little mind!

The time is now! This is the Jollies’ “Stonewall” moment! The writing is on the American Psychiatric Association’s wall; the gauntlet was laid down by those hateful Harvard Scholastic sorts, when they published their fear-inducing hate manifesto:

State Intervention in Life-Threatening Childhood Obesity!

They’re now coming for our chubby children! Fatophobia-induced hate and bullying must stop!

We’re going to take the world by storm; we’ll become visible—increasingly visible; and everywhere, people must be taught to talk positively about—and even celebrate—being “Jolly”! The world must embrace the soon to become famous words of Jolly Pride pioneer Mark Shea, “OUT, STOUT & PROUD”!!

We’ll outlaw negative stereotyping—we’ll vilify any dietician or other professional who dares to speak truth about health-related illnesses of obesity; Lady Gaga (the skinny bitch!) was right: we were “born this way”! And for those who dare to suggest Jollies are fat because of their own dietary choices… well, off with their heads! Oops! I mean off to the Human Rights Tribunals for sensitivity training and a lesson in positive Jolly thinking—and possibly a fine. (Yay! More money!)

Here are some of our demands:

  • We want taxpayer funding for an annual Fat Pride Parade in all major (and some minor) cities, featuring that Jolly icon, Santa Claus; the parade should be around Thanksgiving, a time when we can all celebrate overeating. Our expanding waistlines will give new meaning to the phrase “coming out”!
  • CampOut! (the summer indoctrination camp for kids) must be made to feature s’mores, potato chips, and pan-fried everything! And non-diet pop. Lots of pop—Super-Sized POP! Corporate sponsors: Coke, McDonalds, KFC, etc.
  • End Big Pharma’s unconscionable pushing of diet pills!
  • Force students to watch Shallow Hal at school. Promote Hollywood Jolly icons like Jabba the Hutt and Fat Bastard.
  • A big-budget Hollywood remake of Jake and the Fat Man.
  • Boycott Victoria’s Secret until they start carrying—and advertising—a Jolly line of undies called, “Somewhere Under the Roll.”
  • Force Mattel to release a triple-chinned, booty-jiggling Jolly Barbie as a positive role model for not-so-little girls!

We will crush all fatophobics—especially those fanatical exercise gurus! Fatophobes like Jane Fonda will be prohibited from spreading their hate; they must be silenced and those jumpy Jill videos exorcised—I mean burned! But wait there’s more! Those cruel “reparative therapy” groups like Jenny Craig… Weight Watchers… all of them must be shut down! Television shows like the “Biggest Loser” that falsely glorifies the benefits of health and fitness, while perpetrating stereo-typical hate and contempt for jollies, will be banned!

And while we are at it, all reparative therapy, “higher-power”-ed, hokey-pokey phobic groups that deny the reality that we are all “born this way” must be made illegal—groups like the alcophobic Alcoholics Anonymous and narcophobic Narcotics Anonymous. I mean really! Fooling and bullying people into believing that they can change is just so evil! Sure, some people actually do get duped into abstaining from drugs, smoking, alcohol—some even lose weight and then start preaching fatophobic hate messages! But what about the ones who don’t? Is it fair to them? Shouldn’t they be encouraged in their “born-this-way” expressions of sex, drug, drink, tobacco and metabolism uniqueness?

It’s essential that all “Jollies” and their allies adopt the rabid rhetoric and employ the strategic emotional marketing schemes that have been proven so successful by our friends, the “gays”! We must learn to repeat the standard lies/lines: “Who would ever choose to be this way? Teased and bullied, mocked and reviled.” “I’m born this way! I can’t change!” “And I don’t wanna change!”

Yes! Schools must draft anti-fatophobia policies. Nutrition and similar science studies must now feature the benefits of starchy carbohydrates, the need to celebrate copious amounts of white sugar, liberate fried (notice how close this word is to “friend”?) foods from the dark references of being “junk”! Fatty, rich indulgences that provide meaningful comfort and acceptance must be available in every school cafeteria, and from every food dispensing machine. Flags featuring poutine and rainbow-coloured bon-bons must fly over every school and city hall!

Professionals must acknowledge that emotional trauma, pain, sexual abuse and other psychological realities associated with known food consumption behaviours cannot be talked about, for such realities perpetuate the myth that there might be factors other than “I was born this way” and/or “God made me this way”, that have contributed to my generous genetic presence!

Our brothers and sisters (and whoever/whatever else is defined in the gay+++ community) would never tolerate such a truthful and open-dialogue parading of the many life-threatening illnesses associated with their “born-this-way” sexual practices! Why should we? Jollies must mobilize to express resistance and demand redress! This is HATE!!!!!!

Health talk = Hate speech! Don’t let anyone forget it!

Only 3% of Canadians are Gay, but 60% of Canadians are overweight; therefore Jollies deserve a bigger piece of the special-interest pie! Did someone say “PIE”!?!

We need Human Rights Legislation to end fatophobic discrimination, and we demand that governments pay more for our growing (hmmm!) needs, and not restrict funding based on fatophobic funding formulas that attempt to “normalize” caloric intakes. Jollies who can’t work because of their “born this way” health challenges must be given increases in their welfare payments to recognize and celebrate their greater caloric needs. There is no normal!

Besides welfare rate increases, subsidized medical costs and subsidized life insurance must be made available to help us celebrate our rightful and ever-increasingly visible place in society!

Fatophobic rhetoric must be outlawed! Dr. Oz and other alleged medical professionals must be censored (and censured) to stop them from spreading hateful fatophobic lies and zealotry about heart disease, diabetes and other health concerns that they claim are related to measurable body fat! That’s just fatophobic hate speech!

Oprah, the world’s most respected woman, has proven time and again that if one is meant to be fat, he or she will be fat—despite all the diets and money available.

Fatophobic slurs like “Eat an apple”, “Healthy Foods, Healthy Choices”, and “Fit for life” must be bullied into silence! Never again must such words be allowed to echo their hateful messages in school classrooms, cafeterias and hallways!

Jolly-positive posters that celebrate fat diversity must decorate school halls! “Fatasstic!” “All you need is Kripsy Kreme!” “Bubble Buns are Beautiful!” “Eat and be Jolly!” These slogans are acceptable!

