Mar 182013

Ron Gray presents big cash incentives to those of you who want to help Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin maintain her lies about Kari Simpson. Chief Bevy's fate is in your hands, folks, since failure to prove her lies will mean she will have to resign from the court! You see, contrary to the legal requirement of proving a case involving libel, defendant Rafe Mair failed to provide any foundation for his lies, admitting that he never even heard Kari Simpson speak on the issues central to the case. But Chief Bevy decided to believe Mair's unfounded lies and went a step further by publishing his lies as the "factual" basis of her decision.

Here's the deal: Produce verifiable evidence (not hearsay or more lies) that makes any of these lies true. This is your chance – 4 chances, actually – to make big money by merely proving what Rafe Mair, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, and the 2008 Supreme Court of Canada (the panel that presided over Simpson's case) say about Kari Simpson. Simply prove to us and to the world that Kari Simpson led the opposition to the infamous "3 Books" in Surrey, or that she's "opposed to any positive portrayal of a gay lifestyle," or that she's intolerant of homosexuals and/or is anti-gay, or – for the really big money – that the Supreme Court of Canada has any right to change a legal test and then use the new test to make a finding without letting the parties know the legal test they have to meet.

So far it's looking bad for Chief Justice Bevy. Since no one is stepping up with the evidence, she should start packing up her office. Canadians will not tolerate a liar and an arrogant, out-of-touch cheat for a Chief Justice of the high court!

Road Warrior of the Week: Bill Whatcott

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Mar 032013

In a landmark unanimous/split decision by the Supreme Court of Canada, the Supremes found for Mr. Whatcott on 2 counts, yet against him on another 2 counts of alleged hate speech. Their official decision is rife with lies and contradictions, so Mr. Whatcott is vowing to ignore their corrupt decision and carry on with his crusade to protect Canadians from rampant Christian-bashing, politically correct suppression of the truth, and the willful spread of decadence and disease in our society. If enough of us don’t join him soon, we’ll have no free speech left at all! Read the LifeSiteNews article.

Click Here to Download Bill Whatcott’s Response to the SCC

Drive For Justice 31: The Birth of RoadKill Radio

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Feb 182013

RoadKill Radio's "Drive For Justice" host Ron Gray reveals the genesis of the name "RoadKill Radio", and shows that sometimes Good Things can come from Canada's corrupted court system.

Jan 062013

Expanded Defence filed and Jury Trial

Professional Crybaby Richard Warman


“There’s a tear in my Robert Simpson Beer…”

Mark and Connie Fournier of the FreeDominion website have been on the front line against Internet censorship and lawfare for years.  They really have stuck their necks out and fought an immense battle to keep the internet free.   At present, they face an intense barrage of lawsuits by people like Richard “Maximum Disruption” Warman, Warren Kinsella and John Baglow (aka: Dr. Dawg).

Today marks an important day for justice and freedom in Canada. 

Mark and Connie Fournier made a motion to the Ontario court, asking the court to allow them to file an updated comprehensive Statement of Defence and also for the right to have a jury trial.  This was a big risk for Mark and Connie Fournier to undertake, as it could have wound up costing them quite a bit in costs if they lost.  Thankfully Mark and Connie have an iron will, and pushed ahead with their motion – despite all the risks.

In a very interesting turn of events; Mark and Connie Fournier won the entire motion today, and everything they asked for was granted by Madam Justice Toscano-Roccamo of the Ontario court.  Here is a posting by Connie Fournier earlier this evening on what happened during the hearing:

So, we went into the court and we were before Madam Justice Toscano-Roccamo. On a side note, I must say that she was a very pleasant person. She greeted those of us who were sitting in the audience…actually addressed us twice. That has never happened before, in my experience.

Anyway, she was also very well acquainted with the case. The told us that she didn’t want to go through every amendment to our Statement of Claim that the other side disagreed with, and she said that, after reading all of our materials she already had several thoughts on the matter and asked the lawyers if they wanted to hear them.

Both sides said that they did. So, she basically said that she was going to accept our amended Statement of Defence as it was written. Then, on the issue of the jury notice, she said that the other side had not provided her with any evidence that they would be prejudiced if she allowed us to file a jury notice. Since there was nothing in their evidence that showed they would be prejudiced, it was clear she was going to allow our jury notice, too.

