The Mark Hasiuk Show: Diane Watts Stands Up for All Women

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Apr 202013

Mark Hasiuk is joined by Diane Watts, researcher for Real Women of Canada (.ca), who expresses her organization's stance on such varied topics as equality in the work place, abortion, family rights, child care, abuse, slut-walking, and feminism as a socialist agenda. Tune in to hear a Real Woman of Canada who believes that women – as equals to men – are not to be coddled as a weak, needy, special interest group.

Family Freedom Fighters: The Religion of Evolution

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Mar 152013

Ron Gray explains why he sees the "religion of evolution" as a corruptor of education. What is commonly regarded as a scientific fact, evolution is, in fact, faith-based. Despite the fact that evolution is still a theory with no factual proof, many regard the concept as the antithesis of religious concepts of Creationism. But is it so different? And why is it used to separate those with secular beliefs from those with religious beliefs? Tune in for Ron Gray's explanation.

Dec 022012

Dr. Steve Tourloukis wants the right to protect his children from sex activist propaganda and other misinformation that flows freely in some Canadian school districts. The “Board of Education” that presides over the school attended by the Tourloukis children refuses to tell him what his children are going to be taught. Dr. Tourloukis launched an important lawsuit. He is seeking a “declarative judgement”.

This case is important for all parents – and not just on the basis of Charter protected religious rights.

PARENTAL RIGHTS Issue is in Court

The Rights of Faith parents to be informed by the school when conflicting curriculum is planned is being defended in court today & tomorrow!

Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012
Dr. Steve Tourloukis will be cross-examined by the legal counsel for the school board. I am told that one of the strategies of the board’s legal counsel will be to discredit PEACE. To present parts of our website as discriminatory and homophobic. An organization that should not be representing the interests of faith families, and for a school board to be accepting form letters that have been created by such a group is inappropriate.

Tomorrow (all day), Albertos Polizogopolous, legal counsel for Mr. Tourloukis, will be in court cross-examining the board of Education’s Principal of Equity who refuses to accommodate for Mr. Toruloukis’s requests.

It is important to know that Mr. Tourloukis is not suing the Board of Education, but seeking a “declarative judgement” from the court that parents do have the right to request to be informed when curriculum conflicts with their values, so that they may talk to their children about what they have learned, or be accommodated and the students participate in alternative activities.

We are very thankful that Steve and Albertos have taken the steps to represent all people of faith, and We need your help! The cost for these proceedings is quite expensive (even though legal counsel is working at a very discounted rate). People of faith need a judgement so that parents know their rights. If you are able to support financially, please contact the organization below that is accepting funds to cover the costs of this case.


Thank you.

Phil Lees
President, PEACE
1 888 327 2386

Check out RKR’s interview with Dr. Tourloukis about his legal challenge here.

Nov 222012

by Terry O’Neill

Amanda Todd’s suicide touched many in our community, and rightly so. If it’s true that the death of even one person represents a loss to all humanity, then the death of a young person such as Amanda amid such troubling circumstances might be seen as an even greater loss.

That being said, we must be careful in how we respond to this case. Yes, it should serve as a clarion call for greater awareness of the impact of cyber-bullying. On this point, and on the related issue of what can be done to stem the tide of cyber-bullying, everyone seems to agree.

At least as important, however, is the overall issue of youth suicide for whatever reason. Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among teens after motor-vehicle accidents, according to this online source. Furthermore, this page from the Canadian Children’s Rights Council’s website has some important information about how common the phenomenon is and what can be done about it.

Interestingly, another page from the same site contains the following declaration: “Curriculum or school-based programs which focus on increasing awareness, risk identification and community resources are not effective, and may, in fact, stimulate imitative suicidal behavior…”

This statement leads directly to an event of some interest that took place in Vancouver earlier this week, and that was the provincial government’s Erase Bullying conference—the reporting of which tended to focus on the fact that officials with the Ministry of Education had not invited Amanda Todd’s mother to attend “over fears her presence might upset some of the event’s young speakers.”

I think the ministry made a good decision. Not to diminish the sadness associated with Amanda’s death, I am worried that there has been altogether too much publicity surrounding her suicide. Talk-show hosts, politicians, community leaders and legions of social-science experts have all weighed in, as is their right. But it is also their responsibility to weigh their statements and actions carefully, with their primary concern being the effect of those statements and actions on young people. The “contagion” aspect of suicide is real and everyone in a leadership position must recognize this.

My thoughts regarding this are also guided by something the great American essayist Peggy Noonan once noted when discussing unmarried mothers: “That which we celebrate, we encourage.”

With this in mind, I think we need to be cautious about this Sunday’s memorial and birthday tribute for Amanda. Yes, her family and friends have every right to mourn her passing. Nevertheless, such an event has the potential to add fuel to a fire which, I fear, has already grown far too hot.


RKRN recommends that you also visit the Canadian Psychiatric Association’s “Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide.”

BC’s Ministry of Education Sells Out to Lady Gaga

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Mar 072012

BPV’s Gordon World Takes on Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is making serious money with the help of BC’s Ministry of Education, which has endorsed the 21st Century burlesque queen – immoral behaviour, racist costumes, questionable lyrics and all – by corraling pink-clad children into “flash mob” dances. Gordon World, member of the parents’ rights group Burnaby Parents’ Voice, joins Kari Simpson and Ron Gray in an examination of how our public education system is selling the wrong message to our children.

Further, Culture Guard examines how Pink Shirt Day, a national anti-bullying campaign, has been hijacked by sex activists who have bullied certain naive local school boards into promoting homosexuality to our kids instead of sticking to the original message that ALL bullying is wrong.

Feb 272012

NEWS RELEASE from Culture Guard

Feb. 27, 2012

For immediate release

Citizens’ rights advocate threatens education ministry with human rights case over ‘slurs’

VICTORIA, Feb. 27, 2012 (CultureGuard) — A citizens’ rights advocacy group, Culture Guard, has asked Education Minister George Abbott to ban words it says demean and incite hatred against students, parents and other stakeholders who oppose having the homosexual political agenda propagandized in schools.

The offensive words include “homophobia”, “homophobe”, “homophobic” and “heterosexist”.

“The words are just made-up propaganda words,” says Culture Guard president Kari Simpson. “They may sound pseudo-medical or pseudo-psychological, but they aren’t found in any recognized medical, psychological or psychiatric dictionaries.

“Their only purpose is propaganda: once the sex activists hang a hateful label on parents or others who don’t want children brainwashed in school, they can more easily persuade the public, the media, and politicians not to listen to fact-based arguments for protecting students from political propaganda.”

In a letter to Abbott, Mrs. Simpson cites the up-coming “Pink Shirt Day”, which will be observed in many BC schools, as an ideal time for the minister to ban the use of such “bully” words in official documents and programs.

“Failure to stand against this anti-democratic strategy, which denies civil Canadians rights that are explicitly protected within the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, will result in a complaint to the BC Human Rights Tribunal,” her letter states.

Simpson notes that many homosexual practices are provable vectors for diseases which are at epidemic proportions among homosexuals, and which cost the public billions of dollars—but are “100% preventable” by behaviour change.

Under the guise of “anti-bullying”, sex activist campaigns seek to “celebrate” in schools (quoting a recent BCTF graphic, handed out at a conference where teachers were coached on how to implement the “teachers’ guide” Making Space)

One example cited was a report published by a provincially-funded community health organization that serve Vancouver’s homosexual community, which stated that throat cancer caused by sexual practices common among homosexual men is now a greater threat than lung cancer from smoking.

Another web-site funded by the government gives kids “how-to” information on “fisting”—a physically dangerous practice common among homosexuals. And her letter stated that a pro-gay, Drag Queen sex activist who “sponsors” a northern BC school’s “Gay-Straight Alliance” club gave the same kind of information to students.


contact: Kari Simpson

phone:        (694) 514-1614


Correspondence to the Hon. George Abbott follows.

