RKR Weekly Definitions 05

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Jun 222011

Buckshot – Every dollar spent on government “studies.”

Homosceptic – Being sceptical about the key presuppositions of the gay rights movement, such as the beliefs that:

    Homosexuality is genetically determined
    Homosexual orientation is always fixed
    Sexual orientation is a biological characteristic like race, sex or skin colour
    Feelings of same sex attraction should be welcomed and acted upon
    Offering help to those who wish to resist or eradicate these feelings is always wrong

(Courtesy of Peter Saunders)

Online Voting – Paperless apathy.

Political Correctness – A naive, destructive effort to remove all distinguishing characteristics between the world’s rich cultures, to remove all incentives to excel, and to remove all sense of personal accomplishment, pride, and self-worth.

Tree Huggers – Splinter faction of the ecology movement.

Unregistered Voter – Any person who does not have the legal right to not vote in an election.

Weiner – Any politician who thinks the public would vote for a man stupid enough to email pictures of his private parts to strange women.

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