May 282013

A RoadKill Radio "Warrior of the Week", pro-lifer Don Spratt launches his new pro-life campaign on RKR News: challenging Christians to sign a "Value Voter's Pledge": that they will never, ever vote for any politician who would allow even one pre-born baby to be killed; and challenging politicians to sign a "Principled Politician's Pledge": to always defend life—no matter what their party or leader says.

May 232013

Don Spratt has spent 30 years defending the supposedly "constitutionally-guaranteed" right to life of those who cannot speak for themselves: pre-born children. Some pastors criticized his tactics, but said: "If they ever said we couldn't preach the Gospel, I'd stand with you!" But when Spratt preached forgiveness of sins to abortion-mill staff… he was sent to jail. And where were the promised "supporters"? Nowhere to be seen! To defend Canadians' Charter rights of free speech, Don Spratt and Cissy von Dehn distributed copies of BC's infamous "Bubble Zone" law—and were convicted of breaking the very law they were publicising!

May 082013

Pro-lifers Don Spratt and Cissy von Dehn made a big mistake by handing out copies of BC’s ‘Bubble Zone” law; it turns out the abortionists, police and courts don’t think the public should be notified of the law! It also turns out that cop-shopping and clairvoyant judges have led to thought crime convictions in Canada!

Jan 182013

Ron Gray reports on today's BC Court of Appeal case in which Don Spratt and Sissy von Dehn attempt to overturn their conviction. Because they were educating passersby about British Columbia's "bubble zone" law (areas near abortion clinics where the free speech of citizens is suppressed), Spratt and von Dehn were convicted of breaking the same bubble zone law! How would people know about a law unless it's advertised? Tune in for this quick update!

Jan 122013

Dear friends of life and liberty:

Hopefully you had a blessed Christmas and New Year’s season.

Now as 2013 begins, I must return to the front lines of the culture wars in defence of innocent human life and our God-given liberties, which are increasingly under attack each passing day. A battle field I must return to is in the courts. I must report in person to my probation officer on January 17 and will be in court the next day.

Therefore, I’m writing you to ask for your support in my upcoming hearing in the BC Court of Appeal on Friday, January 18 at 10 AM.

The courthouse is located at: 400 – 800 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC.

Sissy von Dehn is my co-appellant seeking to have our convictions overturned that resulted from our being arrested on June 19, 2009, this time for informing the public in a BC bubble zone that they could be arrested for saying anything against abortion. We were actually arrested, convicted and sentenced to two years probation and fines for passing out copies of the Access to Abortion Services Act.
For more details, please read the following press release, originally sent out when we were granted leave to appeal on September 10, 2012:

Sissy and I would appreciate your support in three ways:

1. Pray that God’s truth, justice and freedom will prevail and overcome any political prejudice.

2. Please attend, if at all possible, to show your moral support for us, and to show the court that there is public interest in preserving our free speech rights.

3. Although my lawyer, Ron McDonald, is once again (God bless him!) graciously representing me pro bono, I have an obligation to cover his travel and any court costs associated with my case. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate your financial help to defray expenses.

Please send any donations to my defence fund ASAP at:

Ron McDonald Law Office

243-12B St. North, Lethbridge, AB T1H 2K8

Re.: Don Spratt Defence Fund

Thank You!

Sincerely, for Life & Liberty,

Don Spratt

P.S. To read my statement (a witness to the truth) given before sentencing at trial, click here:

Contact information:

Don Spratt: (480) 772-8978

Sep 212012

Kari Simpson speaks to Don Spratt, one of the many victims of Canada's anti-free speech actions. Mr. Spratt brings us up to date on his legal battles, and details how Canada is on a Road to Tyranny. Will Canadian citizens continue to sit back and passively let their rights to free speech erode until it's too late to turn back?