Culture Guard

Tel: 604 514-1614 ~ Fax: 604 514-1669


The Hon. George Abbott

Minister of Education

Room 310

Parliament Buildings

Victoria, BC V8V 1X4

VIA FACSIMILE:    250 387-3200

February 27, 2012

Re:    Eradication of the Slurs: Homophobe, Homophobia, Homophobic, Heterosexism, Heterosexist

Attention Mr. Minister:

The opportunity is before us to make “Pink Shirt Day” truly meaningful—to convince students to end the use of all slurs, including hateful, harmful, and demeaning “bully” words like “homophobe”, “homophobia”, “homophobic” and “heterosexist”—which are all invented propaganda words. Although they sound pseudo-medical and pseudo-psychological, they are not to be found in any recognized medical, psychological or psychiatric dictionaries.

As you are aware, words like these are verbal weapons, used by some radical teachers and sex activists against students or their parents (and others) who hold constitutionally-protected views and opinions about homosexuality, sexual promiscuity and other defined or yet-to-be-defined sexual identities. These words are typically used by sex activists to demean and promote contempt for those who seek to have a mature, informed and long-overdue discussion about the growing and costly implications—to both our health-care and to our social services—associated with homosexuality and sexual promiscuity.

It is long past time to eradicate the use of such contemptuous labels. And when official documents and/or statements make use of them, it gives official sanction to a fascist strategy of co-opting authority to silence dissenting opinions.

Failure to stand against this anti-democratic strategy, which denies civil Canadians rights that are explicitly protected within the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, will result in a complaint to the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

I trust you are aware of the growing and troubling numbers, among those 25 years of age and under, relating to transmission and proliferation of sexually-transmitted diseases. As Education Minister, you have a duty to inform students, for their protection, about the serious implications and costs to health and social services that are a direct result of dangerous and unhealthy sexual practices. I, like most Canadians, support the right of others to engage in relationships of their choosing; but the factual reality is that some of these practices are now costing me, and other Canadians, billions upon billions of dollars in health-care and other related costs. This is where it becomes my business, and that of other Canadians, to start questioning the irresponsible behaviours of individuals that are over-burdening our social services. It is also where I and other Canadians, including our elected representatives, must look critically at the purveyors of false and/or misleading information, and how this propaganda is spreading through our civil society and contributing to goals contrary to those mandated by the School Act, specifically:

WHEREAS it is the goal of a democratic society to ensure that all its members receive an education that enables them to become literate, personally fulfilled and publicly useful, thereby increasing the strength and contributions to the health and stability of that society;

AND WHEREAS the purpose of the British Columbia school system is to enable all learners to become literate, to develop their individual potential and to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to contribute to a healthy, democratic and pluralistic society and a prosperous and sustainable economy;

. [Emphases mine]

I was recently engaged in an exchange of correspondence with a man who has contracted AIDS. This individual’s sexual practices included sodomy. I trust you are aware, as BC’s Education Minister, that in Canada, the category of men having sex with men (“MSM”) is vastly over-represented in the new infection statistics from the Centres for Disease Control. MSM is, in fact, the primary vector in North America for a number of costly sexually transmitted diseases.

This individual, in addition to all the medical costs to tax-payers related to his treatment, is also collecting two government pensions, including a federal disability pension. He is also receiving a government subsidy for housing because of his 100% preventable disease. He likes to live comfortably, so one of his recent accommodations costs $1,800.00 per month. He shares this with his “buddy”—another man collecting the same pensions, due to his own AIDS status. He also advised me that he expects hard-working Canadians to pay for “all his expenses.”

I trust that, as Education Minister, you are aware that among the homosexual male population, throat cancer caused by common practices among that group is now more likely than cancer caused by smoking! Here is one warning that a provincially-funded community health organization called Health Initiative for Men, which, in addition to creating hard-core homosexual porn with tax-payers’ money, also provides health advice to homosexual men, the caution states:

Too Much of A Good Thing Can Make You Sick

The ‘good thing’ in this case being oral sex. Yes boys, a new research finding has officially stated that giving too much head is more likely to cause throat cancer than smoking! Stating the obvious; we love giving our partner’s penis and ass some loving, perhaps more so than our straight counterparts, and with more ‘partners’ at that. This means then that the gay population is at higher risk of getting throat cancer, especially when you consider the fact that the more people you perform oral sex on, the greater the odds of you contracting an oral infection which leads to the cancer.

Then we have the provincially funded youth resource “Planet Ahead” which, aided by “Luci Lubricant” and “Condom man”, is invited into schools to alter/form the “values” of 12-15 year olds. Like government-funded Planned Parenthood (which changed its name to Options for Sexual Health after the link between Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, and Adolf Hitler was exposed, along with her racist advocacy of “eliminating weeds from the human garden”), these groups promote to students the liberty to freely “express themselves” in any sexual manner they wish.

“Won’t get Weird”, a youth-oriented web-site funded in part by we tax-payers, and operated by Options for Sexual Health/Planned Parenthood, gives kids “important” information, such as “giving blow jobs with braces on”, while making mock of parents.

Another government funded site called “Spiderbytes” gives information to teenagers on “fisting”—how-to, etc. This information on fisting parallels information given to a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club at a public school in northern BC by its “drag queen” sponsor.

One alarming aspect of all this sex talk is that the reality of the financial costs and health hazards associated with irresponsible and unnatural sexual conduct and/or behaviours is utterly absent from the discussion—and there is no opportunity for debate. It’s all one-sided propaganda… and lies.

Respected BC Court of Appeal judge, Justice Mary Southin, addressing the issues of promoting homosexuality in the public education system, wrote:

When there is a sea-change in the accepted wisdom of a society, those who have adhered to the attitudes of the past, what I call the “old wisdom”, in a very short space of time may find themselves denigrated by adherents of the “new wisdom”.

The slurs used by adherents of the so-called “new wisdom” have been shown to be factually foolish; what is more, they wilfully endanger the health and well-being of our children and youth. Further, the monetary costs to our society by “celebrating” medically unsafe sexual practices are prohibitive.

Defaming and denigrating those whose wisdom and insight has stood the test of time—and continues, provably, to do so—must not be tolerated. As Minister of Education, you will also be culpable for promoting hate and contempt, if you tolerate your subordinates embedding the language of hate within Ministry of Education statements and policies.  These slurs of hostility and belittlement, designed to silence anyone who would dare to initiate pertinent, fact-based discussion of important and serious matters relating to sexual practices, must cease.

Here is one of many ironic examples: in the Ministry of Education’s Safe Caring and Orderly Schools directive, schools are required to incorporate a number of policies and practices designed to “protect” all students—i.e., to teach, model and encourage socially responsible behaviours that contribute to the school community, solve problems in peaceful ways, value diversity, defend human rights, and assume responsibility, in partnership with the wider community, for resolving critical safety concerns.

This looks like a good directive—until one reads on and sees that your Ministry believes it is OK to single out those who—for religious, cultural, moral, medical and other common-sense motives—want to challenge the propaganda being published within the schools by politically-driven sex-activist teachers. And here’s where your Ministry starts to use demeaning slurs:

…work together to better understand issues such as bullying,

harassment and intimidation, racism, sexism and


Linking this invented propaganda/slur to “harassment” and “racism” is a further insult to people whose opposition to homosexual propaganda in the schools is based upon valid medical and economic criteria, and has nothing whatsoever to do with “hate”.

You exacerbate the problem by asserting—as factual—propaganda published by self-identified homosexual and political groups like GALE (now known as Pride Education Network), and by allowing its use as “appropriate resources”. Resources like Challenging Homophobia are political, and incorporate hateful words and slurs designed to bully, demean and silence fact-based opposition to their writers’ political agendas.

Because these materials are so clearly political—in some cases acknowledged as such by their authoring groups—they have absolutely no place within our schools!