The public (and private) schools are our most important tool! Administrators must be made to recognize that there is far more bullying happening to generous-sized, “born-this-way” children than any other kind! Not to take away from the false statistics that have been so instrumental in aiding the duping of the silly classes by our comrades the gays; but, really: fatophobia is a far greater problem!

It’s essential that all students become familiar with and celebrate Fatasstic people! Now, some parents (and a few health professionals) might say that all this positive reinforcement about being fat risks causing children to indulge in the lifestyle! That’s the typical hateful fatophobic response; but we all know “You can’t make a child fat who wasn’t born that way!”

Schools must all celebrate a “Day Against Fatophobia”, when kids will feast on fat-laden and MSG-filled fast foods: french fries, poutine, donuts, sugary drinks, pop… lots of soda pop! Maybe we could combine the politics of the gay “Day of Silence” with our special day, with the motto: “Don’t Hate, just EAT”!

Yes, Fatasstic people have lots to do. A real attention-getter will be to start a petition to help Richard Simmons and Jennifer Hudson free themselves from the bondage of the diet-crazed fatophobes, and return to their true life of generous, sizable, cute and jiggly proportions.

I’m certain that our gay comrades will embrace us as we ride their coat-tails to success. They know it works; just look at how they piggybacked their message onto the civil rights movement!

We should be thankful that most people don’t know how to think! And the schools must not be allowed to teach students how to think; only what to think. Yes, we will rely on the political strategies developed by homosexual activists to demean, defame, and destroy anyone who would dare suggest that there are medical and health consequences to our choice of Jolly behaviour! Oops! I mean “being born this way”, and unalterable genetic make-up.

Be the way you were born to be! Eat lots, drink more and be gay! Or Jolly.

Kari Simpson is Co-Host on the boldly conservative, politically in-correct webcast RoadKill Radio.com proudly broadcasting common-sense civility out of Vancouver, BC. Contact Kari Simpson – kari@roadkillradio.com

Jul 142011

by Ron Gray

For Canada Day – which used to be (and should still be) called ‘Dominion Day’* – Vancouver Sun religion columnist Doug Todd listed his suggestions for ten “Canadian values”:

  1. Participatory democracy.
  2. Reasonable tolerance of diversity.
  3. The rule of law.
  4. Stewardship of the Earth.
  5. No discrimination, including on gender or sexual orientation.
  6. Mixed economics: Market enterprise tempered by regulation.
  7. Universal health care for core needs.
  8. Readiness to pay taxes.
  9. Willingness to learn from “The Other.”
  10. Commitment to the common good.

I’d like to respond with a list of my own; that way, perhaps we can get a discussion going. But first, I need to establish some principles – principles are more enduring and immutable than “values”; values are merely what we ascribe value to, at the moment, and can change in an eye-blink; principles, like the laws of physics, don’t change. Ever.

Here are some principles for public life (which is what governments and politics are all about). Personal values and principles are just as important – maybe more important – but we’re talking about nationhood, here. Ultimately, the nation will assume a shape determined by the interplay of individual principles.

First of all, however, I have to confess that I have an advantage over poor Doug: my position doesn’t compel me to treat all faiths as though they were equal. And, indeed, that’s not possible: Judaism and Christianity and Islam say there’s only one God; Hinduism says there’s millions; Buddhism has no god. One = millions = zero is a logical absurdity. Some other tome, I’ll deal with why I’ve staked my eternal future on the Biblical faith; but for now, let’s get on with the national list of values principles.

Behind the principles that govern a nation’s identity must be a concept of governance. Ultimately, any form of government ending in “archy” or “cracy” isn’t really reliable; they depend on the personal integrity of the ruling authority. A monarchy depends on the monarch; a democracy depends on the people; a republic depends on both the Constitution (is it a good one?) and the people (will the people obey it?) Remember that Hitler came to power through a populist democracy; in the Messianic Age we’ll be governed by an absolute Monarch.

But the first principles of government must always derive from the concept of authority: what authority does a government have? and where does it come from?

There is – and always has been – only one Law-Giver; governments are not instituted to make laws, but to administer the Laws that have been given (at Sinai). William Blackstone, whose Commentaries on the English Law were for 200 years the primary textbook of every law school in the English-speaking world, wrote that “no enactment of man can be considered a law unless it accords with the Law of God.”

So, since we have passed statutes that are at variance with the Torah, those ideas cannot be considered part of our heritage. But other innovations, such as the idea that we will not allow anyone to perish for lack of medical care or funds, are consistent with that part of the Torah that commands us to, “Love your neighbour as yourself.”

So what are the guiding principles that should keep Canada on the right path?

  1. Obey the Law (that is, what is consistent with God’s Law).
  2. Be generous (personally; not with other people’s money).
  3. Be compassionate.
  4. Love people and use things (too much of modern life loves things, and therefore uses people).
  5. Work hard and joyfully – and for the future, more than for the present.
  6. Leave Canada and the world in a better state than we received it.
  7. Rejoice in what we have been given; do not make the ability to be happy conditional on things unattained or imagined.
  8. Respect the legitimate rights of others; defend your own legitimate rights (and know the difference between legitimate rights and indulgence).
  9. Speak the truth in love.
  10. Be honest in all your dealings; do not covet nor take what is not yours.

For comparison’s sake, let’s discuss Doug Todd’s Ten:
    1. Participatory democracy.
But democracy must not be idolized; it is always in danger of degenerating into mob rule, if we put it on a pedestal. When I was in school, we were taught that democracy meant rule by the majority, but stressed that the first obligation of the majority is to protect the rights of the minorities.

The only reason to defend democracy, really, is the knowledge that no fallen man or woman can be trusted with absolute power; therefore everyone in authority must be accountable to those under his or her authority.

    2. Reasonable tolerance of diversity.
The operative word here is “reasonable”; we have fallen into the worship of a special brand of “diversity”, the hall-mark of which is intolerance for anyone who disagrees with it. The modern brand of “diversity” has no room for people who agree with Blackstone.

    3. The rule of law.
The importance in this dictum is that it supersedes rule by persons.

    4. Stewardship of the Earth.
A principle with which all (except the rapacious) can agree – it’s consistent with our Point #6.