Then, she asked the lawyers if they wanted to take half an hour to talk and see if they could come to a resolution. Once we met, the other side immediately agreed to consent to the updated Statement of Defence and to us filing a jury notice. Costs will be awarded at the end of the trial. We agreed to allow them two more hours to cross-examine me since our Statement of Defence is now considerably longer and more detailed. We responded to that by asking for two more hours to cross-examine Richard Warman. They did not consent to that, and the judge didn’t think the law allowed for it, so we let it go. It’s not like he answers questions, anyway, so it’s not a big deal.

The big deal is that we got what we wanted in the motion. Exactly what we wanted. We now have a kick-ass Statement of Defence, and this trial is going to a jury!

Bring on September, baby! We’re ready to rock and roll!!

Unless you have been involved in politicized litigation, it is really difficult to understand how hard it is to stand in the face of diminishing odds and biased judges and refuse to give in.  Mark and Connie Fournier have a lot to lose, yet they still push ahead for the greater good.  Thank god for freedom, liberty, and the iron will of Mark and Connie Fournier, who are not intimidated by dozens of questionable lawsuits, copyright harassment and what some refer to as a corrupt politicized judiciary. 

Sadly in today’s Canada; the court system is staffed by political animals who detest conservatives and anyone to the right of Joe Clark.  From Kari Simpson to Douglas Christie, the court system only seems to find “fair comment” if you’re commenting on a person who might be classified as “right-wing” or “conservative”.

If you want Justice — Stay as far away from Canada’s Justice System as you can!

-Marc Lemire

January 4, 2013

Dec 272012

Mark Hasiuk explains the roadblocks being thrown in front of his quest for information about the misuse of company debit cards by BC Housing. The information has already been culled, studied, and cited in an audit that exposed the misuse. But releasing specific information to a member of the press – and therefore to the public – has a huge price tag on it. Learn how "Freedom of Information" is anything but free, especially when the information is so damaging to a government agency. But Mark Hasiuk will keep pushing for the truth…

Nov 292012

Mark Hasiuk speaks with the inimitable Alex G. Tsakumis, the renowned "Rebel With a Clause" political commentator. Mr. Tsakumis weighs in on Christy Clark and her Liberal Party's abysmal record, her politicizing of Amanda Todd's tragic suicide and bullying in general, and her pandering to special interest groups. Plus, hear of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Roberton's plan to charge taxpayers for the Pride Parade! And then there's the case of Darryl Plecas, the undemocratically appointed Liberal replacement candidate in Abbotsford, BC, who is a self-admitted “Antichrist of politics”. Tune in and watch out!

Drive For Justice 23: Silly, Sloppy, or Sinister? – A Schizophrenic Verdict

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Nov 262012

Ron Gray takes us point-by-point through "Justice" M. Marvyn Koenigsberg's schizophrenic verdict in Kari Simpson's defamation case against the liar Rafe Mair – a verdict that was so contradictory and contrary to the facts of the case that it begged the question: Was the judge being silly, stupid, or sinister? Tune in the hear why the appeals court had absolutely no problem tossing the verdict out.

Clare L. Pieuk: But that was then and this is now Chief Justice McLachlin!

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Nov 232012

by Clare L. Pieuk

Let me begin by asserting that Canada has a strong and healthy justice system. Indeed, our courts and justice system are looked to by many countries as exemplary. We have well-appointed courtrooms, presided over by highly qualified judges. Our judges are independent and deliver impartial justice, free of fear and favour. The Canadian Judicial Council, which I head, recently issued an information note on the judicial appointments process in which it affirmed these long-standing principles on which our justice system is based. Canadians can have confidence that judges are committed to rendering judgment in accordance with the law and based on the evidence. Corruption and partisanship are non-issues. In all these things, we are fortunate indeed.

Remarks of the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, P.C. Presented at the Empire Club of Canada Toronto, March 8, 2007 (The Challenge We Face).

Good Day Readers:

Since that statement was made there’s the Douglas Inquiry and the shocking allegations concerning the conduct of British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg (federally appointed) in Simpson versus Mair & WIC the subject of a series of videos on There is also the case of a third federally appointed Justice CyberSmokeBlog is unable to discuss.

… We have well-appointed courtrooms …

Don’t think so! What good are they if the public is unable to hear Justices, counsel and witnesses half the time? Such is the case in Manitoba Queen’s Bench and the Federal Court of Canada in Winnipeg.

