Beyond the Talk 2: Linda Gibbons, Part 2

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Dec 022013

Linda Gibbons is Canada’s most prolific prisoner of conscience.  Linda Gibbons would have been back in jail by now save for her mission to help Mary Wagner who is, at great taxpayer expense, behind bars. Mary’s crime? Trying to persuade mothers from murdering their unborn babies. Yes, in Canada, it is a crime to try to save the life of an unborn baby.

Please donate generously to the legal fund that will save thousands of innocent lives each year in Canada, it is time to stop the slaughter.

How to donate:

By Mail

1. Make cheque payable to Mary Wagner Legal Defence Fund,

2. write this account number in the memo section of your cheque; acc’t # 0319 8991-017,

3. Address the envelope to:
Mary Wagner Legal Defence Fund,
c/o Bank of Montreal
295 Boler Road
London, Ontario N6K 2K1

In Person

Go to any Bank of Montreal in Canada, ask to deposit your donation amount into account # 0319 8991-017 (Mary Wagner Legal Defence Fund), and please request that the deposit be done as a “credit memo”.

For more information:
Info on Mary Wagner defence Fund
Linda Gibbons Speech about Mary Wagner
For stories about Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons click here.

RoadKill Radio: Don Spratt Presents the “Value Voters Pledge” and “Principled Politician’s Pledge”

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May 282013

A RoadKill Radio "Warrior of the Week", pro-lifer Don Spratt launches his new pro-life campaign on RKR News: challenging Christians to sign a "Value Voter's Pledge": that they will never, ever vote for any politician who would allow even one pre-born baby to be killed; and challenging politicians to sign a "Principled Politician's Pledge": to always defend life—no matter what their party or leader says.

RoadKill Radio: Mike Schouten on the Ivana Levkovic Baby-Dumping Case

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May 072013

We Need a Law spokesman Mike Schouten joins Ron Gray and Kari Simpson for a lively discussion on the murderous realities of abortion in Canada and the absurdity of the language that masks the facts. Are things starting to change? The recent decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in R. v. Levkovic gives some hope that Canada is moving in the right direction. Perhaps one day unborn babies might be worthy of protection.

Road Warrior of the Week: Conan O’Brien

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Feb 172013

With two “silly” sketches, late night TV’s Conan O’Brien has brought more awareness to the Humanity of unborn babies than decades of Pro-Life efforts. While abortion apologists, cowardly Prime Ministers, and thoughtless “feminists” try to rationalize the murder of millions of North American babies, Conan O’Brien has depicted a fetus as a living, breathing, emotion-filled Human Being trying to avoid a fate almost worse than entering a Planned Parenthood storefront (that is, the prospect of being the child of Kim Kardashian and beau Kanye West). While this may seem like a joke on the surface, the Catholic O’Brien is sending a strong message. Watch the sketches here:

Feb 022013

By Barbara Kay

Abortion is legal in Canada. Yeah, we get that. Hear it a lot. A lot. So is driving a car. But driving is a regulated activity, and so far none of the many driving regulations that help to save lives has ever plunged us down that slippery slope to denying people the right to buy a car.

And when I say “save lives” in this analogous way, I am not being coy. I am talking about recognized criminal activity. I am talking about a living human being that is outside the womb. If you cause injuries to a baby that causes it to die when delivered, or you actively kill a child that is alive when outside the womb, even if the umbilical cord is still attached, then according to the Criminal Code of Canada, you are committing homicide.

The MPs from Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario made the request on House of Commons letterhead to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson.  In the letter, the MPs say abortions performed at 20 weeks gestation or later breach Section 223a of the Criminal Code, which says a person commits homicide when he causes injury to a child before or during its birth as a result of which the child dies after becoming a human being. 

According to the Criminal Code, a child is a human being when it emerges completely from the womb — whether or not the umbilical cord has been severed, it is breathing on its own or has “independent circulation.”  The MPs say the killing of Canadian children may continue to grow if they are not thoroughly investigated by police.

MPs from Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario have said they want late-term abortions that result in a live birth and then death to the baby investigated by the police as potential cases of homicide. Naturally the usual suspects are having their usual fit of the vapours at the very idea.

Between 2000-2009, the MPS allege, “there were 491 abortions, of 20 weeks gestation and greater that resulted in live births.” If that is the case – and the sources I have seen are persuasive in their credibility – then we are talking about an average of 54 such births a year.