    5. No discrimination, including on gender or sexual orientation.
This idea, so prevalent today, is rooted in a misunderstanding of the word “discrimination”. It was once though to be the hallmark of civility to be discriminating – to have cultivated the ability to distinguish between what is good and what is bad, and to choose the good, whether doing so is of immediate personal benefit or not. We must restore the proper meaning of, and respect for “discrimination”. The word acquired a bad connotation when “discrimination based on race” was recognized as a social evil. But many forms of discrimination are good, and should be honoured.

    6. Mixed economics: Market enterprise tempered by regulation.
The use of the word “tempered” tells me that Doug recognizes the evil implicit in both unrestrained avarice and unconstrained regulatory power. We would surely all agree.

    7. Universal health care for core needs.
This is an expression of our Point #3, and is dependent on the limiting words “core needs”; but the socialist principle that prevents anyone from spending their money on any kind of health care, if it is not also available to all others, is excessively bureaucratic. And it must be recognized that abortion is never a “need”; it is the abuse of one person for the benefit of another; in this, it is akin to slavery and to the sacrifice of children to Moloch.

    8. Readiness to pay taxes.
It’s a pity that Doug didn’t see fit to insert a modifying word here – like “reasonable taxes”. Christian economist Gary North has pointed out that when the government demands more than the ten percent that is God’s tithe, it has straying into idolatry.

    9. Willingness to learn from “The Other.”
Yes; but there must be a standard against which everything we would learn must be measured. That standard is the Torah.

    10. Commitment to the common good.
No quarrel here at all; but again, there must be a standard for defining “good”; we cannot hope to make the world “better” until we know what is meant by “good”. And again, that has been defined for us by the Creator.

* – A word about the word “Dominion”, as in “Dominion of Canada” and “Dominion Day”: As a teenager, I though the term meant that Canadians were under the thumb of Britain. I learned from the study of history that the Fathers or Confederation chose the term from the eighth verse of the 72nd Psalm: “He (meaning the returned Messiah) shall have dominion from sea to sea, and from the great river to the ends of the earth.” Respect for His Torah, the foundation of all legitimate law, is implied in calling our nation a Dominion; and the term deserves to be restored.

Jul 112011

By Terry O’Neill – The Tri-City News

It figures that my big-government-loving colleague would now want to give the state life-and-death power over us. He would deny it, but this power would inevitably be created if doctor-assisted suicide were legalized in Canada.

Of course, any such Charter-based, court-mandated legalization — which is the target of a current B.C. Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) lawsuit — would never go so far as to actually declare that the government would have the power to decide who should live and die.

But growing evidence points strongly to the toxic effect that budget pressures from government medical-insurance-plans have on the care of terminally-ill patients in jurisdictions where doctor-assisted suicide has been legalized.

In Oregon, for example, the state’s health plan severely limits coverage for treatment of the seriously ill, steering them towards “voluntary” suicide, the cost of which it will, ironically, cover. The same pressures are bound to manifest themselves in Canada.

And in the Netherlands, it’s just as clear that informed-consent provisions are routinely broken, with the result that misguided doctors are making decisions on their own to euthanize elderly, chronically ill patients.

Recent news stories about the issue have centred on a Westbank woman’s decision to join the BCCLA suit. Most stories embraced the propagandistic language of the pro-death movement in describing how the woman, an ALS patient, sought the “right to die with dignity.”

But these words suggest persons cannot ‘die with dignity’ if they do not have the right to enlist a doctor’s assistance in killing themselves. If true, it must also be that everyone in Canada who now dies of natural causes dies without dignity. Balderdash.

Moreover, it can certainly be argued that the courage shown by someone who faces a looming death with courage and embraces a natural outcome is actually more deserving of the honour and respect associated with true dignity than someone who enlists the assistance a suicide doctor like the late Jack Kevorkian.

Ultimately, though, it all comes back to whether we want to give doctors the right to kill us. I say the risk is too great. As Dr. Margaret Cottle pointed out at a recent conference I attended, the evidence from every jurisdiction where physician-assisted suicide has been legalized shows that “assisted death is impossible to regulate and easy to abuse.”

Jul 052011

By Ron Gray

The story and photograph reproduced below, taken from the Vancouver Sun’s web-page, represent a new low in Canada’s decaying journalistic standards.

The headline and story are about hate crimes. The picture is of a battered lesbian. The inference is that she is a victim of an “anti-gay” hate crime.

But she’s not.

Shannon Barry is a self-proclaimed lesbian; she was attacked by a 14 year-old stranger, in a brawl outside an Edmonton bar. But police investigation concluded it was not a hate crime.

That misrepresentation is bad enough; but what makes it even worse is that fact that the accompanying story doesn’t mention anti-gay hate crimes at all. The rise in reported hate crimes was in the categories of race and religion: the victims were Blacks, Asians, Arabs, and Jews.

But the way the Sun editors played the story creates the impression that Canada is deep in a wave of anti-gay violence – a non-fact often parroted in the media.

The Sun, like most of Canada’s major metropolitan dailies, is notoriously pro-gay; their bias colors both editorials and news coverage. Readers find it difficult to distinguish between editorials and the news. The uninformed opinion of writers in both genres bleeds into their work embarrassingly.

When I worked at the Vancouver Sun – when the late, great Jack Webster was City Editor, and Hal Straight was Managing Editor – keeping the editorial and news pages separate was an article of faith. Jack used to tell cub reporters, “You can’t ever be perfectly objective, but you must try.” Sometime in the 1970s, the journalism schools at Canadian universities began teaching neophyte journalists, “You can’t ever be perfectly objective; so be subjective.” And the reporters, instead of being invisible observers, became the focus of the stories they covered.

Opinion has replaced news in today’s newspapers.

But you have to wonder: why have today’s media become so blindly pro-gay? What’s the big attraction?

There are several factors. The most unsavory is the fact that most journalists are, by and large, a pretty randy bunch: they want their own licentiousness excused, so they abuse their position as opinion-molders to become advocates for almost all forms of “sexual diversity” embraced by the politically-correct and paid for by us the tax-payer.

A more noble impulse among journalists is what I call “righteousness envy”.

