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Judge Weighing Dismissal of Uganda Gay Rights Suit

By Bridget Murphy, Associated Press, January 7, 2013

For Pepe Onziema, a transgender gay rights activist from Uganda, Monday’s federal court hearing in Springfield was a chance to face the man he later called the devil.

For Scott Lively, a Massachusetts evangelical accused of persecuting gays in Uganda, the hearing was something he said he expected as a Christian.

“The Bible predicts that Christians would sit in seats like this and have to face these kinds of things,” Lively said later. “I’m not surprised and I’m ready to do whatever the Lord has for me to do.”

Following court arguments Monday, it is now up to U.S. District Judge Michael Ponsor to decide whether to grant Lively’s motion to dismiss a civil action that Sexual Minorities Uganda filed against him last year. The Uganda-based group for which Onziema serves as program director alleges that Lively waged a long campaign of persecution of gays in the East African country.

Lively’s lawyer, Horatio Mihet, called the case an attack on the U.S. Constitution and his client’s First Amendment right to free speech. Read entire story here.


Alberta School Boards Association rejects ‘sexual orientation’ policy

Peter Balinski, November 23, 2012

Alberta parents who support traditional values are breathing a sigh of relief after the Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) rejected a proposal calling for policies to deal with an alleged “pervasive school-wide culture of homophobia, transphobia, and heterosexism”.

Sixty-two percent of the boards voted to reject the proposal at the ASBA fall meeting held on Monday.

The motion would have added language specifically singling out gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender students to an already existing anti-bullying policy.

Jacquie Hansen, president of the Alberta School Boards Association, said that the majority of trustees rejected the policy over concerns that it unnecessarily focused on a certain group of students. Read entire article here.


Australia votes against legalizing gay marriage

Polls show Australians are in favour of same-sex marriage
CBC / The Associated Press, September 19, 2012

Australian lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected a bill Wednesday that would have legalized gay marriage, and similar legislation looked unlikely to pass despite public support for same-sex marriage.

The House of Representatives voted 98-42 against the legislation, the first of four bills introduced to Parliament that aim to lift the country’s ban on same-sex marriage. A separate bill was also being debated in the Senate on Wednesday.

Polls show that most Australians support gay marriage, but the Liberal Party-led conservative opposition coalition and many in the ruling centre-left Labor Party are against it… Read entire article here.


Organization fights to guard culture from ‘sex-activists’

President says B.C. parents are losing input into what their children are learning in school
By Nathan Rumohr / The B.C. Catholic, May 2, 2012

Kari Simpson is on the front lines of a culture war for the hearts and minds of B.C. students. Her organization, Culture Guard, has focused on Lower Mainland school boards that she says are indoctrinating students with sex activism.

“Governments have been put on notice that parents don’t want their rights trampled,” Simpson declared. “Any program with the word ‘homophobic’ is sending a clear political message.”

Simpson believes parents are losing the right to educate their children, in favour of the state-mandated propaganda of homosexual “acceptance.”

“It’s sad these well-intentioned people have no idea what’s happening.”

Simpson said sex-activist groups have infiltrated the province’s education system through anti-bullying policies and activist school boards. She said special-interest groups use the terms “homophobe,” “homophobic,” and “homophobia” to demonize parents and groups who oppose the sex-activist agenda… Read the entire article here.


Gay Activism in the Schools

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