That’s a few more than the average year’s tally of killings of women by their intimate partners. I got into a Twitter dispute with one of my colleagues yesterday. I asked him if it wasn’t worth one regulatory constraint on late-term abortions if it prevented 54 deaths of living babies a year. He adamantly rejected it: “apples and oranges” he called the comparison.

There is more than one kind of slippery slope. And right now we are on a slippery slope to complicity with criminality.

I reject his comparison. Life outside the womb is life. Unless of course you are one of those creepy new progressive types that call for the right to kill babies with defects up to 30 days outside the womb. I asked my friend: Suppose there were a regulation we could impose that would effectively end spousal homicide of women: Wouldn’t you be eager to see it implemented? He didn’t answer.

But I know what he means by apples and oranges. Apples are women – and their protection from harm is the driver of much anguished public debate. Oranges are live babies that are not really “alive” in the moral sense in his mind if the mother delivering it doesn’t want it.

All that tells me is that this otherwise bright friend is so programmed to believe in the slippery slope of abortion regulation that he can’t bring himself to countenance a single exception to our no-fetters situation. Which is odd, because every other nation in the world insists on certain regulations, and no democratic nation has outlawed abortion in general.

This refusal to stare down the hands-off fetishists is getting downright silly. Worse, it is permitting criminal activity in the name of social harmony. Well, I don’t feel particularly harmonious about those 491 live births and I am betting there are plenty of other Canadians who believe in abortion as a general right, but are also sickened by late-term abortions and would be perfectly happy to see that aspect of the practice regulated.

There is more than one kind of slippery slope. And right now we are on a slippery slope to complicity with criminality. Is this really what most Canadians want, or are they just too cowed by the totalitarian abortion lobby to speak up?

National Post

Jan 172013

Dead Women and Dead Babies, the Sordid Reality of Legal Abortion

Marla Cardamone, a beautiful 18 year old American woman (picture left) was pressured by a social worker into aborting her child. The social worker lead Marla to believe her baby was permanently damaged by anti-depressant drugs she was taking and insisted she needed a “therapeutic abortion.” Marla was killed by her “therapeutic abortion.” The (picture centre) was taken a few hours after the “safe & legal” abortion went wrong. Marla is dead and is lying on a stretcher at the coroner’s office. Marla’s son (picture right) died in Marla’s womb. Contrary to the social worker’s alleged diagnosis, the coroner found the baby was perfectly normal at the time of his death. Marla’s grandmother named him “Christopher” and requested that he be buried with his mother. The hospital threw him out claiming he was “medical waste.”

Sordid stories like Marla’s happen in Canada too, but our strict privacy laws, secretive bureaucracy and overwhelmingly pro-abortion media insure most Canadian abortion horror stories never see the light of day. None the less, God who is the author and giver of life has a way of exposing the abortion industry’s dirty little secrets. Thanks to Regina Planned Parenthood’s malicious attempt to sue me and destroy my nursing career we learned a little bit about the abortion industry in Saskatchewan.

An RN appeared at my misconduct trial in 2003 and testified under oath, that she helped Regina Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director, Dr. George Carson kill babies at the Regina General Hospital. She testified to assisting with abortions up to 25 weeks gestation. She testified about witnessing Dr. Carson grabbing one aborted baby by the head and violently shaking the child. She testified Dr. Carson shook the child so hard she was “afraid the child’s head would separate from the body.” She testified that some of the aborted babies defied the doctor’s attempt to kill them during the abortion procedure and they came out alive. One baby the RN described on the stand cried and started sucking its thumb, before dying. Another baby cried and bled to death before her eyes. The baby bled to death because the RN was ordered not to clamp the baby’s umbilical cord shut, to insure the baby would die.

The RN also testified under oath that a 14 year old girl, who was the girlfriend of her teenage son, ingested Morning After Pills in her basement, given to her by Regina Planned Parenthood. The girl collapsed on the floor of her basement in pain, and started bleeding. She was rushed to the Regina General Hospital. No one knew what happened to the girl until she told them about Planned Parenthood giving her the Morning After Pills without her parent’s knowledge or consent. For those who wish to investigate further the case is known as “Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses v. Whatcott.” In the end I prevailed on free speech grounds, but I still believe that some of the revelations that came to light during the discipline tribunal phase should be investigated.