In the late 1940s, the Fifties, and into the Sixties, newspapermen (we didn’t get the exalted title “journalists”, back then) were on the front lines of the struggle for the civil rights of Blacks (who were then called “Negroes”). I remember a white journalist from Texas, John Howard Griffin, in 1959 underwent treatments with drugs and ultraviolet light to darken his skin colour; then he traveled through the Deep South, and wrote about his experiences in a devastating expose of Jim Crow laws and racism, Black Like Me. Griffin became a hero to many journalists, much like Bernstein and Woodward in the 1970s for their exposé of Watergate.

A lot of contemporary journalists like to think they are walking in the same path of civil rights by embracing the cause of homosexuals. But there’s a world of difference.

For one thing, homosexuals may experience some social rejection, but they’re not a persecuted minority: their average education level and employment success are well above the national average. There’s no persecution in employment, and they have a much higher-than-average disposable income. They also have political clout wildly beyond their small numbers.

Another difference from racial discrimination is that militant gays really do have an agenda to change society by manipulating attitudes. Their agenda was clearly outlined in Kirk and Madsen’s 1989 book After the Ball: How America will conquer its fear and hatred of gays in the 90’s (sic).

The problem with their agenda is that it is dishonest, and it is dangerous.

The militant gays almost never talk about the health problems that are endemic to men who have “sex” with men, or women who have “sex” with women. (They made an exception in 2009, when a coalition of Canadian “gay rights” groups filed a human rights complaint against Health Canada, noting that their health problems are much worse than those of the “straight” population, and demanding more spending on their peculiar and behaviour-induced illnesses.)

And their lies and propaganda become dangerous when they are adopted by schools and forced on an innocent captive audience: school-children.

Dr. Scott Lively, when he taught law at Pepperdine University in California, warned state school boards that if they sanction lessons designed to increase acceptance of homosexual behaviour, some students would be tempted to experiment; and some who experiment would become addicted; and those who had sanctioned the misleading lessons would be guilty of condemning those children to an early grave – and the school boards and their trustees might well be sued.

Later, the American College of Pediatricians sent a letter to every school board in the United States, warning that such pro-gay curricula are actually dangerous to children.

None of those facts ever make the pages of our major metropolitan newspapers. Instead of news that could warn parents about how their schools are being subverted by militant gay activists, by the BC teachers’ Federation’s militant gay wing, and by pro-gay school boards, the “downstream” media have become cheerleaders for the propaganda campaign, and viciously attack parents who rightly and responsibly seek to protect their children and to defend the public education system from political abuse.

When propaganda replaces news – like the editorial decision to play the photo below with an unrelated story—respect for the Fourth Estate takes a well-deserved nose-dive.

Shame on you, Vancouver Sun, shame.


Police-reported hate crimes rise in Canada: StatsCan

By Beatrice Fantoni, Postmedia News / June 7, 2011

Shannon Barry

Shannon Barry is a lesbian who was kicked in the face and knocked unconscious by a stranger in Edmonton on Saturday April 17, 2010. Figures released Tuesday by Statistics Canada suggest the number of hate crimes reported to police is on the rise. Instances of hate crimes increased by 42 per cent between 2008 and 2009, bringing the total to 1,473. Photograph by: Larry Wong, Edmonton Journal

OTTAWA – Figures released Tuesday by Statistics Canada suggest the number of hate crimes reported to police is on the rise.

Instances of hate crimes increased by 42 per cent between 2008 and 2009, bringing the total to 1,473.

While hate crimes remain primarily motivated by race (and black Canadians remain the most-targeted by hate crime), the data also showed the number of reported hate crimes perpetrated against Arabs and West Asians doubled (to 75 from 37). There was also a 71 per cent increase in hate crimes committed against Jewish people.

Statistics Canada analyst Mia Dauvergne says two factors might have influenced the result: While there may have been a real increase in hate crimes, it is also possible that more crimes are being reported as police forces across Canada set up special hate-crimes units.

Len Rudner, the Ontario regional president of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said while the statistics could be a result of more reporting, “We have to acknowledge the fact that a lot of this is the result of an increase in criminal acts.”

Rudner said he has noticed a pattern where flare-ups in the Middle East are linked to flare-ups in hate crimes against Jews. Late-2008 was one such time, he said, and so it could have influenced the 2009 statistics.

Rudner also acknowledged that reporting crimes varies between communities, since not all cultural or religious communities enjoy equal access to police and justice services. While the Jewish community enjoys a good relationship with police, other groups are not necessarily as well-represented on the hate-crimes radar, he said.

It is this lack of representation that partly explains the jump in reported hate crimes against Arabs and West Asians, said Khaled Mouammar, president of the Canadian Arab Federation. In addition, the Canadian government is fostering an environment of hostility toward Arabs and Muslims in Canada, he said.

“We are a very vulnerable community,” Mouammar said. “We don’t have resources, we don’t have the numbers,” he said. “Many people are silenced and try to avoid talking about issues to avoid being targeted.”

Sohail Raza, president of the Muslim Canadian Congress, said the opposite was true.

“It’s a two-way street,” Raza said. “We have to get over the victim mentality…. Only then will (there) be less hate crimes,” he said.

© Copyright (c) Postmedia News

Parents’ Voice press conference to outline growing concerns about draft policy 5.45

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May 242011

Burnaby, May 24, 2011—Parents’ Voice will hold a press conference Tuesday, May 24 at 6:15 p.m., during a rally at the Burnaby School District’s Administration Office, to highlight parents’ growing concerns surrounding draft policy 5.45.

To date, the Burnaby Public School Board has not released information pertaining to planned curriculum changes, committee meeting minutes, or other pertinent information requested through the Freedom of Information Act.

Growing numbers of students, parents and other tax-payers are concerned that the Board’s failure to provide full disclosure may be a deliberate attempt to hide the fact that there is a hidden political agenda—an agenda that doesn’t respect parental rights, student’s rights or the Charter-mandated equality rights of Canadians, but instead serves the political interests of activist teachers and their union.

It is now evident that health professionals, religious leaders and members of Burnaby’s faith communities were deliberately excluded from the committee that developed draft policy 5.45.

Parents’ Voice, an ad hoc organization representing parents’ and students’ concerns, has learned that the “Ad Hoc Advisory Committee” was comprised exclusively of LGBTQ activists and their “allies”.

