May 042017

Robert, Robert A, or Bob Quartermain,
Chairman of the Company, Pretivm Resources Inc.
Traded on the TSX and NYSE under the ticker symbol “PVG”.

Head Office/Board of Directors

2300 – 1055 Dunsmuir Street
Four Bentall Centre, PO Box 49334
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May 4, 2017

RE: Pretivm, Sex Activism, The ARC Foundation, Trustee “Robert Quartermain” & $213,000.00+ in Political donations

Dear Sir (Please forgive the presumptive gender binary attribution if you identify differently.  There was no guide on your corporate information as to how best to address you.),

Introductions and Overview
My name is Kari Simpson.  I write to you in the hope of better informing the populace about you and your agenda within the public and independent schools.

Sex activism over the past ten years has adversely affected our whole society, and especially our impressionable youth. Sexually transmitted diseases are skyrocketing among youth, specifically among males having sex with males in the youth population; as well, there’s growing mental health issues within that same population.

The changes you—through The Arc Foundation and allied political constructionists—are implementing, amount to a dangerous social experiment utilizing emotional blackmail, thug tactics and bribery against children, under the guise of ‘bullying prevention’.  

I refer, of course, to the SOGI (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity) Partnership that you have finagled with the provincial government.  

You should know that I have a long and successful history of protecting the rights of children and parents throughout Canada. I have endured death threats and riots orchestrated by the International Socialist/sex activist/rent-a-mobs.  I have a proven record of defeating provincial governments when they overstep their bounds and work to undermine parental authority, to impose harmful, politically driven curriculums or other anti-family initiatives, and to cause disruption within the family unit… or place children at risk.  

You might recall the BC election of 2001, when the governing NDP was almost obliterated, being left with only 2 seats.  I’m pleased to inform you that I was central to that result.  

You might have seen the BC Report magazine article headlined, “The Most Dangerous Woman in BC”?  That was me. It was an eventful time, leading up to that election: hundreds and sometimes thousands of people—parents—rallying at every one of my speaking engagements, unlike the turnouts for politicians.  At the time, our local teams strategically placed and/or supported Liberal candidates—and the desired result was achieved.  

Regrettably, Premier Clark seems to have forgotten the circumstances that led to the demise of the NDP: the hijacking of the public education system by the left and left-wing of the BC Teacher’s Federation and the like.  

Education and parental rights cross all political boundaries, and tend to galvanize otherwise politically uninterested voters into action.

Pretivm Resources Inc. Corporate Governance
Now, I’m certain those copied with this correspondence are wondering why they are receiving this.  The answer is that you have, through your political actions and your political contributions, entangled Pretivm Resources Inc. into this controversy, with all the legal implications attendant thereto.  Investor confidence, ethical conduct, integrity and regulatory requirements demand transparency. After reviewing the “Pretivm” Corporate Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and having researched you, the ARC Foundation and the partnership agreement with the Provincial government, I thought they might also have some questions; I know I would, if I were an investor/shareholder.

I trust that you are in compliance with the Pretivm Board’s Code of Conduct.  If so, then I believe the citizens of BC have the right to know that Pretivm works to destroy families, and wilfully engages in political activities designed to deceive taxpayers. If you, on the other hand, are acting rogue, then the Board should take appropriate measures to distance themselves from your activities.

My question:

Is the Board of Pretivm informed about your activities and those of the ARC Foundation, or have you failed to fully inform them of your political manoeuvrings?


Elections BC Political Donations Records: “Pretivm,” “Quartermain” (Robert, Bob, Robert A.?) How much money?
Firstly, this correspondence is being sent to you to confirm whether or not you are the “Robert Quartermain,” “Robert A. Quartermain”, and/or “Bob Quartermain” that gave political donations in the shared amount of $212,535.00 to the BC NDP Party and very generously to the BC Liberal Party as recorded by Elections BC. The records show that these donations were made:


Please confirm:

Are you responsible, either as an individual or as principal, for these donations?  If not, for which ones are you not responsible?

If you are responsible, why do you use different names?

I should state that there is no wrong in giving to a political party—unless, of course, it buys you favours that overlook conducts that are fraudulent, unlawful and/or harmful to children.