The abortion industry claims to care about women, but whenever a light is shined on their practices one finds what they really care about is their image and money. In provinces across Canada we are being prevented by so-called privacy laws from accessing statistics on abortion and its complications. The abortion industry wants to spread the lie that abortion in Canada is “safe and legal,” but inconvenient truth has a way of springing up and exposing the lie for what it is. The reality is abortion always harms women, sometimes kills them, and almost always murders the baby. Abortion should be illegal and those who are complicit in the grisly practice should be brought to justice.

If you have evidence of an abortion horror story that you want brought to light contact:
Bill Whatcott 306-861-6140, E-mail:, website:

Contact Premier Brad Wall and demand that he ends Saskatchewan’s tax funding for elective abortion and Planned Parenthood. Demand Premier Wall to order his Attorney General to investigate evidence of babies being born alive after failed abortions and then being murdered in the Regina General Hospital after they refused to die.

Contact Premier Brad Wall: 233 Central Ave N, Swift Current, SK, S9H 0L3, Ph: 306-778-2429, Fax: 306-778-3614,

Sincerely, Bill Whatcott
Ph: 306-861-6140, E-mail:, website:

“And this is His commandment: that we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ and love one another.” 1 John 3:23

Click Here to download a printable PDF of this flyer.

Dec 222012

Say No To Abortion!

Baby Samuel (pictured left) was operated on for spinal bifida at 21 weeks gestation. During the operation Baby Samuel reached out of his mother’s womb and grabbed the surgeon’s finger. Baby Samuel was a wanted baby; both mom and doctor affirm and attest to Baby Samuel’s humanity. An unnamed baby who is 2 months older than Baby Samuel is pictured to the right. The unnamed baby was guilty of no crime other than being unwanted. A different kind of doctor, an abortionist, murdered this baby by ripping his head and right arm off when he was in his mother’s womb.

“When doctors first began invading the sanctuary of the womb, they did not know that the unborn baby would react to pain in the same fashion as a child would. But they soon learned that he would.”
Dr. H. M. Liley

No matter how left wing academics lie to their students and try to convince them abortion is ok, the truth always has a way of making itself known.

Women who murder their children always suffer after making the wrong choice.

A survey of post-abortive women found that:

28% attempted suicide
31% experienced suicidal feelings
60% commented that the decision to abort made their lives worse
94% regretted the decision to abort

“Survey of Reaction to Abortion,” The Post Abortion Review, Fall 1994, pp 6-8.

There is a compassionate alternative to abortion. The compassionate choice is called adoption!

Join Bill Whatcott’s cause “Adoption is a more compassionate choice than abortion” and voice your support for giving vulnerable babies the gift of life and a loving family to belong to!

Contact Premier Brad Wall and demand that his government defund abortion immediately!

Honourable Brad Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan
226 Legislative Building
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
S4S 0B3

Telephone: (306) 787-9433
Facsimile: (306) 787-0885

For more information call Bill Whatcott (306) 861-6140, email:, or visit

“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.”
Deuteronomy 30:1

Baby Samuel Photo and Verification of Story’s Accuracy by Michael Clancy

Pig Mistreatment Raises Protests, But Baby-Killing is OK in Canada

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Dec 112012

Undercover video was released this week that shows the alleged mistreatment of pigs at a Manitoba hog farm. The pigs – all destined to be butchered in time for “the holidays” (formerly known as Christmas) – are shown to be living in cramped cages and being killed by blunt force trauma.

Also released this week by the Canadian Institute for Health Information were the latest statistics on abortion in Canada. In 2009, in excess of 93,755 babies were killed by induced abortion in Canada. Such abortions are legal, even though the babies consequently experience tremendous pain and suffering.

While the living conditions of pigs has had major national coverage by newspapers and television and has stirred great ire from the public, the baby-killing story has been almost totally ignored by the media and public. A shameless Canada once again proves it has twisted priorities.

Read the two stories here:

Animal abuse alleged at Manitoba hog farm
Industry panel says most actions shown at Puratone farm in Arborg, Man., are accepted practice
The Canadian Press, December 10, 2012

Abortion in Canada — almost 100,000 documented terminations in 2009
Richard Johnson / National Post, December 7, 2012

Nov 202012

Kari Simpson and Ron Gray interview Maurice Vellacott, MP for Saskatoon—Wanuskewin in the province of Saskatchewan, about his recent recommendation that Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner receive Diamond Jubalee medals. Vellacott calls these women "heroines of humanity" for their brave and relentless opposition to baby-killing (Canada is now the only country in the world with no law addressing pre-born human rights). MP Vellacott also discusses his support for Canada's removal of diplomatic ties with Iran.