During the Douglas Inquiry on more than one occasion the audio system broke down leaving lawyers scrambling to try to fix it. At times it functioned like that one would expect to find in a third world country. Was any thought given to having an audio expert available in the event of such a contingency? Of course not! Witnesses and even counsel had to be constantly reminded by Chair Alberta Chief Justice Catherine Fraser to speak louder or sit/stand closer to their desk microphones because lapel microphones where not being used.

A veteran Toronto reporter at the Douglas Inquiry who has covered many, many Federal Court proceedings there noted it was deja vu all over again.

It has been said when you send a letter to the Supreme Court of Canada it disappears into a big, black hole never to be seen or heard from again.

That has been CSB’s experence on three previous occasions the most recent of which is reprinted below.

An open letter to Chief Justice McLachlin
Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Right Honourable Chief Justice of Canada
Beverley McLachlin, P.C.
Supreme Court of Canada
301 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0J1

Dear Chief Justice McLachlin:

The assumption is made you were accurately quoted.

We would like to offer our views regarding The Globe and Mail article based on The Manitoba Law Courts where our experience lies. There is no reason to believe it is any better or worse here than in other jurisdictions throughout Canada. In fact, it’s likely a poster child or microcosm of what ails courts across the country.

1.0 Barriers To Legal System Must Be Lowered If Public Confidence Is To Be Maintained

Barriers to entry can take many forms. Why cannot standard legal documents such as Statements of Claim/Defence, Affidavits, Motions, Motion Briefs, to name but a few, not be registered, filed and expensed online? Is the technology not already in place? What economic impact does this have on litigants who are in a different Canadian jurisdiction much less outside the country?

Why are Daily Dockets not displayed electronically?

2.0 Not Enough Judges, Lawyers Are Expensive

If there are not enough judges whose fault? Surely, in any jurisdiction there must be qualified candidates lined up to share in the salary, pension, benefits and other perquisites of a judicial appointment.

In the past, you are on the public record as urging the legal profession to undertake more pro bono work as one way to increase public availability to the courts. Is there not another. Many litigants are well-educated. How many lawyers are prepared to allow them to draft as many of the legal documents required as possible, of course, subject to their final approval?

3.0 Action Committee On Access To Justice In Civil And Family Matters

Our preliminary research based on discussions with litigants here, as well as reading about problems with Family Court in the United States, Australia and just about anywhere else one chooses to turn, is they’re in a mess. In short, a major re-think of the current business model is required .

We have not examined closely the aforementioned Committee but does it at least have some layperson direct involvement/input or, as so often happens, it is the legal system examining and passing judgment on itself in the absence of any citizen/taxpayer oversight? For example, what provision exists for men/women who have been through a divorce or child custody case to outline their experiences firsthand?

4.0 No One Will Solve This Alone

The “silver bullet” referenced in your comments could well turn out to be those citizens and taxpayers who must suffer through the inefficiencies a system that is in dire need of re-shaping. Who better to ask than the users who, in the end, are obliged to pay the cost.

5.0 Courts Have To Be Adequately Staffed

As previously noted, that is but half the equation the other being technology. The Supreme Court of the State of Indiana is about to embark on a year long pilot project that would see automated cameras and recording equipment replace the traditional court clerk in several courtrooms. Any jurisdiction anywhere in Canada experimenting with anything evenly remotely similar? Probably not.

6.0 Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada

In the case of RCMP Officer Monty Robinson, it should be noted a petition to the Supreme Court of Canada is no guarantee of a Hearing. It decides not you.

Finally, Chief Justice McLachlin if there is one change you could make that would be everlasting it would be to do what you can to improve the audio in courtrooms. Time and time and time and … again we have attended Queen’s Bench and Provincial Court Hearings where it is impossible, even sitting in the front row, to often hear Justices/Judges, much less lawyers and witnesses.

We were reminded yet again at the recent Douglas Inquiry where the Committee had to constantly remind Counsel and witnesses to speak louder – that is, when the audio equipment was not malfunctioning which, to date, has occurred several times. And how many millions of dollars will it cost before it has concluded?

Canadians like to pride themselves on having an open court system but is it really if the public gallery cannot hear half the time? If you can bring about the use of lapel microphones by Justices/Judges, lawyers and witnesses, you will have solved a seemingly simple but to date impossible problem.

And for that you will get our vote as the greatest Chief Justice in the annals of the Canadian judiciary.