Apr 092011

The Maiden Voyage Of Radio On “Galganov Dot Com

For our very first LIVE ON-LINE Radio Broadcast ever, my co-host is none other than American/Canadian Conservative Activist par excellence, Kari Simpson, who co-hosts on her own incredible On-Line Broadcast…full promo
This str8talkaholic & RKR editor thinks you will like this little taste of “Galganov talk” –
Galganov Dot Com wants to play our part in unmasking the phonies who sit atop their ivory towers in institutions such as the United Nations. We will identify and expose tyrants and thugs. And we will call to task the hypocrites worldwide who do so much damage.
We will also strive to lay bare the dishonesty in much of the News Media. And we will hold to account the Do Nothing Do Gooders, who would sell their own down the river to be seen as the moderate good guys.
(The world is such a better place after I have had my “Galganov Galvinator fix”!)
Tune-in at!
Shaidle – Five Feet of Fabulous Fury
RoadKill Tuesday’s show kicked-off with Kathy “Five Feet of Fury” Shaidle from Ontario, RKR tackled Ontario’s newest cultural phenomenon: Toronto’s “SlutWalk” (What organizers actually called it!). This is a HOOT, a must listen to show – especially if you need a good laugh while you become informed! If you are inclined to be offence-a-phobic, or a radical feminist with no sense of humour, well… probably best if you don’t listen! …full story

Click here to listen/download the show
Click here for Shaidle’s: Why Slutwalk is worse than burning the Koran
Politics – What Terry O’ really thinks! A lively political exchange with John Twigg

Terry O’Neill, introducing RoadKill Radio’s second guest, political columnist John Twigg – who conceded that he is a member of the NDP – commented on how the “downstream/oldstream” media have usurped election campaigns:
“I remember being part of meetings when the editorial managers said: ‘OK, we can’t let the politicians get away with running the campaign they want; we have to run the questions [we think] the people want…’
“And I thought: ‘This is their campaign; let’s just cover the campaign!’ But we didn’t.”
This lively and informative segment gave birth to the RoadKill Academy. During the show Terry & Kari recognized the need to assist the downstream/oldstream media muckers on how to conduct proper research – Terry O’ style!! Fun! …full story

Click here to listen/download this sparkling – rip & roar – exchange!
Don Spratt & Cissy von Dehn Court Update –
Thanks to ‘cop-shopping’, thought-crimes
may soon be coming into courts near you

Question: What happens if you pass out copies of legislation in front of an abortion mill?

Answer #1: The abortion mill goes cop-shopping. If at first they don’t find an officer who will arrest you, they’ll try, try again—and again, and yet again—until they do.

Answer# 2: When the abortion mill finally finds a compliant cop, the courts will put your life on hold for more than two years while they search for a way to pretend that you did something you actually did not do.

Those lessons were learned last week by pro-lifers Don Spratt and Cissy von Dehn, arrested June 19, 2009 for doing something Vancouver Police had twice told Mrs. von Dehn was not against the law…full story here

Click here to listen/download the show
PM & NatPost reading RKR News?
Is someone on Stephen Harper’s strategy team reading RoadKill Radio News? How about National Post columnist Chris Selley? Maybe; maybe not; but the Prime Minister’s latest campaign announcement sounds a lot like a recent commentary here…full story
RKR reveals another BC family ripped apart by Ministry of Children & Family
Just a week after RoadKill Radio’s explosive exposé of how the provincial Ministry of Children and Families damaged the lives of the Bayne family, another BC family ripped apart by the Ministry’s destructive practices came to light Tuesday night on RKR.

Betty-Ann Burnett had been a high school teacher, with a background in family counseling; so it was natural, when she and Allan had their own children that she decided to stay home to raise them. Friends who’d had foster children, after seeing them with their own toddlers, suggested that they should also take foster children into their home…full story

Click here to listen/download the show
Check out Terry O’Neill’s latest “Torpedo Of Truth” Op-Ed in the Tri-City News! This is GREAT!! Click Here

Big Show on RoadKill Radio this Tuesday!! Ezra Levant…Sun Media!! I don’t have to say any more except – TUNE-IN!!