Nov 192012

Maurice Vellacott, MP for Saskatoon—Wanuskewin in the province of Saskatchewan, recently recommended that Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner receive Diamond Jubalee medals. Minister Vellacott calls these women “heroines of humanity” for their brave and relentless opposition to baby-killing, a stance that has repeatedly landed them both in jail. You see, Canada is not only the only country in the world with no law addressing pre-born human rights, but to be pro-life is tantamount to being a criminal. Bravo Minister Vellacott for standing up for defenseless babies.

Culture Guard: In Support of Rona Ambrose

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Oct 122012

Tune in to hear Kari Simpson explain why she wrote a letter to Prime Minister Harper lauding the recent vote by Rona Ambrose, Minister of Status for Women, to seek a scientific definition for when human life begins. Since when does seeking truth and clarification become an act of bravery? Since MP Ambrose’s vote, apparently, as she is now being vilified by certain special interest groups who benefit from ignorance and fear. How will the Prime Minister respond? Well, considering he voted against the motion, we’d suggest that his cowardice is showing.

Full Text of Kari Simpson’s Letter:

October 3, 2012

Re:      Bravo, Minister Ambrose!

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

My name is Kari Simpson; I am a civil, informed Canadian. I am the mother of four responsible, accomplished, and now adult children whom I raised as a single parent; the oldest was 12 when their father became ill and passed away. I am also delighted to proclaim that my eighth grandchild is due in March. And yes, as my children were taught, my grandchildren are also being educated about their democratic and civil responsibilities to protect life and liberty. This includes voting.

I am also CEO of WOW Multi-Media corporation; President of a national organization called Culture Guard; host of RoadKill Radio News, an influential current affairs program on RoadKill; a commercial pilot; and a feared and respected child and family advocate—among other endeavours. I do not attribute my successes to affirmative action or feminist gains, but rather to having the good fortune of coming from a long line of individuals strongly committed to the family unit, and made up of strong men and women who deal in reality, work hard, live responsibly and respect those who deserve respect.

I would like to add my voice to counter the noise created by the gaggle of feminist squawk-boxers who willingly display their ineptitude and their challenged view of reality by falsely claiming to represent me, my three daughters, and numerous other female members of our extended family, in matters that affect Canadian women.

My family’s work history details the events involving my great-aunts running mines in The Pas, Manitoba; my grandmother working to finance my grandfather’s inventions—some events going back 100 years ago, long before silly women started burning their bras.  The women in my family have accomplished these noteworthy successes, like so many others, without assistance from the state, or being given an unfair advantage by government programs crafted to discriminate against men; and they have done so without murdering our unborn children, abdicating our responsibilities as mothers, or requiring others to pay for our career choice expenses — e.g., daycare.

I have watched with growing distain the verbal assaults being hurled at Minister Ambrose by self-absorbed, feeble-brained radical feminists—both male and female — who operate from a platform that seemingly provides blinders and affords only a flat-earth view. The out-dated rhetoric of yesteryear relied upon by these squawking ninnies is about as useful as the shrill shriek of a faulty brake-pad, just before a crash.

Minister Rona Ambrose deserves enormous credit for her willingness to assure Canadians that she and 90 other elected leaders don’t fear seeking a factual, foundational understanding of the scientific realities associated with the genesis of life. She deserves the applause that is growing louder as more and more Canadians become informed about this intelligent, independently-minded stateswoman, who had the integrity to vote in favour of Motion 312—a vote to establish the truth.

You can appreciate how intellectually pathetic those 203 members are who voted against seeking to explore the scientific facts about human life. There has been no moment in the history of Parliament that so fully demonstrates the sad state of the factually-challenged cowards who wimpily kow-tow to the squawk-box bullies and shrieking ninnies. I find it ridiculous—and concerning—that elected officials would publicly demonstrate their willingness to embrace ignorance on such an important issue, clearly acquiescing to the unjustified fear generated by the natter of a few cultural terrorists.

You are right, Mr. Prime Minister: we don’t need a debate; we need a solution to an obvious problem—a problem that allows innocent children to be slaughtered. Canadians deserve to be factually informed. This violent crime against our nation’s innocent, unborn sons and daughters, Canada’s most vulnerable citizens, must end.