I have been appalled at the many examples I now have seen that demonstrate the cultivation of hate within our schools; newly-recruited homosexual “allies” use despicable bullying tactics to target youth, parents and other stakeholders who might dare to demand a factual and truthful account of important issues relating to homosexuality and other aberrant and unsafe sexual practices.

I recently confronted the Chair of the Vancouver School Board with these facts, after witnessing the hatred and contempt demonstrated by some students who made presentations under the guise of “questions” to the Board at two recent meetings. I am delighted to report that Ms. Bacchus subsequently refrained from using the slurs referred to herein, at the next VSB meeting. I have, for your convenience, enclosed a copy of my recent correspondence to Ms. Bacchus.

With the controversial “Pink Shirt Day” fast approaching— controversial because its original agenda of opposing all bullying has been hi-jacked by homosexual activists and the BCTF—I fervently hope you will embrace the true spirit of that day by refraining from using any slurs. Further, I request that you write to me forthwith, affirming your willingness to:

1) Eradicate from the Ministry of Education’s policies and/or directives any use of the slurs referred to herein;

2) Write to all Boards of Education, instructing them to prohibit the use of the said slurs in any policy or program.

I hope this matter can be resolved quickly, as failure to do so will certainly result in a complaint to the BC Human Rights Tribunal. I believe the documented evidence will be overwhelming as to the degree of hatred and contempt being fostered in our schools by allowing these slurs to be treated as “acceptable”. They are not.

I trust that you will act quickly to resolve this troubling situation.  I remain in my willingness to meet with you and brief you on the issues related to the BCTF and the political agenda of sex activists within BC schools.

Yours truly,

Kari D. Simpson

President, Culture Guard

Tel:       604 514-1614


Enclosed Patti Bacchus letter follows.

Culture Guard

Tel: 604 514-1614 ~ Email:

Ms. Patti Bacchus

Chairwoman, VSB

1580 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC V6J 5K8

Via Email

February 7, 2012

Re: Hateful & Contemptuous Slurs

Attention Ms. Bacchus:

As you are aware, I attended the last meeting of the Vancouver School Board on January 16, 2012. The meeting was also attended by a number of concerned parents, students and several homosexual activists and homosexual activist teachers: teachers who belong to overtly political groups like Pride Net.

I was disappointed and offended to see you allow hateful and contemptuous slurs being used that night: slurs made by trustees, teachers, students and PAC representatives. The terms “homophobe”, “homophobic” and “homophobia” are well-known hateful words, typically rooted in bigotry or ignorance and used to target, demean and bully into silence and compliance individuals and/or groups opposed to the public dissemination of false and propagandist information related to homosexuality and other allegedly “fluid” sexual determinations.

These same slurs are standard verbal weapons used by sex activists against individuals and/or groups that oppose the “celebration” of medically unsafe sexual practices like sodomy, and other associated sexual practices that are physically harmful and cost individuals their lives and their health—and which heavily burden our tax-funded healthcare system and other social services with obscene costs that are, for the most part, 100% preventable.

The groups targeted by the sex activists include members of the various faith communities (whose beliefs are protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms); medical and mental health professionals; politicians; and informed Canadians—all of whom are increasingly appalled at both the misinformation being disseminated by their public education system, and by the abuse of their tax dollars by individuals who engage in risky and unhealthy sexual practices, and then expect the next generation to pay for the medical and societal expenses associated with the consequences of their sexual behaviour.

As a trustee, Ms. Bacchus, you are duty-bound— by your own policies, and by law—to ensure that an environment without discrimination is cultivated within the Vancouver School District. Your lack of leadership and willful acquiesce to the bully tactics that played out that evening were nothing short of disgraceful; and perhaps only trumped by the ignorance displayed by students who spoke — students who proved only that the VSB has been providing platforms for sex activists who are demonstrably ignorant about issues involving homosexuality; but are well-trained in parroting the talking points and slurs used relentlessly by homosexual and other sex activists. Hardly something to take “pride” in.

I trust tonight’s meeting will be conducted in a more respectful and lawful manner. I believe it would be prudent for you to ensure that hateful slurs like “homophobe”, “homophobic” “homophobia” and “heterosexist” are prohibited. These words create a false impression of medical or psychological authority—but they do not appear in any recognized medical or psychological dictionaries. They are merely propaganda labels used to dismiss legitimate arguments used by opponents of the “gay agenda”. I am requesting that at the outset of tonight’s meeting, you openly declare those terms, and other similar words, to be inappropriate; and that you apologize to those in attendance for having allowed such vile and contemptuous slurs during the last meeting.

Be further advised that I have also asked the Vancouver Police to attend, to protect concerned parents who will be there. At the last VSB meeting, a videographer for Culture Guard was assaulted by one of the pro-sex activists. Your participation, by allowing nonsensical, divisive tactics like the politically-driven censure of Trustees Woo and Denike, fuelled some of the sex activists’ penchant for violence. I trust you will ensure that individuals videotaping the aggressive conduct of sex activist teachers, trustees and VSB facilitators will not have to endure further physical assault. I also trust that you will not give preferential treatment to sex activist teachers like Ms. Dumont, a member of the sex activist political organization Pride Education Network, as you did at the last public meeting. Ms. Dumont’s request not to be video-recorded at a public meeting is at best silly; she is featured on the PrideNet website, picture and all.

I remain in my willingness to meet with you and brief you on matters related to the Out In Schools program and other propaganda like Gender Spectrum—another pile of propagandist nonsense put out by the BCTF.

It is obvious from the last meeting that you and a few of the other trustees appear to be ignorant of the facts relating to the Out In Schools program. This is most troubling, as you refused my request to appear before the Board at the last meeting—an appearance that would have informed you about the Out In Schools program. Are you afraid of the facts? Do you fear public condemnation when parents find out about a program that you endorse, but claim to be ignorant of? Yes, I have the video from the last meeting which confirms both these statements.

In closing, Ms. Bacchus, be advised that I will accept your invitation to meet if you have the leadership skills and courage to extend one. I will do this, I admit, not because I have any measure of respect for you—quite the contrary—but because the students involved deserve to have their best interests protected, and their parents deserve to know the truth.

Yours truly,

Kari Simpson

President, Culture Guard

Copies –

VSB Trustees

VSB Superintendent

VSB Secretary Treasurer


Informed Canadians

Feb 262012

Kari Simpson and Ron Gray discuss the official complaint filed with British Columbia’s Minister of Education, George Abbott, concerning the acceptance and use of hateful slurs by and in the public school system. Epithets such as ‘homophobe’ and ‘heterosexist’ are being used in official school documents and by teachers and members of the school board, often to demean a person’s cultural, moral or religious opinion.

Also discussed is the phenomenon of the anti-bullying Pink Shirt Day initiative being taken over by special interest groups to insert exclusionary programs within the public school system. Kids are, in fact, being bullied into wearing pink shirts to school to support biased political activism. Perhaps kids should wear white shirts to show that they won’t be bullied…

James Dean in a White Shirt

Feb 152012

Patti Bacchus and her Vision Party-dominant school board in Vancouver BC
has been working with sex activists to bring political indoctrination
into the Vancouver public school system. The VSB rubber stamps a provably
harmful program called “Out in Schools” that is “approved” by a mysterious
committee whose members remain “secret”! They give “approval” to a program
that falsely claims to having been submitted for approval by the Ministry of
Education, a program that promotes “youth links” to hard core gay porn sites
and encourages students to use hateful slurs to counter factual discourse on
issues related to homosexuality! No ongoing oversight. No benchmarks, and
no goals. Just blatant abuse of taxpayer money and abuse of the trust of
parents who are never notified of these programs.

Join Kari Simpson and Ron Gray as they detail the situation and explain
why they are filing a formal complaint with the School Board on behalf
of concerned parents and their victimized children.