Clare L. Pieuk

Media Citizen Journalist
Blog Master

Nov 192012

Ron Gray interviews Kari Simpson about the closing of her first (yes, more follow!) defamation trial against the lying shock jock Rafe Mair, and the bizarre "settlement conference" that "Justice" M. Marvyn Koenigsberg called before she was forced to settle the case on her own (and once you hear her legal decision, you'll understand why she wanted somebody else to take it off her hands!). This "ending" is just the beginning…

Nov 122012

Host Ron Gray continues taking us through the initial BC Supreme Court trial of Kari Simpson v. Rafe Mair et al in which Simpson accused Mair of defamation – and pulls back the curtain to reveal that the trial judge herself was on the defence side of her spouse’s own defamation case. This obvious conflict of interest should have resulted in the judge recusing herself, but listen to what shenanigans happened instead…

This Week On RoadKill Radio! (May 28 – June 3, 2012)

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May 282012

Monday, May 28, 2012
Drive For Justice: Prologue

Our new Monday night series is called Drive For Justice, and here is the opening salvo. Judicial heads will roll as Kari Simpson takes on the corrupt (and often treasonous) actions of Canada’s runaway legal courts!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
The David Berner Show with Kari Simpson

This episode of The David Berner Show was temporarily pulled from distribution due to protests from sex activists. But the delightful Mr. Berner will not be censored, so the episode has returned for all of us to see. Two subjects: political indoctrination in public schools, and a botched (ignored) fraud case by the Vancouver Police Department. Informative, entertaining – a must see!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012
RoadKill Radio News: Save My Analog!

RoadKill Radio presents a brief – but very important – suggestion on why you should care about allowing a Smart Meter to be attached to your house, and how you can go about preventing it.

Thursday, May 31, 2012
The Mark Hasiuk Show: Herbert Grubel on Canada’s Immigration Laws

Join Mark Hasiuk as he interviews Professor Herbert Grubel about the many shades of Canadian immigration policy. What’s wrong with it, what’s right, and how can it be improved? Is Canadian Culture at risk, and if so, should we care?

Friday, June 1, 2012
The National Absurder: Why I Hate G.E.

Jim Lawter exposes the true (evil) genius of Thomas Edison, who DID NOT invent the light bulb, but who did create General Electric as the ultimate money-grabbing machine.

Saturday, June 2, 2012
Family Freedom Fighters: Whose Children Are They? Plus: Your Gold Medal Performance

Ron Gray shoots a warning flare about the Canadian government’s continued intrusion into the raising of your children, removing even more parental rights. Also, a clear lesson on the comparative ethics of earning and spending money versus taking tax and redistributing it.

Sunday, June 3, 2012
The Prophets War: How to Bully with Impunity

Vulture Guard has a madman amongst its already evil lot of instigators. In this latest intercepted directive, General Decay gleefully lauds the recent bully tactics of Dan Savage and offers them as a lesson to follow. We must expose this threat in order to weaken it! Stay strong – Plan to Survive.

Mar 092012

Recently, I heard Vancouver School Board Chair Patti Bacchus on CKNW’s Simi Sara Show, pleading for money. “We have one of the best education systems in the world, but it’s under-funded,” she whined.

But is it really “one of the best education systems in the world”? I don’t think so.

Oh, it does a few things pretty well; in mathematics, for example, standards are above-average. But an inordinate amount of classroom time is wasted—no, worse than wasted: corrupted—by allowing sex activists and radical Leftists to indoctrinate their captives.

In fact, the reason this situation came about has a lot to do with the crappy state of education in BC since the 1960s. Some of the graduates of those days—matriculants of the collapsing education system immortalized by Professor Alan Bloom in his book The Closing of the American Mind—were elected to public office in the 1980s. When they re-wrote the BC School Act, they included a statement that “public education must be secular.”

The problem was that they didn’t understand the difference between “non-sectarian” and “secular”.

“Non-sectarian”—the phrase they should have used—means public education must not indoctrinate captive students in denominational dogma.

But “secular” actually requires the public schools to indoctrinate students in Secularist dogma. You see, Secularism is not religiously neutral; it is a religion—a world-view. In fact, Secularism is the most bigoted religion of all. Its goal is the extirpation of all other faiths.