Religious leaders, members of the faith community and health professionals are apparently not included in the Board’s definition of “key educational partners” or “allies.”

Parents’ Voice asks; “If the faith-based community is not considered an ally, does this Board of School Trustees consider them to be the enemy?

Further, the serious issues associated with teen suicide and the increasing health risks resulting from homosexual sexual practices cannot be ignored. Parents’ Voice believes that the Burnaby trustees are willing to jeopardize the best interest of students to cater to a political movement that is thwarted when the facts are made known. Are we to assume that health care professionals share the dubious title of being the “enemy” of the Board as well?

The conduct of the Trustees and administration staff in the development of this draft policy clearly violates the BC Human Rights Act and Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, not to mention the School Board’s and BCTF’s own codes of conduct.

The Burnaby School District’s own website states:

The Burnaby School District expects all members of the school community to treat others with respect and courtesy, and to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the respect of others, in order to promote a safe and positive school climate… Conduct by any member of the school community that adversely affects school climate shall be considered a serious breach of the District Code of Conduct, warranting appropriate forms of intervention.

Parents’ Voice encourages the Board of School Trustees to review their own Code of Conduct, and to govern themselves accordingly. It is obvious that the Board’s discriminatory acts in this matter have “adversely” affected the school climate. Perhaps the Board needs to be disciplined.

Further, it appears that some policy committee members and trustees are deliberately misleading students, parents and the media when stating that twelve other school districts have similar policies, when in fact this is incorrect. Most other school districts’ policies avoid the use of discriminatory and inflammatory language. Burnaby has followed in the dubious footsteps of the Vancouver and Nanaimo School Districts by labeling those with differing opinions as being “dangerous to communities and individuals.” Some of the school districts have simply added discrimination based on sexual orientation as unacceptable, bringing their policies in line with the Burnaby School District’s existing Code of Conduct, which already protects against discrimination based on sexual orientation. Parents’ Voice affirms the existing Code of Conduct—which is already an excellent example of a code that protects the rights of all students.

Some Trustees continue to publicly assert that draft policy 5.45 will not result in any changes to the school curriculum, even though the draft policy includes seven separate references to curriculum changes. Parents’ Voice asks; “Why is curriculum mentioned in the draft policy if there will be no curriculum changes?” We wonder if the curriculum changes are a part of the Trustees’ hidden political agenda.

The Burnaby School Board has threatened to stop all public consultations on June 3rd, 2011. This is unacceptable. The process to date has not been democratic, nor has it reflected the Charter values of inclusion and freedom of expression that Canadians lawfully expect. Furthermore, the Burnaby School Board has failed to ensure properly balanced representation on the policy development committee.

This process has been flawed from the start. Parents’ Voice demands that the Board begin the process anew, and make the new process is lawful, inclusive and respectful of all the stakeholders, in order to truly reflect the whole community.

The Board has, by their actions, created a toxic and hostile environment, and must apologize to the membership of Parent’s Voice and other excluded stakeholders. The Board has facilitated a proliferation of misleading information, and has played to media madness; and in doing so has offended a large portion of the community.

These acts of deliberate discrimination cannot be tolerated.

Further, the Board of Trustees has allowed students to be used in a political game, which brings shame on them! The Board owes these students an apology as well.

In closing, we call on the Burnaby School Board to ensure a safe, bully-free environment during the rally in front of OUR school board property and to protect concerned students, parents and citizens from the assaults and bully-tactics that happened during the May 10th meeting and rally.

We believe respect must be shown to all people, and ideas must be openly and freely discussed and debated, not shouted down by chanting mobs

Terry O’Neill’s Evil Commentary

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Mar 182011

Does anyone other than a dwindling minority of Procrustean traditionalists recognize evil anymore—personal evil, that is? Oh, sure, there’s plenty of the geopolitical variety to go around these days, especially in North Africa. And there’s more than enough being identified on the national stage by perpetually outraged critics within this country too, most notably by those on the political left, who eagerly attach the E word to everything from corporate profits and free trade to the oil sands and Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s piano playing.

But we rarely hear about individual Canadians doing “bad” things, exhibiting sinister behavior, acting wickedly, or carrying on immorally, let alone sinning.

Instead, there’s always some sort of exculpating explanation for bad behaviour. Shoplifters suffer from kleptomania; corrupt officials have succumbed to stress or have manifested a previously undiagnosed psychiatric disorder; prostitutes are victims of the patriarchy, poverty or both; juvenile delinquents are the recipients of inadequate parenting; inner-city gangsters are victims of racial discrimination; and thieves are impoverished or addicted, and, if the latter, are surely not responsible for the burden of the illness under which they are labouring. You get the picture.

Look at the website promoting the recent Pink Shirt Day/anti-bullying campaign—a cause that should easily give rise to descriptions of bullies acting wickedly, etc.—and you’ll see therapeutic twaddle aplenty along with much vigorous exhortation to get to the root of the problem, etc., but nothing about the plain and simple fact bullies are acting immorally.

Which brings me to Exhibit A, otherwise known as the spark that gave life to this particular column. You might have heard of a horrible hit-and-run accident in Coquitlam, B.C., two weeks ago which left two young women dead. In covering the aftermath of the crash, which included the laying of several charges against a suspect, including two counts of impaired driving causing death, a local newspaper turned to a clinical psychologist from Simon Fraser University for some “insight” into “what might lead someone to flee the scene” of a serious accident without giving help.

Dr. Joti Samra is quoted thusly: “Assuming that it’s a true accident, the reality is… even from the perspective of the person that caused the accident, it can be quite traumatic and cause an acute stress reaction.” Got that? Acute stress reaction.

The good doctor goes on to explain that the brain could be flooded with information and emotion that would cause a person to act unusually. “The fight or flight response is something we’re exposed to when we are faced with extreme traumatic events,” Dr. Samra concludes. “Our body kind of goes into a shock, it doesn’t know what to do.”