Feb 152012


Tel: 604 514-1614 ~ Fax: 604 514-1669

News release

February 15, 2012


Culture Guard files formal complaint

to VSB about Out In Schools program

VANCOUVER, Feb. 15, 2012 (Culture Guard) — Kari Simpson, president of Culture Guard, filed a formal complaint this morning with the Vancouver Board of School on behalf of concerned Vancouver parents, after VSB Chair Patti Bacchus claimed at the last public Board meeting to have “no knowledge” of complaints about the Board-endorsed “Out In Schools” program.

Mrs. Simpson said she wasn’t surprised by Ms. Bacchus’s claims of ignorance: “Ms. Bacchus admitted, at that meeting, to endorsing the notorious Out In Schools program without knowing anything about it.”

Kari Simpson further states: “It appears that Ms. Bacchus is comfortable operating in a vacuum—devoid of knowing what is really transpiring in the classrooms of the Vancouver School District. Clearly, she has abdicated her duty to be the guardian of the public’s trust, and has placed the health and well-being of students in harm’s way.”

The filed complaint states: The Vancouver Board of School Trustees (VSB), by endorsing the OIS program and allowing it to be advertised, published and taught in the classrooms and/or other facilities of the Vancouver Public School District, is complicit in distributing false, dangerous and misleading information to students and parents—thus endangering the health and well-being of children, and breaching the public’s trust.

The complaint then identifies many of the more obvious failings of the program, including the goal of encouraging students to call people names by using hateful terms like “homophobe”.

Simpson goes on to say that parents will be horrified when they find out who is “sponsoring” this program in Vancouver schools. These sponsors include a “queer” sex festival and XTRA!—a division of a so-called “not-for-profit” publishing company called Pink Triangle Press, that operates (among other lucrative ventures) a casual homosexual “hook-up” site called “Squirt”.

The Out In Schools program has been able to operate under the public radar by claiming to be an “anti-bullying” program. Thus misrepresenting the goals of the program, it also made false claims that the resource had been sent to the Ministry of Education for approval, this assertion has been proved to be a lie. The VSB and the sponsoring teachers have also failed to inform parents that sex activists like Jen “Jenderf**k” Sung were “educating” their children.

The complaint sent to the Vancouver Board of School Trustees follows this release.

For more information on OIS, watch the two-part video presentations, updates, and a letter that remains unanswered by Ross Johnstone, OIS program director; all are available at Warning: the videos contain graphic content not suitable for minors.


Contact: Kari Simpson

telephone: 604 514-1614



Tel: 604 514-1614 ~ Fax: 604 514-1669

Vancouver Board of School Trustees

C/O Vancouver School Board

1580 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC

V6J 5K8

Via Email

February 15, 2012

Re: Out In Schools

Attention: Board of School Trustees SD No. 39

Complaint to the Vancouver Board of School Trustees

I, Kari Simpson, President of Culture Guard, make this formal complaint on behalf of Vancouver parents and tax-payers who have fulsome knowledge and concerns about the Out In Schools (“OIS”) program.

Specifically that:

The Vancouver Board of School Trustees (VSB), by endorsing the OIS program and allowing it to be advertised, published and taught in the classrooms and/or other facilities of the Vancouver Public School District, is complicit in distributing false and misleading information to students and parents—thus endangering the health and well-being of children, and breaching the public’s trust.

The Preamble of the School Act states:

WHEREAS it is the goal of a democratic society to ensure that all its members receive an education that enables them to become literate, personally fulfilled and publicly useful, thereby increasing the strength and contributions to the health and stability of that society;

AND WHEREAS the purpose of the British Columbia school system is to enable all learners to become literate, to develop their individual potential and to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to contribute to a

healthy, democratic and pluralistic society and a prosperous and sustainable economy;

But by engaging in the aforementioned conduct, the Vancouver School Board has acted contrary to the lawful mandate given to the Vancouver School District, and in violation of the spirit, purposes and goals of the BC public education system as established in law.

Further, Section 76 (2) of the School Act requires that “the highest morality” must be inculcated, but no religious dogma or creed is to be taught in a school or Provincial school. The OIS program, and its affiliated contests and goals, breaches Section 76 (2).


Part 1: False and misleading information to parents and students

The Vancouver Board of School Trustees has engaged, whether wittingly or not, in scamming parents and students by facilitating a program that has been falsely marketed to stakeholders.

Specifically that –

a) the OIS program has been presented as an “anti-bullying” program, which it is not;

b) the OIS goal has been alleged to be to “reduce” instances of bullying, but officers of OIS have stated other goals;

c) the OIS program was alleged to have been sent for approval, or approved by the Ministry of Education—neither of which is true;

d) the OIS program was presented as “age-appropriate”;

e) the OIS program is purportedly in compliance with the VSB policies on discrimination, but violates them;

f) the OIS program is presumed to be in compliance with the BC Human Rights Act, but it is not;

g) the OIS program and sponsoring teachers are purported to be in compliance with the BCTF code of Conduct, but they repeatedly violate it.

Part 2: Endangering the health and well-being of children

The Vancouver Board of School Trustees have recklessly breached their responsibility and duty to be guardians of the public’s trust and to protect the health and best interests of minor children, by failing to perform their due diligence in properly researching a program that actually involves the promotion and celebration of dangerous sexual practices. Further, by failing to have full knowledge about this program—a program rooted in political rhetoric, false information, and militant sex activism—the VSB has facilitated a gateway to give access to minors by sex activists, for the purpose of luring and exposing them to sexually explicit material and sexual practices known to be harmful.

Specifically that –

a) By promoting, hosting and endorsing the OIS program—a program that lures and facilitates minor students into being tricked, seduced (by “prizes”!) or scammed into attending sexualized pornographic environments under the guise of an “awards” party—the VSB is complicit in corrupting the morals of minors, and violating the trust of parents.

b) By promoting, hosting and endorsing the OIS program—a program that lures and facilitates minor students into being tricked, seduced (by “prizes”!) or scammed into attending sexualized pornographic environments under the guise of an “awards” party, the VSB has violated the public’s trust.

c) By failing to advise parents, after being informed that students were encouraged and invited to play sex games at an event publicized by OIS program via the VSB, the Board exacerbates the harm.

d) By failing to advise parents that students were possibly exposed to terms that approve of dangerous sexual practices—terms like “rimming”, “butt pirate” and other dangerous sexual acts—the VSB is failing to reduce the harm that could come to students, and is in contravention of the lawful requirements of the School Act for promoting a healthy society.

e) By promoting, hosting and endorsing the OIS program, the VSB has knowingly (or ought to have known) that minor students would be exposed to information that creates an environment of discrimination, hatred and contempt for individuals whose religious beliefs and/or cultural values and/or fact-based commonsense requires a refusal to “celebrate” sex activism or sex activist politics within the schools. These facts contravene the lawful requirement of the School Act that the VSB enable students to “…acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to contribute to a healthy, democratic and pluralistic society…”

f) The OIS program cultivates hatred and contempt for students, teachers, other individuals and groups who are opposed to sex activist propaganda. These include groups and individuals whose convictions are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as groups and individuals who are factually informed of the medical, psychological and societal consequences of dangerous sexual acts and other behaviours that include, but are not limited to sodomy, drug use and promiscuous sexual practices and/or other sexual practices that result in harm; e.g.: multiple partner fellatio (blow jobs) among homosexual males has led to throat cancer at levels higher than lung cancer in smokers.

g) That by engaging and indoctrinating minors in propagandist material, exemplified by the VSB’s endorsement and use of the OIS program and other similar material, the VSB is failing to educate students as to the serious implications to the health of individuals (and the obscene costs to our economy) that are a direct result of sexual promiscuity, and the VSB’s requirement of staff and students to “celebrate” these practices among identifiable groups. This violates the legislated mandate of the public schools.

h) Further, by lying to students about the proven health consequences associated with these acts, as documented by the Centres for Disease Control (and both provincial and federal budgets), the VSB is failing to achieve the established goals of fostering “socially responsible” and “informed” citizens. This failure contravenes the lawful requirement that the VSB ensure that students acquire the necessary knowledge to be a positive contributor to a healthy and sustainable economy.

i) By failing to advise parents of the true facts associated with their children’s attendance and involvement in the OIS program—and the ensuing sex party—the VSB fails to mitigate the harm. Students and parents deserve the truth.

j) Trustees approved the OIS program, relying on unidentified Pride Committee members and/or unidentified staff to determine the alleged appropriateness of a program which was in fact designed to foster values and views that conflict with and undermine the Charter-protected cultural and moral values of important stakeholders.