The result of that 30-year-old malapropism is that our young people today are having the moral dimensions of life scrubbed out of their consciousness, as though it were something unclean. The very moral code that made Canada one of the most desirable places on earth to live is being purposefully eradicated, because our public education system—far from being the model that the self-laudatory Patti Bachhus claims—is a moral disaster, in which captive students are indoctrinated into morally corrupt ideologies.

RKR and National Post’s Barbara Kay Rally to defend family and gender

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Jun 052011

What’s a family?

Does “gender” matter?

RoadKill Radio and National Post columnist Barbara Kay teamed up Tuesday night to answer those important questions.

The first guests on the provocative weekly Internet public affairs radio show were the parents of a pre-born child that the BC Ministry of Children and Families was waiting to snatch as she emerged from the womb. The parents—a Salmon Arm, BC couple who had come to the Lower Mainland to escape the clutches of the Ministry—had in their possession a letter that affirmed them as loving parents; but it also chastised them for their reluctance to cooperate with the Ministry in making plans for their children!

The question that emerges: whose children are they?

The family—whose surname is being withheld to protect the children—is under assault by the Ministry because the mother and father refuse to accept the sovereignty of the provincial ministry over their private lives.

One 18-month-old son was apprehended by the Ministry at birth—even before his mother could nurse him.

Special Bulletin: They did it again!

The couple’s second baby has now been kidnapped at birth. In late afternoon, June 5, 2011 – as this edition of RKR News was being prepared – at the Royal Columbian Hospital in Burnaby, BC, Ministry officials once again overextended their moral and legal rights and kidnapped a baby from these poor victims of the corrupt system. The father and paternal grandparents were escorted out of the hospital by Burnaby RCMP.

Stay tuned for further updates on this tragedy.


In a later item on this week’s broadcast, National Post columnist Barbara Kay, citing last week’s news story about a Toronto family that has chosen to conceal their third child’s gender—allowing baby Storm to choose his/her gender later in life—noted that gender identity is a reality, not a political construct, as the Toronto parents seem to assume.

Commented RoadKill Radio co-host Kari Simpson: “I knew, before I read the story, that one of the parents [must be] a teacher—and a teacher of a ‘Social Justice’ curriculum.”

Barbara Kay added: “It’s a very feminized world out there. This little boy… who says his favourite book is 10,000 Dresses… where would you even find a book like that? Is he exposed to Bob the Builder, or soldier books, or adventure books where manly courage is involved? I think he’s not even being exposed to stories where standardized masculine practices are involved; the things he’s being exposed to are stereotypically female.”

Kari Simpson: “With a father who’s a Social Justice teacher… [who] thinks it’s obnoxious to make decisions for children.”


Another story that broke this week was the May 27, 2011 decision handed down by the Supreme Court of Canada that, essentially, removes free will from a citizen under special circumstances. In this case, a woman willingly allowed herself to relinquish consciousness in the consensual sex act of erotic asphyxiation – something she and her partner had done on repeated prior occasions – only to have the Supreme Court come along and stick its nose into the couples’ bedroom. The 6-3 decision ruled that unconsciousness negates any consent, that “yes” means “no”, and therefore the man committed a sex crime.

Considering the typical slippery slope of such radical legal decisions, the Court has essentially criminalized waking your wife with a good morning kiss, and snuggling with your dozing boyfriend.

Please visit our latest show’s archive at

Bayne Family Crisis Part 4 of 4

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Mar 282011

The Bayne family is under siege! A Ministry official has admitted – in court – falsifying a document that facilitated the kidnapping of the Baybe children by British Columbia’s Ministry of Children and Family Development, yet the children are still in custody after 3 1/2 years. The Bayne’s three-pound premature baby was seized in hospital only five hours after his birth!

Click here to read the full story.

Bayne Family Crisis Part 3 of 4

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Mar 282011

The Ministry of Children and Family Development Executive Director of Practice, Bruce McNeill, is behind the destruction of countless happy families in British Columbia. Is he power mad, or just plain mad? Or is this a heartless money grab for his organization? Can McNeill’s Ministry of Destruction be stopped?

Click here to read the full story.

Bayne Family Crisis Part 2 of 4

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Mar 272011

What do we do when the child abuser is the social worker? What do we do when judges hide behind the law, putting their reputations ahead of a child’s best interests? Why are we as tax-payers paying in excess of $6,000 per month to a foster family, when the children’s grandparents are willing to have them? This could be your family. When are we willing to say “enough is enough!”?

Click here to read the full story.