Notice the focus on the culprit’s body and not his mind? I suppose it’s true that this human-as-hormonal-machine answer is what you’d expect from a clinical psychologist, whose business, of course, is to produce exactly this sort of pseudo-scientific analysis. But there’s no excuse for the news media to limit their probing into human behaviour to “experts” such as Dr. Samra. Why not someone with some grasp of the profundity of human existence, someone like a novelist, a moral philosopher or a religious leader– someone who recognizes we’re more than just pre-programmed biological machines?

To my mind, it would be a welcome relief—and far more enlightening—to hear some real insights into moral character, the dark origins of personal cowardice, or the nature of evil in circumstances such as these. And so, for example, when asked why a driver might flee the scene of an accident in which he had struck two innocent people, a priest might comment that such a person had become alienated from God, had too easily succumbed to temptation, and had become a sinner in need of redemption.

This would be really useful information as far as I’m concerned, and might also help many readers reflect more deeply on their responsibility—indeed, their duty—to act in a moral fashion.

But, of course, in this secular, humanistic era of ours, we see very little serious discussion about evil in the public square. Perversely, one is more likely to find scintillatingly descriptive words, purring about the concept of evil, in advertisements attempting to induce a consumer to indulge in some sort of deliciously sinful wickedness for an affordable price. Moral inversion to sell chocolate pudding.

A recent full-page newspaper advertisement for Volvo is a perfect example of this lamentable trend. Emblazoned above an image of a shiny red S60 model, the ad copy informs us, “There’s more to life than a Volvo. Like raising a little hell with 300 horses, spanking corners with your all-new sport-tuned chassis. And feeling a little dangerous in a car tricked out with safety technology. That’s why you drive the all-new naughty Volvo S60.” (Emphasis added.)

A 16th-Century proverb holds, “Evil doers are evil dreaders.” Today, however, evil doers are either the next patient for the couch or a target market.

Mar 132011

RoadKill Radio wants answers from the Ministry of Children and Family and has become a champion for the Bayne family in their struggle to be reunited with their children.

That decision was announced on-air by Kari Simpson March 8 after Paul and Zabeth Bayne appeared in studio to relate their story—a story that included information that a Ministry official had admitted—in court—falsifying a document, and the story of a three-pound premature baby being seized in hospital, only five hours after his birth!

The Bayne’s story, as they related it to Kari Simpson and Terry O’Neill, began with an injury suffered by their new-born daughter, Bethany, in October of 2007. Zabeth Bayne had just finished feeding Bethany, she said, and had put the child onto a blanket on the floor, when their second son ran around a corner, tripped and fell onto Bethany.

The Baynes took Bethany to the hospital, where the doctor on duty said, “She’ll be fine.”

“But you knew something was still wrong with her, so you persisted,” Kari interjected.

“Yes,” said Zabeth. “It was approximately three weeks we spent going from Emergency to public clinics; calling the public health line, asking for advice. And during those three weeks, the medical professionals noted, but allowed our daughter’s head to swell six centimeters; and she was constantly vomiting, she got dehydrated; and I think that those three weeks caused more extensive damage to her than what would have happened if she had been treated…”

One doctor told the Baynes she could not “step on the toes of a colleague” by reporting the first mis-diagnosis.

October 18, 2007 the Baynes took Bethany to Children’s Hospital; Oct. 22 all three of their children were apprehended by the Ministry of Children and Families. They said there was suspicion of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Their second son, Braden, was born prematurely, with a condition called osteopenia, a form of brittle-bone disease. When he suffered a fracture, the Ministry reviewed the case, but closed the file in two weeks.

But the Baynes were now on the Ministry’s radar. So when Bethany was taken to Children’s Hospital, they began to investigate.

But in spite of the Baynes’ requests, the Ministry was not seeking a second medical opinion.

“After the removal (of the children), we had a family meeting October 31, 2007,” Zabeth said. “We were told that the Ministry was not seeking a second opinion—we had asked for one—and if we wanted that, we’d have to seek that on our own.

“That started us on a journey of trying to find experts that knew child abuse issues; that could review her files and the films, and provide a second medical opinion…”

Paul interjected: “In court, we found out that a report, dated Oct. 22nd, was falsified by the Ministry. They knew that Baden’s situation was osteopenia, but when they wrote up the letter, they called it ‘unexplained fractures’. Our lawyer got him to admit, ‘Yes, that was falsified.’”

For the three years that the Baynes have been fighting for the return of their children, they have been limited to two visits a week. The two boys are in one foster home and Bethany in a different foster home. They have lost their home, their grand piano (Zabeth teaches piano), and Paul has lost jobs because of phone calls telling his employers, “They’re dangerous to be around children.”

Then last February, Zabeth gave birth to their third son—about a month premature and weighing only three pounds, 15 ounces. The tiny baby was snatched (apprehended) by the Ministry five hours after he was born. Social workers then decided to remove the tiny baby from the hospital!

Paul Bayne said, “They put him in a car seat to take him out of the hospital, and he didn’t fit the car seat; they had to stuff towels underneath the straps in order to make up the room!”

Terry O’Neill was astonished: “Even though the judge’s decision on the other apprehensions was going to come just a week following this birth… and there was a chance—at least 50/50, one would think—that the judge was going to say, ‘Clean slate! Go!’… any sort of scenario says: ‘Let’s let them keep the baby for a week—in hospital; keep them in the hospital; they can’t do any harm… keep them in hospital until this ruling comes down. And they didn’t even do that?!?”

Paul: “No.”

Kari: Simpson—who has battled the Ministry over many previous cases—declared: “They are duty-bound to do what’s ‘in the best interests of the child’. Isn’t it in the best interest of the child to be given mother’s colostrum? We know how essential that is to the health of a new baby—especially a premature baby. Mother’s milk, nurturing—all those things; every act they did was contrary to the best interests of the child!

“Regardless of what the Minister does,” Kari Simpson said, “I’m going to swear an affidavit and put it on your child’s file, so that those kids can sue the *** off the ministry when they get to a legal age to do so…

“Whether or not we can get the judges to apply the law—because we have another problem we have in this province, in this country: that judges are unaccountable… judges hide behind the ministry; they’re so fearful of making a wrong decision and having it come back to bite them; their reputation takes precedence over the interests of your children!”

Near the end of Tuesday’s broadcast, Kari Simpson said, “I want to tell our audience, if they write the ministry, please send a copy to us at RoadKill Radio.