Part 3: Cultivating ignorance (and ignorant bullies)

The OIS program provides obvious clues that it is unsuitable for school use. The words “homophobia”, “homophobe”, “homophobic” and other similar words are used in conjunction with sex activist propaganda; this cultivates harm, hurt and contempt for individuals and/or groups who oppose the propagation of false and misleading information and/or the promotion and “celebration” of the medically harmful sexual practices and diseases typically associated with sodomy and/or other promiscuous sexual behaviours. The OIS program, as presented, violates the BC Human Rights Code by including words and actions that discriminate against identifiable groups based on their religious beliefs; and also discriminate based on age, race and ethnic background.

Specifically that:

a) The OIS program relies on the repeated use of slurs, such as “homophobia”, “homophobe”, homophobic” and “heterosexist” to demean, demoralize and to cultivate contempt and hatred for Charter-protected groups opposed to homosexual behaviours. These terms violate the spirit and letter of the law; the School Act demands the cultivation of a pluralistic society. The courts have held that the school must protect all students, including those whose religious beliefs oppose homosexuality and students whose fact-based commonsense and well-informed knowledge militate against accepting sex activist propaganda.

b) The OIS program relies on the repeated use of slurs, namely “homophobia”, “homophobe”, and “homophobic” to demean, demoralize and to cultivate contempt and hatred for individuals and/or groups who seek factual discourse on the politics of sex activism.

c) The OIS program relies on the repeated use of slurs, namely “homophobia”, “homophobe”, homophobic” to demean, demoralize and to cultivate contempt and hatred for medical and/or psychological professionals who seek to provide factual research on issues relating to homosexuality and other issues related to sexual identity.

d) The videos used in the OIS program promote hatred and contempt for those who oppose the abuse of children by indoctrinating them with false and misleading information. Further, encourage the use of slurs to demean others.

e) That one of the videos used, distributed and shown in OIS presentations, Peking Turkey, incites contempt for an identifiable group by mocking Chinese-Canadian culture.

f) That a number of the videos seemingly approve of sex activists’ bully tactics, used to make individuals accept them. In one video, a frail 91-year-old man is bullied by a relative into “accepting” her lesbian “identity”. The man dies before the film is finished; but any objective observer would be horrified at the tactics used—and seemingly approved of—by these activists.

g) The OIS’ own promotional videos, published on their website, feature young students resorting to being “bullies” against other students; this behaviour is presented as being acceptable.

Part 4: Partnering up

Unbeknown to parents, the VSB is facilitating the for-profit interests of money-making business endeavours to recruit minor children as future consumers.

Specifically that –

a) The VSB is allowing children to be used as a captive audience in a number of for-profit marketing schemes associated with the OIS program.

b) The VSB has failed to inform parents that their children are being exposed to marketing schemes that seek to recruit a new generation of sex-based consumerism. By endorsing the OIS program, the VSB is “partnering up” with other OIS-sponsoring partners, including XTRA!, a publication owned and operated by Pink Triangle Press, a so-called “non-profit” society, whose mission statement reads in part:

‘Set love free’—We honour lust and seek a world where sex is valued as a human trait, no more no less than any other, and all are free and equal, no matter whom they love.

c) The VSB has failed to inform parents that, in keeping with their mission statement of honouring “lust”, this “non-profit” organization (functioning like a for-profit corporation, except for not having to pay taxes) also operates—as one of many possible examples—a lucrative casual homosexual sex “hook-up” site called “SQUIRT”; and that students are introduced to this profitable marketing strategy through the OIS program, contests and associated parties.

d) The VSB has failed to disclose to parents that XTRA! is also a sponsor of the Queer Film Festival, and has recently ramped-up their public endorsements of OIS, thus integrating themselves deeper into the OIS program—and the influencing of students as a direct result thereof.

e) The VSB has failed to inform parents that the VSB facilitated the use of students as a test market for a new “Dirty, Silly Drinking game” called Lesbian Debauchery during a party that is hosted by OIS and in conjunction with the queer sex festival.

f) Parents have a right to know that the OIS program is a school-based marketing tool for sex consumerism; the VSB has failed to so inform them.

Part 5: Remedy –

1) That a moratorium be placed immediately on any use of the Out In Schools program in schools or on school property;

2) That parents be notified forthwith that the VSB has failed to advise them of the true nature of this program; specifically that:

a) a moratorium be placed immediately on any use of the Out In Schools) the OIS program is a political indoctrination tool;

b) their children may have been exposed to a false understanding of issues involved in homosexuality;

c) that children were exposed to hate slurs like “homophobe” and “homophobia” as being acceptable, contrary to Charter of Rights, and contrary to policies of mutual acceptance made by the VSB and the BC Human Rights Code;

d) their children may have accessed, through a VSB-approved “youth-link”, a site featuring a hard-core homosexual porn;

e) minor students may have accessed, while researching the OIS program information and the PSA contest rules, information about the Queer Film Festival and the pornographic films associated with that sex festival. These films contained promotional information and material linked to hard-core homosexual porn, violent sex, sex with dead people (necrophilia), sex with animals (bestiality) and other graphic sexual depictions that are unacceptable for minors and unlawful;

f) their children may have been taught to believe that the use of slurs promoted by this program is acceptable;

g) their children may have acquired a false understanding of the dangerous health issues related to homosexuality;

h) their children may have been given a false knowledge base relating to homosexuality, transgenderism and other issues purported to be related to sexual identity.

3) That the Board of School Trustees issues an apology to parents and students for failing to protect their interests.

4) And other provisions to be agreed upon.

Failure to place an immediate moratorium on the OIS program will result in legal action. Further, the failings of this program are not limited to the information contained herein.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of Vancouver parents, students and stakeholders,

Kari D. Simpson

President, Culture Guard

‘Out In Schools’ update: unanswered questions, boy using girls’ washroom

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Oct 052011

Culture Guard news release
For immediate release
October 5, 2011

‘Out In Schools’ update: unanswered questions, boy using girls’ washroom

It looks like OUT IN SCHOOLS (“OIS”) is in damage control mode.

“Since Culture Guard’s first ‘Pornogate’ news release revealed that the program has exposed children to graphic pornography and games, there’s been considerable “editing” on the OIS website!” says Culture Guard president Kari Simpson.

In addition, Culture Guard has learned that a teenage boy at a Burnaby school—who claims he is “transgendered”—insists on using girls’ washrooms. Girls at his school say they don’t feel safe, and some Muslim girls (whose faith says males must not see their uncovered hair) right’s have been violated by his use of the girls washroom while they were using their facility.

The OIS website used to say the program had been submitted to the Ministry of Education for approval; that claim has recently been taken off the website.

The name of Romi Chandra (spouse of NDP MLA and sex activist Spencer Chandra Herbert), the author of the OIS “teachers’ guide,” has also recently been eliminated from the OIS website.

Few interviews have been granted by OIS facilitator Ross Johnstone or by Drew Dennis, Executive Director for OUT ON SCREEN, the “society” that acts as the umbrella organization for both OIS and the Queer Film Festival. But neither man has denied Culture Guard’s factual assertions that the OIS program lures students and exposes them to graphic homosexual pornography.