Apr 092011

Question: What happens if you pass out copies of legislation in front of an abortion mill?

Answer #1: The abortion mill goes cop-shopping. If at first they don’t find an officer who will arrest you, they’ll try, try again—and again, and yet again—until they do.

Answer# 2: When the abortion mill finally finds a compliant cop, the courts will put your life on hold for more than two years while they search for a way to pretend that you did something you actually did not do.

Those lessons were learned last week by pro-lifers Don Spratt and Cissy von Dehn, arrested June 19, 2009 for doing something Vancouver Police had twice told Mrs. von Dehn was not against the law.

On that day in June two years ago, Spratt and von Dehn were in a protected Bubble Zone in front of the mis-named “Everywoman’s Health Clinic” at Commercial Drive and Broadway in Vancouver, where—without making any comment—they gave a copy of the Harcourt NDP government’s 1996 Access to Abortion Facilities Act to anyone who wanted one. Both were wearing signs warning passers-by that they could be arrested if they uttered the wrong kind of statements within the “Bubble Zone” that limits freedom of speech outside BC abortion mills.

They were not criticizing the abortion mill in whose zone they stood; they were not even criticizing the legislation that prohibits such criticism. They merely passed out copies of the law, with a map showing the boundary of the speech-limiting zone. Without that information, they told the court, passers-by might inadvertently violate the law.

Three times before their arrest, the abortion mill had called police because Mrs. von Dehn was passing out copies of the Act within the zone; and all three times the police had told her—and the management of the abortion mill—that what she was doing did not violate the Act. On one occasion, the court was told, a policeman e-mailed the legal counsel of the Vancouver Police, asking what he should do. The VPD lawyer’s answer was not given to the court—it is “privileged communication between lawyer and client”—but one might infer the advice he received from what he did: nothing.

The case had gone through three days of expensive hearings last November, and a further three days of hearings this month. The court has put off a decision until June 20, 2011—two years and a day from the date of the alleged “offense”.

In court last Friday, Crown Counsel Dasein Neering offered her alarming summation of the Crown’s case: “If the defendants are not found guilty,” she warned, “tomorrow the 50-metre zone will be full of protesters,” she warned.

Mrs. von Dehn’s attorney, Doug Christie, brushed aside that warning: “For years,” he pointed out, “the existing law has kept the zone peaceful. If the law needs to be changed, that’s the responsibility of the legislature, not the courts. The Supreme Court of Canada has said that constitutionally, the courts must not legislate from the bench.”

The Access to Abortion Facilities Act prohibits acts of protest about abortion, or sidewalk interference, within 50 metres of an abortion facility or abortionist’s home or office; but it does not prohibit expressing objections to the Act itself.

Crown Counsel Neering asked the court to infer that the defendants real intention—their “thought crime”—was to object to the Act itself because it is known that they diapprove of abortion.

However, Spratt and von Dehn were not even protesting the Act; they were only informing passers-by that certain ideas cannot legally be expressed within the 50-metre “Bubble Zone”. They did not even specify what those forbidden ideas are; they only handed out copies of the Act, so that citizens might read for themselves what thoughts may not be expressed within the zone.

Now they face a further wait of three months before they learn their fate.

Not surprisingly, during the two years he has had to wait to find out if distributing copies of a law violates that law—a precept which cannot be found within any Canadian legislation—Spratt has been unable to find an employer willing to risk hiring a man whom the Crown wants to throw into jail for months or even years.

If you tally the salaries and support costs of the judge, court clerk, Crown counsel, several sheriffs and half-a-dozen police witnesses, then throw in the capital and operating costs of the courtroom, taxpayers have probably spent more than a million dollars on this farcical “trial”; it has probably cost the defendants (and/or their lawyers, if they are in any measure acting pro bono) a further $100,000 or more.