She continued: “My question is: ‘What does Minister Polack know about this?’ Obviously, people have written to her… What’s her response?”

Paul: “It’s been the same response: Because it’s before the courts, she can’t get involved…

Kari: “Like hell she can’t!… This has got to end… the abuse of children, under the guise of ‘the best interests of the children’…

Terry: “Abuse of parents, too!”

Kari declared: “We will not let this one down… I know in the ‘downstream media’ you’ve had some good coverage; but there isn’t consistent coverage. There aren’t updates—weekly, if we need to do it. And any social workers, if you’re watching… Madame Minister, when you get a copy of this: we will not let this story go. Know that now.”

Stay tuned to RoadKill Radio for further developments…

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UBC agency ‘data-mining’ families through kindergarten students

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Feb 072011
‘Implied consent’ means no parental approval is needed

Kindergarten students in BC are being used to “data-mine” information about them and their families—with or without parents’ consent.

The Human Early Learning Partnership at the University of BC (H.E.L.P.) recently sent a letter to parents of kindergarten students—now that all-day kindergarten has been imposed on BC families—“informing” them that unless the parents go out of their way to meet with their child’s teacher, consent to the data-mining operation is “assumed”.

Helen Ward of Kids First Canada brought a copy of the H.E.L.P. letter to RoadKill Radio’s studio Feb. 1. The letter says medical health and education records are linked in the project, which gathers personal, private data.

The survey seeks information about kindergartners’ physical health and well-being, social knowledge and competence, emotional health and maturity, language and cognitive development, and general knowledge and communication skills. All the information is linked through a “Personal Education Number” assigned to each child; the child’s name is not on the form—but their P.E.N.s and postal codes are, which make it easy to identify each child—and family.

Kindergarten teachers are asked to give subjective answers about each student to eight pages of questions.

“This isn’t real research,” said Helen Ward, pointing out that there are questions teachers cannot answer without asking parents—including “problems at home.” The teachers will have to guess. And some of the questions—like “are there troubles at home?”—are also intrusive.

(Hear the whole discussion in RKR archives for Show #86, Part 2.)

The Lunatics Are Running the Asylum

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Nov 162010

Show #83 Part 1

Download Show #83 Part 1

16 November 2010 – Our own KARI SIMPSON calls in to update all of you on an important victory! Many of you will recall Kari’s account last week of a young man caught up in the mental health system. “Jason” was being detained against his will and that of his family after an over-zealous psychiatrist decided to certify him. Well, Jason is a free man today thanks to Kari’s help! Listen in for a quick update!

Questions for Dr. Perry Kendell

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Nov 232009

Dr. Perry Kendall
Provincial Health Officer, Province of British Columbia
via Jeff Groot’s (Senior Public Affairs Officer) e-mail: jeff.groot@gov.bc.ca
November 23, 2009
RE: ­Questions about the H1N1 Pandemic and the H1N1 Influenza Vaccine

Dear Dr. Kendall:

We appreciate the opportunity to submit these important questions to you on behalf of British Columbians. We regret that you were unavailable to appear personally on RoadKill Radio.Com, despite our willingness to accommodate your schedule in any capacity that worked for you or anyone else from your office.

Mr. Groot, Senior Public Affairs Officer for the Ministry of Healthy Living, has assured me during our telephone call that you will answer these questions relating to the H1N1 vaccine so the public can gain a better understanding of the governmental decision-making that has taken place during this so-called “pandemic.”

According to your government profile, The Health Act outlines your role as the Provincial Health Officer (PHO). As senior medical health officer for British Columbia (BC), your responsibilities are said to include:

• advising the Minister and senior members of the ministry on health issues in BC and on the need for legislation, policies and practices concerning those issues;

• monitoring the health of the people of BC;

• providing information and analyses on health issues;

• reporting to the public on health issues, the need for legislation, a change of policy, or practice respecting health in BC.

I trust that you are familiar with the Product Information Guide (PIG), a leaflet published by GlaxoSmithKline the manufacturer of the ASO3—Adjuvanted H1N1 Pandemic Influenza Vaccine. On page 2 of the PIG (October 21, 2009) it states:

Health Canada has authorized the sale of Arepanrix H1N1 based on limited testing in humans under the provision of an Interim Order (IO) issued October 13, 2009.

Question 1 – Have you read the Product Information Guide Published by GlaxoSmithKline?

Question 2 – Where in the public record have you advised British Columbians that the testing for this vaccine differs from the usual rigorous standards applied to vaccines, due to the “pandemic” categorization of H1N1 as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO)?

I applaud GlaxoSmithKline for clearly stating in their PIG that testing of this vaccine is in some cases minimal, and in others so deficient that “no clinical data” were available. An example of this is found on page 23 of the PIG concerning dosages for children 6—35 months. It states:

“Children 6-35 months: 0.25mL/dose (NO clinical data are available for influenza vaccines with ASO3 in this age group”

Question 3 – Have you—in keeping with your legislative mandate to “provide information” and to “report”—stated anywhere on the public record GlaxoSmithKline’s admission, as quoted above concerning 6-35 month old babies/toddlers, that “no clinical data are available for influenza vaccines with ASO3 in this age group”?

Question 4 – Have you, on the public record, warned parents that their children were being used in an experiment? If so, please provide details of where and when this has been stated or recorded.

Question 5 – Some media personalities (e.g., Christy Clark on CKNW) have called those who may refuse to inject this toxic, experimental concoction into their bodies, and/or their children’s bodies, “bad Canadians.” Do you agree with her? Or is she being irresponsible?

On page 22 of the PIG there are some assertions that warrant clarification. Under the heading “Interactions with this vaccine” GlaxoSmithKline responsibly states:

“There is no information on the administration of AREPANRIX H1N1 with other vaccines.”

Question 6 – Have you—in keeping with your legislative mandate to “provide information” and to “report”—stated anywhere on the public record that there is “no information available” about the interaction of this vaccine with other vaccines?

Question 7 – Have you at any time asserted that the vaccine is safe, knowing that the majority of British Columbians have previously received vaccines and the interactions of these combined compounds have yet to be tested?

The term “pandemic” incites considerable concern and in the past the established criteria warranted such a response.