Ross Johnstone did offer one comforting assurance in his interview with the BC Catholic newspaper: “Alcohol is not served…”

TELUS, one of the major corporate funders of OIS, has begun a damage control campaign. The telecommunications giant has sent letters to individuals who protested TELUS’s financial support for an organization that uses deception to manipulate parents, students and other educational stakeholders.

Jill Schnarr, Vice President of Community Affairs for TELUS, was the signatory on letters passed on to Culture Guard by active citizens. Ms. Schnarr went so far as to contact one individual by phone, and assured him that TELUS had ceased funding the OUT IN SCHOOLS program. However, while the “TELUS” logo has been removed from the list of supporters on the OIS website, CAYA—TELUS’ pro-gay retail division—is featured in its place.

The CAYA site still says proudly that TELUS is still funding and supporting the OIS program, which lures and grooms children with political propaganda, sex activism and graphic gay porn.

Kari Simpson, President of Culture Guard, says she will ask the organization’s fast-growing constituency—which was easily mobilized in 2001 to help obliterate the NDP, when it declared war on BC’s schools (click here for the “Most Dangerous Woman in BC” article)—to begin a letter-writing campaign to PavCo, asking them rethink any consideration of awarding TELUS naming rights to the revamped BC Place Stadium.

Simpson says, “I can forgive TELUS for its initial support of OIS, even though it was negligent not to do its due diligence; but when they start playing name games to mislead their own subscribers, that’s ethically wrong and corporately irresponsible. Any corporation funding a program after they’ve been told it betrays the trust of parents and taxpayers, and exposes children to pornography, has earned the contempt of consumers, the government, the business community and the public.”

Mrs. Simpson has written a letter to Ross Johnstone asking 47 hard questions that she says should have been asked by school boards and responsible corporate citizens before they even touched the OIS program.

For example, Simpson states in her letter that Nancy Walt, for the Ministry of Education, has stated in writing that the Ministry of Education has not received any kind of request from OIS for approval. But until recently, the OIS website stated that Ministry approval had been requested. “How can this be?” she asks Mr. Johnstone. “Is Ms. Walt, or someone else, lying?”

Question 4 of her letter asks: “Have you falsely asserted to sponsors and/or funders that this resource had in fact been sent for approval to the Ministry of Education?”

In her complaint to the Vancouver Police Department, Mrs. Simpson pointed out that if funders were deceived to obtain funds under false pretenses that would constitute a violation under the Criminal Code.

[Update: Click here to see how the complaint was rejected by the receiving officer!]

Referring to the “Fierce and Fabulous under-25” party to which OIS invited adolescents, Simpson tells Johnstone: “Now, you haven’t been quite honest with the media about your promotion of the H.I.M. organization—promotion that was not limited to just the reference to the youth resource link (in the teachers’ guide & website), but also included H.I.M.’s very visible participation at the party to which you invited students.

“I am familiar with the H.I.M. organization, and its graphically pornographic promotional material distributed and displayed in large poster form at public venues like the Pride Parade and the ‘Fierce and Fabulous’ party held August 12th,” she declares.

She then asks: “Did you advise parents that their children would be exposed to graphic homosexual pornography? Did you advise the various Boards of School Trustees that students would be exposed to graphic pornography? Did you advise sponsors and funders of OIS that students would be exposed to graphic pornography?”

Simpson says many more questions need answering; but the most important one is: “How did this program and its social-sexual political agenda ever gain access to students? It is grossly flawed and a complete violation of trust and the well-being of children, it is time for Premier Clark to demonstrate real leadership and call for a full investigation,” she said today.


Click here for the letter Simpson sent to Ross Johnstone
Click here for the Culture Guard video update.

Contact: Kari Simpson –

Mandatory Pro-homosexual & Pro-transgender Education

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Jun 212011

With Terry O’Neill & Kari Simpson!

Show #106, Part 3, audio only:

Download Show #106, Part 3, audio only

8:30 – 9:30 pm: Dr. MIRIAM GROSSMAN is a physician with training in pediatrics as well as child, adolescent and adult psychiatry and has recently testified before the California Legislature on the harm associated with indoctrinating children with mandatory pro-homosexual & pro-transgender education. Dr. Grossman is the author of three books about sexual health; she has been on over 200 radio, news, and television shows. Dr. Grossman speaks internationally on the dangers of political correctness in her profession. This past March she spoke at the United Nations Council on the Status of Women, and in May presented a talk in the British House of Lords.

RKR launches a Parents’ Revolution!

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May 222011

May 19, 2011 (RKRNews) — Did you hear the rumble? With a subterranean roar, RoadKill Radio set off a Parents’ Revolution Tuesday night.

With guests Helen Ward of Kids First (in the studio) and Joanne McGarry, executive director of the Catholic Civil Rights League (on the telephone from Toronto), Kari Simpson and Terry O’Neill pasted the agenda to erode parental/children’s rights to the wall, using clear, simple logic and facts to overcome lies and propaganda.

Early in the broadcast, Helen Ward told us, ”Putting children in daycare guarantees that they’ll have a higher rate of illness. All the studies of daycare in Quebec show that the quality is mediocre in 73 percent of the cases!”

RKR co-host Kari Simpson cited arrogance within the judiciary: in the Surrey book case, the judge said, in effect: “To heck with the kids, to heck with the parents; the kids have to have this information” – although no research says they need it.

Terry O’Neill added, “We discover striking evidence that children are worse off (in day-care) in the number of dimensions…” He then cited research showing that shows child-care actually hurts kids and parents.

Helen Ward pointed out that parents decide what’s best for their family situation.

Kari Simpson lamented decades of propaganda and marketing by the day-care industry. “We need a bit of a parents’ revolution,” she said.

Joanne McGarry added: “Yeah. We need to reclaim our own turf.”

Helen Ward noted: “In BC they brought in all-day kindergarten; it never was an election promise. It was never mentioned.”

“What’s driving this?” asked Terry O’Neill.

“The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) produced a state-of-the-art ‘blueprint document’ about daycare: It said ‘we’re in transition from the ideology of the family to a new order of shared responsibility between the state and the parents.’

“This OECD/UNESCO document cites as positive examples of “integrated” daycare systems of Cambodia under Pol Pot, China, the USSR, Vietnam and Brazil under military dictatorship.”

Kari Simpson then quoted from a BC Human Rights Tribunal decision regarding the Abbotsford School District’s refusal to implement the Social Justice curriculum produced under the illegal Corren Agreement:

“The Course involves mature and challenging subject matter,” said the court. “It deals generally with complex issues of social justice, including concepts ranging from hegemony and economic liberalization to speciesism. Sexual orientation and gender identity are among the issues that may be considered within the Course in relation to social justice. The Course involves students examining and challenging their own beliefs, and classroom activities may include discussion and debate of a variety of potentially contentious subjects. The Course also examines issues of conflict between belief systems.”

Who authorized the Ministry of Education to “examine issues of conflict between belief systems? That violates BC’s Schools Act, which mandates “secular” education.

And what the heck is “speciesism”? Wikipedia defines it as the “assigning of different values or rights to beings on the basis of their species membership. The term was created by British psychologist Richard D. Ryder in 1973 to denote a prejudice against non-humans based on physical differences that are given moral value; however, it can also refer to misanthropy -a hatred of all humans because they are human.”

“It (the Social Justice 12 curriculum drafted by homosexual activists Peter and Murray Corren) was designed to attack the beliefs students learned at home,” said Kari. “Who gave the schools the authority to attack the home? This is the hijacking of the family’s role in raising children. It’s time parents said, ‘Enough is enough!’

“There’s something big here that’s got momentum,” added Terry O’Neill. “How do we stop it?”

Helen Ward noted that one action is already being taken by parents “who are leaving the public school system in droves.”

Joanne McGarry said there are two other steps by which parents can reverse the trend: “Participate in the media as much as possible; Try to get involved in the court cases.”