Please extend my deep appreciation to Minister Ambrose for establishing a credible and respectable standard in political leadership—for both women and men. Minister Ambrose, by courageously standing in support of Motion 312, spoke for me, my daughters, and my granddaughters—and on behalf of the overwhelming majority of informed women (and men) who abide in truth, act responsibility and deal in reality—something her ill-informed critics, parroting the retro-rhetoric-of-yesteryear, fear.

Yours truly,

Kari Simpson
Host, RoadKill Radio News
Tel:    (604) 514-1614
Fax:   (604) 514-1669



Minister Rona Ambrose

The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper
Office of the Prime Minister
House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Fax 613-941-6900

Copied to:

Rona Ambrose
Minister Responsible for the Status of Women
House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

Oct 092012

Join Kari Simpson and Ron Gray as they deliver hot news and cold, hard facts. Learn how Canadian Parliament has skirted the Truth – once again! Why is Rona Ambrose, the Minister of Status for Women, being vilified for defending baby girls? How did Russia’s latest reaffirmation of a Health Risk ban make Ron Gray cheer “Yay, Russia!”? Did the Supreme Court of Canada really rule that sex + a little HIV + condumb is A-OK by them!? And hear an update on the Drive For Justice campaign that has left the Prime Minister – and all of Parliament – speechless!

Sep 152012

The Canadian Medical Association has issued a statement—political, not medical—saying that a baby does not become a human being until after it is born.

Let’s parse that carefully. We’ll start with the organization making the statement: The Canadian Medical Association. Who are they?

Well, they’re actually an imitative branch-plant of the American Medical Association. It’s an example of the “Ooooh! They’ve got one! Let’s us have one, too!” syndrome.

But where did the AMA come from?

From the Rockefeller Foundation’s largesse. Here’s how:

In 1913, when a cabal of American Robber Barons drafted legislation for a graduated income tax—a policy espoused by Karl Marx, interestingly—they included a provision for tax-exempt charitable foundations. By keeping control of the shares they put into the foundations, they were able to exert influence on the stock market without appearing to violate the anti-trust laws. But the shares they retained would benefit from their advance knowledge of what they were going to do with their Foundation shares.

John D. Rockefeller wanted to split the income earned by the Rockefeller Foundation shares between rural education and medicine. Education was no problem: he just gave the money to rural school boards. He hired a guy to disburse the medical funds—but the guy he hired knew nothing about medicine. So he went to Leipzig, in Germany to find out what state-of-the-art medicine was doing there; as it turned out, Leipzig doctors were big on pharmaceuticals and surgery—two topics being taught at only one school in the USA: Johns-Hopkins. So Johns-Hopkins got the Rockefeller cash.

But it didn’t take long for the other universities to discover how to get on the gravy train: their curricula soon included pharmaceuticals and surgery. And that became the model for medical education in the USA.

Ironically, John D’s own personal physician was a homeopath—but homeopathy, like chiropractic, was excluded from the gravy train.

The graduates of the new allopathic medicine schools funded by Rockefeller became the founders of the AMA… and their pattern and policies were copied by the CMA.

So that’s the origin of the organization that now tells us a pre-born baby isn’t human.

I have a question for the CMA: if the parents are both human, the progeny is certainly not a rabbit. If the parents are both human, what IS the baby, if not human?

Am I putting down doctors? Not at all. They’re healers, and their training and compassion are important to us. But I am pointing out that their real expertise is confined to just one part of the healing arts. And within that part, there is a tiny—and, happily, a shrinking—number of doctors who are willing to be killers, instead of healers.

Thus the absurd CMA statement that pre-born babies aren’t human beings is merely a professional group’s attempt to protect a grisly billion-dollar-a year industry that enriches those few.

Parliament will soon decide whether to reconsider the 400-year-old criterion that undergirds that grisly industry. To many politicians, an organization like the CMA represents a convenient clumping together of potential votes; and when the opinion of such a group is falsely presented to them as being all on one side, it may seem to them to have weight… and that needs a counter-weight: your opinion.

This is an urgent time for you to act: visit, call or write your Member of Parliament and urge them to support Motion 312, by MP Stephen Woodworth, on September 21.

Woodworth wants Parliament to create a committee to review Section 223 of the Criminal Code, which says a child becomes a human being when it has completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother.

Woodworth, quite correctly, argues: “If a child, five minutes before birth, can be defined as ‘not a human being’, then the question is: ‘Who’s next?’”

