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British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life:

Five Feet of Fury:

Take Back Our Schools:

Free Dominion:

Vaccine Liberation Army:

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  1. Wow. These links prove that not everyone has yet bent their knee’s to The Baal’s and Politically Correct Relativism. This is good news. Perhaps more will join and help us win The Culture War ragging for the minds and souls of children and impressionable citizens.

  2. I found your talk show email listing on a Fathers Rights network and I am a beloved fan of yours first and foremost! I am in dire need of your help! Can you please feature a segment on Men who are victims and Women who wrongfully accused men of domestic violence in order to speed up custody ruling and limit Fathers access to their child or children! This is an epidemic many Fathers have fallen victim to and I am certain this will make a GREAT show topic as their are many Fathers like myself who do not have access to help or resources! Please let me know if I would fit your criteria to become a guest along with other Fathers like myself who have had time, access and rights to their children stolen from them!

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