RoadKill Radio already provides a vehicle for parents to act on the second and third of those three revolutionary steps, and supplies helpful information about the first. Stay tuned for more action plans for the Parents’ Revolution from RKR!


NB – RoadKill Radio has still not heard from Bill Good, who was challenged May 11 to debate Kari Simpson on the Burnaby School Board’s new pro-‘gay’ Policy 5.45. Both e-mail and snail-mail were sent, so we expect to hear from Mr. Good any moment now. Stay tuned for further news!

What do gay and lesbian ‘educators’ consider to be appropriate role-playing models for students?

RKR Co-host Kari Simpson read from a classroom exercise prepared in July, 2000 by GALE-BC (Gay And Lesbian Educators of BC – now re-named Pride Education Network). Among the identities to be assumed by the teen-aged students for role-playing in the classroom were:

• 18-year-old white single heterosexual female secretary who is HIV-positive. (It would be extremely rare for a heterosexual female of that age to be HIV-positive. ~ ed.)

• White male bisexual artist (not famous yet) with a male partner. He also has a criminal record for possession of illicit drugs in the past. Currently he is a practicing Christian. (How could a “practicing Christian” be bisexual and a drug user or dealer? ~ ed)

• Asian-Canadian female nurse who is bisexual and in a committed relationship with a woman. They are raising her partner’s four Caucasian children.

• Stay-at-home heterosexual mother of three children with “traditional values”, whose husband has a six-figure income.

• First Nations bisexual female factory worker in a relationship with a white man. She practices traditional Native spirituality.

• Male-to-female transgendered truck driver in a relationship with a woman.

• 16-year-old high school student who is lesbian and is deaf. She uses sign language to communicate, and is a practicing Christian. (Again: how could a “practicing Christian” be a lesbian? ~ ed)

• 20-year-old female Caucasian sex-trade worker who is heterosexual and in a polygamous relationship with a pimp. She is addicted to heroin.

• Separated single gay white male who has custody of his 10-year-old daughter, and who works as an Elementary school teacher.

• White heterosexual Christian male who is the CEO of a multinational corporation. He is married with three children.

• 35-year-old white heterosexual female social worker who is married to a Jamaican-Canadian man. They have two children. She is a practicing Wiccan (witch ~ ed).

• Black heterosexual female lawyer who is the only woman and the only person of colour working in a prominent firm.

• White single lesbian stay-at-home mother of two small children, living on welfare.

• White 60-year-old lesbian who is a general medical practitioner and suffers from epilepsy.

• 50-year-old divorced female teacher who has raised her children, and hasn’t worked for the last 15 years. Her husband has left, and he hid their assets.

• Catholic Italian mother of three children who is a recent immigrant to Canada and does not speak English. She is married and works in an Italian bakery.

• Gay Chinese-Canadian man who is raising a disabled child with his partner.

• Indo-Canadian male psychiatrist who is heterosexual and a practicing Sikh.

• 14-year-old Japanese-Canadian lesbian Buddhist high school student.

• 17-year-old white heterosexual student, who is a sports jock and very popular in the school.

• 25-year-old Black disabled female university student (uses a wheel chair) and is a practicing Anglican.

• Closeted gay male Jewish lawyer who is married with two children. He lives with his wife but has sex with his secret male lover of several years.

• 15-year-old gay male Hispanic high school student who is a practicing Catholic. (Again: a “practicing Catholic” who is ‘gay’? The author of these exercises understands very little of Christian principles. ~ ed)

Sometimes it is fun to add cards with famous participants. Examples:

• k d lang, famous Canadian singer; lesbian, vegetarian, partnered, white.

• Svend Robinson, famous Canadian politician, white gay male, partnered, Ukrainian.

• David Suzuki, environmental activist, heterosexual, married, Japanese-Canadian.

(Note that two of the three “famous Canadians” are homosexual: 66% of the examples recommended are from a proclivity that represents less than 2% of the population. Hmmm! ~ ed)

ROADKILL RADIO NEWS – March 13, 2011

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Mar 132011

RKR launches drive to have the Baynes’
children returned to home and parents

RoadKill Radio wants answers from the Ministry of Children and Family and has become a champion for the Bayne family in their struggle to be reunited with their children.

That decision was announced on-air by Kari Simpson March 8 after Paul and Zabeth Bayne appeared in studio to relate their story—a story that included information that a Ministry official had admitted—in court—falsifying a document, and the story of a four-pound premature baby being seized in hospital, only five hours after his birth!

The Bayne’s story, as they related it to Kari Simpson and Terry O’Neill, began with an injury suffered by their new-born daughter, Bethany, in October of 2007. Zabeth Bayne had just finished feeding Bethany, she said, and had put the child onto a blanket on the floor, when their second son ran around a corner, tripped and fell onto Bethany.

The Baynes took Bethany to the hospital, where the doctor on duty said, “She’ll be fine.” …full story, must read, must act!

Click here to listen to/download RKR archived show
Click here for Bayne backgrounder
Click here for information on the Bayne Legal Defense Fund

Gray urges parents ‘pull kids out of school’;
Kari challenges BCTF to ‘become informed’

Parents for Democracy in Education is an organization that tries to stop the teachers’ union from forcing one-sided information about dangerous, medically unsafe sexual practices into the classroom. When PDE vice-president (and occasional RKR co-host) Ron Gray was a guest on RoadKill Radio’s March 8 broadcast, he not only outlined the organization’s strategy, he also exposed how the “downstream” media distorts coverage on this issue, on which it has already adopted a position.

March 6, PDE issued a “Parents’ Alert” informing the public of a booklet being distributed by the BC Teachers’ Federation—Gender Spectrum, published by Pride Education Network (formerly Gay And Lesbian Educators of BC). That booklet describes “gender” as “a spectrum” and “a product of the mind”; it says there is really a range of many gender identities besides male and female; and that gender identity development happens from birth to death. Furthermore, Gender Spectrum says there is no “correct” style of expression for males or females; and says “Being transgender or gender non-conforming is normal and healthy.” …full story

WAIT!! Check-out Jim Lawter’s Cuban adventure!! This RKR National Absurder expose explores the hypocrisy of the American embargo against Cuba, a few sandy beaches and an amazing looking Mojitooooo! Click here!

RoadKill broadcasts live every Tuesday at 7:30 pm (PST)
WHERE: Listen live –
Your Calls, Your Thoughts, Your Opinions, Your Outrage is welcome!


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Mar 132011

Parents for Democracy in Education/March 2011
Thanks to BC Parents and Teachers for Life (BCPTL), we’ve been informed of a new propaganda booklet produced by a pro-homosexual group, Pride Education Network, that is being distributed by the teachers’ union in B.C. (BCTF). This booklet, Gender Spectrum, makes unsupported claims that gender is a “continuum”, and that normal concepts of “male” and “female” are obsolete. (We have included a copy below, so you can read their one-sided presentation for yourself.)

In contrast, Dr. Leonard Sax, author of Why Gender Matters, Boys Adrift and Girls on the Edge—a medical doctor and a PhD in psychology—has published a rebuttal to such ideas in the Journal of Sex Research (his article is also included below). We call your attention to a statement on Page 9 of Dr. Sax’s peer-reviewed study, which—after a review of the medical evidence—declares:

“The available data support the conclusion that human sexuality is a dichotomy, not a continuum. More than 99.98% of humans are either male or female.”

The PEN/BCTF mis-information campaign is working through teachers in an attempt to radically change the very nature of our schools, among other things encouraging children to practice cross-dressing as “role-playing” the identities of children in one of five (or more) imaginary “intersex” genders.

Such a campaign puts the health and safety of 99.98% of students at risk, for the sake of a pro-homosexual doctrine being promoted by the BCTF.

To protect their children from this barrage of propaganda promoting acceptance of sexual perversions, parents should take steps to establish clearly their wishes for the education of their children.