Don’t put this off: contact your Member of Parliament right away to make sure your opinion is heard. Best is to make an appointment to visit them at their constituency office; next-best is to phone them, and leave a message for them to call you back—then tell them this issue is important to you, and could influence your vote at the next election; If nothing else, write a letter (no postage needed), or send an e-mail. But make sure your MP knows your opinion.

Canadian-born comedian Mort Sahl used to quip, in the ’50s, that “The AMA is opposed to faith healing—or any other cure that is quick and inexpensive.” Don’t let the voice of a lobby group like that influence your Member of Parliament.

Remember: your voice matters.

Dec 222011

Twas the Night Before Xmas (a Cautionary Tale)

Twas the night before Xmas, when from west to east
Not a creature was praying, not even a priest.
Religion, tradition… the Canadian Way
Had now been politically corrected away.

While children were up late in front of their screens,
Texting to pedophiles, Tweeting to fiends,
Social workers poised to steal our tikes
To pump up their profits and earn their pay hikes.

The RCMP and the BCTF –
Toadies of sex activists, bullies, the Left –
Tightened their hold on the next generation,
Fending off critics with false allegations.

When out on the lawn there arose such a hollar,
My bear trap had caught a Smart Meter installer.
He filed a Human Rights Complaint right away
Claiming a hate crime because he was gay.

And downtown the junkies shot up in plain sight
Enabled by tax-paid support of Insite,
While vids lauding gay sex unencumbered
Forgot to mention AIDS’ record-high numbers.

I ran out to pick up my local news rag –
Whose stories are cleared by the largest placed ads –
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
A 12 percent tax – HST is still here!

The headlines insisted that everything’s fine
Until I began to read ‘tween the lines
To realize vaccines were an ethical breach
And “bubble zones” burst any hopes of free speech

The Tides Foundation they claim beneficial
By controlling our resources and owning officials.
The riots they claimed were anarchist-driven,
But just punks were charged – the rest were forgiven?

GMO food will feed the whole planet,
And, by the way, ultimately damn it.
Slutwalkers march for their right to dress slutty,
But marching for peace is called outright nutty.

The Supreme Court makes laws with no one’s permission
And free baby-killers and promote sedition.
Voting is passé, and voters called fools,
While indoctrination turns out in schools.

I ran to my house and pulled closed my shutters
And wondered how Canada fell in the gutter.
Well, people are lazy, complacent, and scared,
We cowered to bullies, we dared not to care.

It’s easy to coast, hand reigns to a guide,
Even when Liberty misses the ride.
On Facebook, on Twitter, the web and iPhones;
Hi tech smoke and mirrors, now we are all pwned.

We gave up our freedom, let someone else drive.
We sold out our country, our culture, our lives.
Our Masters now laugh as they call out tonight:
“Happy Xmas to all – thanks for quitting the fight.”

~ NA ~

Oct 112011

Show #119, audio only:

Download Show #119, audio only

Tonight On RoadKill Radio!

October 11, 2011- 7:30 pm


Katrina Effert KILLED her newborn baby boy.

A Canadian Judge, speaking on behalf of Canadians, found that Canadians would “grieve for the mother” and did not sentence Katrina to any jail time!?!?!?!!?? HUH? WHAT the….?!

Kari Simpson, Ron Gray and special guest STEPHANIE FENNELLY, Executive Director for Alberta Pro-Life, are three Canadians who have some STRONG words for Judge Veit and for Canadians. (LifeSite News story on this case here)

“It is time to stop murdering Canada’s future; it is time to stop the insanity.”

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 on RoadKill Radio

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Oct 112011

Tonight On RoadKill Radio!

October 11, 2011- 7:30 pm


Katrina Effert KILLED her newborn baby boy.

A Canadian Judge, speaking on behalf of Canadians, found that Canadians would “grieve for the mother” and did not sentence Katrina to any jail time!?!?!?!!?? HUH? WHAT the….?!

Kari Simpson, Ron Gray and special guest STEPHANIE FENNELLY, Executive Director for Alberta Pro-Life, are three Canadians who have some STRONG words for Judge Veit and for Canadians. (LifeSite News story on this case here)

“It is time to stop murdering Canada’s future; it is time to stop the insanity.”


WHERE: Watch “live” –


Your Calls, Your Thoughts, Your Opinions, Your Outrage is welcome!