The ARC Foundation
I understand that the ARC Foundation and its representative have been lobbying the government for the last 2-3 years to bring about amendments to the BC Human Rights Code, and resulting curricular changes to the BC education system.  As you are aware, these efforts were successful and on September 8, 2016, the Minister for Education announced the “partnership” with the ARC Foundation.

 The “ARC Foundation” is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a private foundation in Canada, and identifies a “Robert Quartermain” as one of three Trustees that have acted in the capacity of trustee since the foundation’s inception in 2008.  

Now, as a taxpayer I am very interested in your choice of charities that your foundation donates to. The ARC Foundation has not been that active; yet on those occasions when it does make gifts it has given a considerable amount of money ($78,000) to the “OUT on Screen” Society, more commonly known as “The Queer Film Festival”—and of course their ‘educational program’ “Out in Schools.”  

I have to tell you I am very familiar with the “Out in Schools” program, with one of their school facilitators who called herself “Jenderfuck”, and with the horror that parents experience when the find out that they were lied to about the program, and that their children are being used—not only for a political agenda, but for a destructive and dangerous social experiment.   

I have in my possession a taped recording of an interview SFU Student Radio did with Ross Johnstone, when he was Executive Director of Out in Schools, in which it was stated that the original purpose of Out in Schools was a “guerrilla marketing” tactic to increase youth attendance at the annual Queer Film Festival.

Are you familiar with the videos made about the “Out in Schools” program?  You can find part 1 here, and part 2 here.  I wrote to the Out in Schools program director ’way back in 2011, hoping to get answers as to how inviting young students to a “party” hosted by the Queer FIlm Festival, exposing them to homosexual pornography, engaging them in Queerplay and a drinking game called “Lesbian Debauchery,, or exposing them to the “Queeriotic Table’s” terms like “Glory Hole,” “Butt Pirate,” “Rimming” and other risky sexual behaviours could possibly be construed as integral to combating bullying; but I have never received a response.  Perhaps you could respond or use your financial influence to convince someone there to respond, now that our Education Ministry has decided to “partner” with you. You can find a copy of my letter to Ross Johnstone here. As you know the Queeriotic Table was created and used as a fundraiser for Out in Schools, please ask specifically how exposing young students to these Queeriodic terms helps to combat “bullying” –  

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You and Your Political Activists
Let’s talk about Brad Beattie, Steve Mulligan and Matt Carruthers.  Brad Beattie acknowledges himself (if he identifies as a ‘him’) as being the Executive Director for the

ARC Foundation—despite no record of staff, or payment of staff, on CRA reports.  More on your CRA Charitable filings later.  

On July 25, 2016 Brad Beattie posted a picture on his Facebook of four people “celebrating” their “political” accomplishment at the legislature.  On July 26, 2016, This FaceBook comment was made by Wayne Hartrick (another trustee for the ARC Foundation) on Beattie’s FB page:

Wayne Hartrick well done! I admire the way you all steered this through tricky political waters and patiently nurtured it along to such a fantastic conclusion. You should all feel very proud. And as an ARC trustee I know it wouldn’t have happened without your teamwork and passion. Horay (sic) to you all :)

What happened on July 25, 2016 that was worth celebrating? Oh, I know—and so do you because you were in Victoria, sitting in the gallery watching the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly,.  That was the day that the Human Rights Code to include the was amended to include the bizarre and politically-charged fluid term “Gender Identity”; and while most British Columbians were unaware that this amendment was even being discussed, you and 100+ sex activists showed up—including Brad Beattie, Matt Carruthers and Steve Mulligan—to witness Bill 27 being introduced—and given all three readings and the pretence of going through “committee” all in one day!  

You might recall MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert’s enthusiastic welcome to those seated in the gallery, to celebrate this occasion.  He gushed:

It gives me incredible, incredible pleasure—I’d say MLAs probably don’t know how much pleasure—to introduce a gallery of activists, advocates, allies, speakers, questioners, emailers, petition-signers—all those people who helped persuade our government to introduce legislation later today to ensure gender identity and expression are explicit in our human rights code.