And for what?

If they are convicted, Orwellian “thought-crime” will have gained a significant precedent in Canadian criminal law.

click here to listen/download show

Mar 142011

The facts of the case:

Who: Cecelia “Cissy” von Dehn, (63) and Don Spratt, (53) are well-known pro-life activists. Their informational protests have never involved violence.

What: Passed out copies of BC’s Access to Abortion Services Act on the sidewalk outside a Vancouver building that houses an abortion “clinic”. They were wearing placards that warned: “CAUTION: You can be arrested here under Bill 48!” and “BE INFORMED! This area is a legislated access [‘bubble’] zone under Bill 48”

When: June 19, 2009

Where: 2525 Commercial Drive in Vancouver.

Why: Because that Act makes it illegal to mention “abortion” within (500 feet) of a facility that provides abortions, and the people walking by could not know that they might be at risk of offending if they mentioned the forbidden word.

Background: The Vancouver Police had been called by the abortion mill three times previously, and had told the staff (and the protesters) that no law was being broken. On this occasion, however, the officer in charge called for a paddy wagon and arrested von Dehn and Spratt. They were charged with violating the Act. They came to trial October 8, 9 and 10 of 2010 and the case was put over until March 16, 17 and 18 of 2011 because the abortion mill needed more time to bring in an additional witness. The day before this event, the Supreme Court of Canada had refused to hear Spratt’s appeal of an earlier charge, appealed on the basis that the Act violates his Section 2 rights to free speech under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. While distributing copies of the Act, Spratt’s mouth was covered with duct tape to symbolize his loss of rights.

Spratt has been unable to get work for almost two years because the trial and the possibility of going to jail hangs over him, and no employer wants to start a new employee who may soon be doing time behind bars.

What arguments do the two sides present?

The defendants

  • The police had previously told us it was not a violation to hand out copies of a provincial law. This makes the actions of the defendants “officially induced error”.
  • No one mentioned the forbidden ‘A-word’.
  • Passing pedestrians and clients of the abortion mill were not stopped or interfered with; we only gave the copies of the Act to people who asked about the warnings on the placards.
  • Section 2 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees Canadians’ rights to free speech, freedom of expression, and freedom to assemble peacefully.
  • There’s nothing on the street to define the “zone”; unless passers-by are give information, they can’t know that their rights are limited.
  • The Act violates Canadians Charter rights, and must be struck down. The courts can only strike it down if there is an actual case—like this one—before them. We’re striking a blow for freedom.
The abortion mill

  • Because they were known protesters, it was obvious that their protest was against abortion, not for free speech. This was a protest against the fact that abortion, while not exactly legal in Canada, is not exactly illegal, either. There is no abortion law in Canada.
  • The “clinic” staff told us they felt intimidated.
  • The arresting officer says she wasn’t aware of the earlier
    incidents, when VPD officers told Spratt & von Dehn that passing out copies of the Act is not a violation of the Act.

It’s very clear that Spratt and von Dehn were protesting the infringement of Canadians’ rights, but the law does not forbid that kind of protest—only protests against abortion. Was the abortion mill simply phoning in repeat complaints, fishing for a feminist cop who would make an arrest? Were Spratt and von Dehn being hassled for their opinions? Why were they handcuffed and put in jail, when it is admitted by the arresting officers that they were cooperative?


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Related questions:

  • What is the cost to the taxpayers of this mockery of justice?
  • Does that possibility that the judge, Crown Counsel, and management of the abortion mill may be militant feminists have any bearing?
  • Since January of 1989, when the Supreme Court struck down the last vestiges of protection for pre-born children in Canada, nearly four million Canadian children have lost their lives before drawing their first breath. That court decision said Parliament has a legitimate interest in protecting their lives. What responsibility do pusillanimous politicians bear in those four million deaths? Do our Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, and other MPs have blood on their hands?