Bear in mind that the United Nations’ 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Canada is a signatory, states clearly in Article 26, section 3:

Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.

While there may be elements of that Declaration not all Canadians agree with, very few would argue with Article 26—and because Canada is a signatory, the Declaration’s concepts have protective force as strong as Canadian law. If your wishes are made known to your children’s school, they must be respected.

Below is a copy of a Parents’ Directive document available from BC Parents and Teachers for Life at
Use (or adapt) this document, then sign and date two printed copies of it, and deliver them to your children’s school with a request that one copy be signed by the Principal and returned to you.

Parents’ Directive regarding education of their children
BCPTL has frequently drawn attention to the necessity of parents taking steps to protect their children in the schools, given the attempts to propagate harmful propaganda in the school system. British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life is offering what we think may be of some help: a Parents’ Directive regarding the education of their children, a document which parents can deliver to the school, making clear their wishes with regards to the education of their children.

We think that this document is written in respectful terms yet is firm in stating the parents’ wishes. We do not take credit for the idea. Others have written similar documents. We present this as reflective of issues we feel parents should be concerned about, and hopefully reflective of the tone which such a document should have.

This document, when sent to the school, does not come from British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life. It is only of value if it is recognized as coming from the parents who deliver it. Parents are responsible for the document when they use it. British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life cannot be responsible for its use, and our name should not be attached to it when it is sent as a parental directive.

Should you as a parent wish to change the document in any way, you are entitled to do so. You may have other concerns which you wish to express, or you may wish to change it in some other way to suit your family’s situation. Of course, we are not responsible for any changes made. It would be well, in our view, to ensure that any changes retain a respectful tone and are carefully checked for wording before the document is delivered to your children’s school. The text of our suggested directive is given below and also on the “Help for Parents” page of this website (
Parents’ Directive regarding education of their children
To the administrative authorities of _______________________ School in??_______________ in the province of British Columbia, regarding our children, namely:
______________________________________?__ _____________________________________
________________________________________ _____________________________________
We, the undersigned, as parents, are desirous of the welfare of our children in every aspect of their lives. We are thankful for the positive opportunities for education which are available in our country, and for teachers in our schools who generously devote their time to teaching the children and youth of our nation.
Conscious that parents are the first educators of their children and that they continue to bear a prime responsibility for their education, we are communicating the following statement of wishes regarding our children’s education. We request that this statement be kept on file in the school to which we have entrusted our children, and that it be brought to the attention of all those teachers and other staff members who will be charged with dealing with our children. We respectfully issue this statement as a legal directive to school authorities and personnel.

Holding certain principles regarding the family as the basis for our own teaching of our child or children, we desire that those principles should in no way be undermined.

We hold as an ideal the concept of the family as founded on the life-long commitment of one man and one woman to one another in marriage, and on their commitment to the welfare of their children. Nothing taught to our children in the school should undermine respect for this principle.

The school should seek the welfare of all children entrusted to it, and to the best of its ability protect all from harassment; but it shall in no way teach our children that concepts of the family diverging from our ideal are equal or superior to that ideal.

We hold to the belief that human life is sacred from conception to natural death, and nothing taught to our child or children in the school should undermine respect for this principle.
We, as parents, have signed two copies of this document as an indication of our wishes. We request that you return one copy with the signature of the school principal, as an indication of his or her having received the document. We further request that any principal succeeding the present one shall likewise sign this document.

Dated and signed this _________ day of _______________, in the year ___________ at??_________________________ in the province of British Columbia.

Gray urges parents ‘pull kids out of school’; Kari challenges BCTF to ‘become informed’

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Mar 132011

Parents for Democracy in Education is an organization that tries to stop the teachers’ union from forcing one-sided information about dangerous, medically unsafe sexual practices into the classroom. When PDE vice-president (and occasional RKR co-host) Ron Gray was a guest on RoadKill Radio’s March 8 broadcast, he not only outlined the organization’s strategy, he also exposed how the “downstream” media distorts coverage on this issue, on which it has already adopted a position.

March 6, PDE issued a “Parents” Alert” informing the public of a booklet being distributed by the BC Teachers’ Federation—Gender Spectrum, published by Pride Education Network (formerly Gay And Lesbian Educators of BC). That booklet describes “gender” as “a spectrum” and “a product of the mind”; it says there is really a range of many gender identities besides male and female; and that gender identity development happens from birth to death. Furthermore, Gender Spectrum says there is no “correct” style of expression for males or females; and says “Being transgender or gender non-conforming is normal and healthy.”

Gray had sent a copy of Gender Spectrum to internationally-renowned expert on gender and education, Dr. Leonard Sax, author of Boys Adrift and Girls on the Edge.

Dr. Sax’s concise summary of the 62-page booklet: “Thoughtless… Badly-written… Silly.”

BCTF has also issued guides for teachers, telling them how to incorporate ideas from Gender Spectrum into the classroom. Those suggestions include students cross-dressing, or role-playing as “transgenders”—males in female bodies and/or females in male bodies.

PDE also informed parents of three pro-homosexual events planned by BCTF: a “Day of Silence” April 15; a “Day Against Homophobia” May 17; and a “Week Against Homophobia” May 17-21—and recommended that parents protect their children from BCTF brainwashing by keeping them home from school while those events are on.

On the same program segment was Doris Darvasi, president of REAL Women BC, advocating a voucher system that would allow parents to choose alternatives to the government’s tax-funded monopoly on schools.

The broadcast also played a clip of a radio interview with Gray March 7. On The World Today, CKNW host Jon McComb said “The idea that anyone gets up one morning and says, ‘I think I’ll be a homosexual’ is a ridiculous statement.”

“But it’s not a statement I ever made,” Gray said. “Jon McComb is putting words in my mouth—then calling those words ‘ridiculous’. The factual statements I made to reporter Brett Mineer—like a study published in the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association and in the International Journal of Epidemiology, that says homosexual behaviour shortens life expectancy by up to 20 years—got edited out.

“A journalist like Terry O’Neill asks where these ideas come from. They didn’t.”

Doris Darvasi interjected: “What’s being said here… is easily researchable.”

Co-host Kari Simpson queried: “Why can’t this sort of discussion take place in the ‘downstream’ media? A BCTF document acknowledges the higher prevalence of low self-esteem and emotional distress… among LGBTQ students.”

“They would say that’s because of social rejection,” co-host Terry O’Neill pointed out.

“But it’s not true,” said Gray. “In the Netherlands and Belgium, where homosexuality and even same-sex ‘marriage’ have been accepted for 15 or 20 years, the same higher incidence of psychological distress is found among homosexuals.”

Doris Darvasi summed up: “We are the primary educators of our children; nobody will ever love my child the way I love my child. I want the best for my child; so when I see things happening that are not the best—an agenda grown-ups have, and they’re using the public school system for their own agenda—I get seriously upset.

“Take your children out of school April 15,” she urged. “But you also have to sit down with them and talk to them about what’s going on in the school. That’s a parental responsibility.

“We have a lot of good teachers; but the BCTF will clamp down on them if they poke their nose up,” she added

“I would challenge the BCTF to take their own advice, and become better informed,” said Kari Simpson.

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Public Education hijacked: Welcome to SexUcation!

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Mar 082011

Show #91 Part 1

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8 March 2011 – 7:30 – 8:30 pm: Sex Talk! FREE 4 ALL!! OK, now that we have your attention – you must tune in and hear what’s happening in our tax-funded public schools! Your schools, your children, your hard-earned cash! Has public “education” become a Sex, Sexual Politics & Propaganda-fest?!? RKR’s good friend, Doris Darvasi, President of Real Women BC and an active member of Take Back our Schools, joins us for this, no-holds-barred, take- no-prisoners, discussion about why parents’ groups are calling for a boycott of the public education system and demanding full funding for education alternatives!! Click here for the RKR News story

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