Update on Out In Schools Police Investigation! Culture Guard News Release

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Dec 072011

Culture Guard Special

Dec. 7, 2011

For immediate release

(Click here for the video update and VPD Const. Lott’s telephone message)

Complaint? What complaint?

VPD comments on the ‘completed investigation’ into a complaint they never received!

The Out In Schools saga continues!

As you may recall, in September Kari Simpson attempted to file a complaint with the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) against the Out in Schools program and the program’s umbrella organization, the Out on Screen Film Society, for luring students to—and then exposing them to—pornography. She also wanted an investigation of the Vancouver School Board and the BC Teachers’ Federation, which had both endorsed the smutty program.

Constable Eric Lott, who “volunteered” to respond to (or, more likely, get rid of) the complaint, took no notes about the charges, and refused to accept the written documentation Simpson had taken to the Cambie Street headquarters of the VPD.

Within 30 seconds of meeting Const. Lott, Kari became suspicious that he had an ulterior agenda; during their 35-minute meeting the Constable did not exhibit the expected police professionalism—unless acting like a thug is now recognized by the VPD as a profession.

For those of us who know Kari—well, she is just the wrong person to try to bully or intimidate!

Unimpressed by Const. Lott’s thuggish tactics, Kari turned the tables on him, and asked what division he works in. It turned out that he is in traffic. Kari then asked what expertise, as a traffic cop, he has in investigating pornography.

Hit with this reality, Lott suggested another way to handle the complaint: he suggested that Kari should talk to the Diversity Unit.

When the Diversity Unit didn’t answer Const. Lott’s phone call, Kari obtained the number and said she would to contact them, and then left the VPD building taking with her all her documentation, unfiled complaint and witnesses.

When Kari returned to her office at approx 11 p.m., Const. Lott had left a phone message detailing a proposed “new approach” to receiving the still-unfiled complaint. He now wanted, as the “first responder,” to take possession of the complaint and pass it on to Vice and the Diversity/Hate units.

By this time Kari had been advised of some troubling information: apparently the VPD had already participated in an activity sponsored by the very group responsible for exposing the school kids to PORN!

Kari decided that she would pursue charges through a different venue, and did not provide the complaint and/or any documentation to the VPD.

Here’s where the story becomes really entertaining!

According to VPD media spokesman Const. Lindsay Houghton, and unbeknownst to Kari, the VPD alleged that she did “file a complaint”—even though there was no statement given, there was no file number assigned, and there was no information provided to the VPD—except for the cursory discussion and rude responses by Const. Lott on September 13, 2011.

So without receiving any of Kari’s documentation, or taking any notes of his own about the charges, Const. Lott apparently had the complaint “investigated”.

It gets more mystifying: Kari was recently advised that some unknown “investigator” proceeded to clear Out In Schools of any wrongdoing—without ever talking to Kari or obtaining any of her documented evidence.

Clearly, the VPD has decided to give special rights to radical sex activists among the LGBTQ++ community.

In previously related matters, the VPD allowed a member to broadcast silly personal definitions of what he views as “hate”: a definition that would compromise investigations by calling murders “hate crimes” before the police inquiry is finished.

The VPD also allowed its members to stand by and watch decent citizens being assaulted by gay activists during a parental rights rally. It regularly turns a blind eye to open breaches of the Criminal Code during the annual “pride” parade; ignores complaints by concerned citizens about public sex in park areas that should be safe for kids and families; and now carries out fake “investigations” into school programs that lure children into a world of gay pornography and sex without even talking to the complainant—and then issues a statement about how “age-appropriate” the program is!

One has to wonder: would Aaron Webster be alive today if the VPD had ensured that the law was being properly enforced at this well-known public site, where homosexual men meet for illegal sexual encounters?

Why do those words “bias”, “pandering” and “gay toady” keep coming to mind? Why is the VPD so fearful of the sex activists that they ignore open breaches of the law? Why is the VPD willing to compromise its reputation to scam the public into believing that they “investigated” a complaint that was never received or properly investigated?

Does VPD Chief Jim Chu really believe that a school program that lured students to a Queer Film Festival party featuring games like “Lesbian Debauchery” and “The Queeriodic Table” is appropriate for teen-agers?

Does the VPD really believe that exposing teens—and younger—to graphic gay porn is “age appropriate”, as VPD spokesman Const. Houghton says?

Does Chief Chu and the VPD members really believe that the Out In Schools program that linked students to a hardcore porn site, other sex sites and gay sex-activist political sites is “age appropriate”? How many parents did they talk to in this farce of an “investigation”? How many parents were ever informed of the truth about this program, and then still found themselves to be “engaged” as the VPD claims?

In this Culture Guard special update, you’ll hear the voice message from Constable Lott, admitting he doesn’t have the complaint… but now wants to “take possession” of it! But remember: Kari never gave it to him! Now she wants to know—as the named complainant—what did the VPD investigate? And on what did they base their so-called “investigation”?!?

Kari says she can hardly wait to share the details of what emerges from her Freedom of Information request!

Stay tuned!

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