Question 8: Where in the public record have you enlightened or educated British Columbians about the WHO redefining the criteria of the term “pandemic” in 2003, by eliminating terms that once justified global concerns but now define only a fluid, ill-defined and changeable terminology?

As a Public Health Officer (PHO) you are legislatively mandated to inform and educate. Public confidence in our medical system is in part rooted in the public’s ability to trust the PHO.

Informed consent, which I note is required by law and is a right of each individual, is defined by the patient being fully aware of both the risks and potential benefits of any medical procedure. A medical doctor, Dr. Roby Mitchell M.D., has gone very public in the United States in retracting his advice to health care professions to get the H1N1 vaccine citing their right to informed consent. After researching the vaccine, he in good conscience and as a professional, had to advise his patients of the facts and risks of the vaccine.

Question 9 – What are you doing to insure that those who are getting the H1N1 vaccination are making their decision based on informed consent?

The BC Centres for Disease Control has published a guide called ImmunizeBC, a guide supposedly designed to assist individuals in educating themselves about vaccines including the “Pandemic Influenza A/H1N1. I have reviewed this document. Question 7 in ImmunizeBC asks: “Is the vaccine safe?” The response states:

Yes. Vaccine safety is a priority. Clinical trials of the adjuvanted vaccine in adults have been conducted and other trials in other age and risk groups are being done.

All results to date indicate safety of this vaccine. The non-adjuvanted vaccine which can be used in pregnancyand in children under 3 years old is formulated the same way as seasonal vaccines and is expected to have the same safety profile as seasonal vaccine.

Question 10 – In consideration of GlaxoSmithKline’s own admissions contained in their own PIG as it relates to the vaccine, do you, in your capacity as PHO believe that the BC Centre for Disease Control is providing factual and accurate information concerning this vaccine?

I refer again to the ImmunizeBC guide. Question 16 in the guide again refers to the safety of the AS03 vaccine. It asks: “Is the AS03 adjuvant safe?” The response asserts:

“The ASO3 adjuvant has been tested in over 45,000 people around the world and has been evaluated by Health Canada as part of the review of the related A/H5N1 avian influenza pre-pandemic vaccine. No safety concerns regarding the use of the adjuvanted vaccine have been seen.”

Question 11 – If you agree with this assertion, that this adjuvant is “safe”, please detail the test you rely on for determining what is “safe”.

According to the GlaxoSmithKline PIG leaflet, several million Canadians could be adversely affected if injected with this vaccine. Under their own classifications:

“Common” (may occur with up to 1 in 10 doses) adverse reactions include: injection site bruising, itching. Then there is also fever, swollen lymph nodes, feeling sick, diarrhea. This means that if 32 million Canadians are vaccinated, 3.2 million are expected to have adverse reactions.

Question 12 – Should Canadians seek medical treatment for these types of reactions?

“Uncommon” adverse effects are projected at a rate of 1 in 100 doses. These include: Dizziness, feeling unwell, unusual weakness, vomiting, stomach pain, uncomfortable feeling in the stomach, belching, inability to sleep, tingling, numbness of hands or feet, shortness of breath, chest pains, rash, itching, pain, stiffness of muscles, muscle spasms. If 32 million Canadians were to be vaccinated, we can expect 320,000 Canadians suffer with these concerning symptoms/complications.

Question 13 – Should Canadians seek medical treatment for these types of reactions and/or symptoms?

“Rare” (may occur in 1 in 1000 doses)—If 32 million Canadians are injected with this vaccine, 32,000 may experience these reactions: Allergic reaction causing dangerous decrease of blood pressure, which if untreated may lead to shock. Other reactions include: Fits, severe stabbing or throbbing pain along nerves, low blood platelet count resulting in bleeding/bruising.

Question 14 – Should Canadians seek medical treatment for these types of reactions?

“Very Rare” 1 in 10,000 doses = 3,200 Canadians. These lucky, hopefully “informed” Canadians can look forward to Vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels which can cause skin rashes, joint pain and kidney problems) and Neurological disorders such as encephalomyelitis (inflammation of the central nervous system), neuritis (inflammation of nerves) and a type of paralysis known a Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS).

Question 15 – Should Canadians seek medical treatment for these types of reactions?

Question 16 – If you answered “Yes” to any of the above scenarios as projected by the vaccine manufacturer, what would the estimated (ball park) costs be to our medical system?

Projected cumulative total of probable adverse reactions if all Canadians are vaccinated: more than six and three-quarter million!—not including deaths from the vaccine (which, in 1976, were reported to be more than the number of deaths from the swine flu itself).

Question 17 — Are people who get the vaccination allowed to drive themselves home, even though these estimates project that more than 3-and-a-half million people will have reactions, a quarter to half of which (e.g, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, etc) would render them dangerous to others on the road?

Question 18 – What is the projected number of illnesses and deaths from H1N1 flu if no one is vaccinated?

I have spoken to a number of British Columbians about the vaccination, they seem to be unaware of GlaxoSmithKline’s stated and acknowledged risks associated with the vaccine. Most are shocked and feel betrayed when they read for themselves the truth about this experimental vaccine. Others are angry.

Question 19 – Who in BC is responsible for informing individuals about the known risks associated with this vaccine?

Question 20 – Have you published any statistics associated with the reporting of adverse reactions to the H1N1 vaccination? If so where?

Question 21 – Hypothetically speaking, if a PHO does not fulfill the duty to provide crucial information to the citizenry, thus resulting in thousands of men, women and children ignorantly subjecting themselves to a medical procedure/experiment that the PHO knows (or should know) is unproven and potentially dangerous, in your opinion should he or she:

a. Advise the public of the facts and resign

b. Resign

c. Continue to communicate information that fails to provide the facts, thus knowingly endanger the lives of British Columbians

Question 22 – Do you personally own or have shares in, directly or indirectly, any stock, or other material interest in any pharmaceutical corporation?

Question 23 – Are you as PHO required to disclose any (or any potential) financial conflicts of interest prior to accepting this office?

Thank you for your willingness to answer these questions. On behalf of many Canadians and British Columbians, I look forward to your responses to these important questions, and sharing them with our audience.

Yours sincerely,

Kari Simpson.

Co—Host RoadKill Radio