MLA Chandra-Herbert, a well-known liar, who happens to be the “spouse” of “Romi Chandra-Herbert”, who was credited with the creation of the “Out In Schools” program, goes on to say that he has been asked not to name everyone, as there is over 100—presumably because of time constraints.  Another MLA sneaks a name in, but a few minutes later, according to the Hansard record, Bill Bennett, MLA for East Kootenay, rises and asks the House to recognize: Robert Quartermain!  MLA Bennett states:  

I’d like to introduce a friend of mine individually as well. Robert Quartermain is up in the gallery.

Bob is someone who distinguished himself in the mining industry over a few decades internationally and then came back to B.C. and decided that he was going to build a mine here in this province. It’s a challenge to build a mine anywhere in today’s world, and Bob has managed, with his excellent team and his company, Pretivm, to partially build—it’s still in construction—a mine called Brucejack, which is in northwestern British Columbia.

He has managed to do that with the support of all First Nations. He’s managed to do that by getting along with his neighbours in Alaska. He’s managed to do that without having unmitigated effect on the environment.

There are 650 people—mostly British Columbians, many of them First Nations—working at that mine today. That mine will be complete, hopefully, within the next eight to ten months, and it’ll employ 500 people permanently for decades and decades.

I would like to thank Mr. Quartermain and to have the House help me recognize him.

And then, MLA Doug Donaldson also rose to acknowledge you.  Of course, neither one of them elaborates on why you are there as CEO of Pretivm on the same day as 100 or so sex activists are celebrating.

MLA Donaldson –

I, too, would like to join the Minister of Energy and Mines in welcoming Robert Quartermain to the Legislature today—of Pretivm and Brucejack mine, as the minister pointed out. I remember six years ago now, at least, meeting Bob Quartermain at the Vancouver Airport. We had breakfast, and he pulled out of his satchel a large core sample with shiny flecks of gold in it and said: “This is what we’re after in the underground workings of Brucejack.”

Here we are not too long later, six years later, with a mine going to be opened and in production quite soon, in 2017. Like any great mining leaders, it’s the sense of timing that is apparent here, with gold prices having increased substantially over the last year. I don’t know if he could have anticipated the Brexit, but lots of good timing is involved as well. Thank you for the House to welcome Bob Quartermain.

I am also interested in an individual, in addition to your activist squad, who looks a lot like Joseph Ovsenek, the CEO of Pretivm (according to Pretivm Resources Inc. 2016 annual report). I grant you, the guy in the CBC picture doesn’t look happy at being in the snap; but wow! does he look like your Joe!


My Question:

The man on the right, according to the Pretivm corporate website, is identified as Joseph Ovsenek, Pretivm Resource President, CEO, Director and a lawyer.  Was Ovsenek in Victoria on July 25, 2016? And is he the man pictured on the left in the CBC picture?

As you know, February 22, 2017 was PINK Shirt Day—once a well-intentioned day of human support against bullying; but it has now been politically hijacked by sex activists, and has become so controversial that boycotts are erupting, and students are refusing to go to school on that day—and thus putting an end to being bullied by teachers, and being used as political pawns.

The BC Legislature was sitting that same day, and Hansard again records the welcomes made by MLAs to those sitting in the Gallery—and what do you know? There you are again!

Kootenay East MLA Bill Bennett once again rises and gives you and Pretivm an outstanding introduction—but he fails to mention that you are also a Trustee for the ARC Foundation, and responsible for bringing in a highly controversial and dangerous curriculum that thousands of parents are protesting.  

Not to be outdone by his Liberal colleague, the NDP MLA for Stikine, Doug Donaldson, chimes in a few minutes later with another mention about Pretivm’s activities in his riding—and like Mr. Bennett, he failed to associate you with SOGI and the ARC Foundation.  My, you are popular—at least in your role as Chair of Pretivm!

Now, this is where it gets a bit weird.  During this same sitting, because it was happening on “Pink Shirt” Day, the Minister for Education, Liberal MLA Mike Bernier, rose and made this statement:

It also lends to one of the announcements we made last year—one that I was very honoured to make on behalf of government—when we included sexual orientation and gender identity within our anti-bullying policies. I want to thank all of the school districts around the province that worked with us, that acknowledged the importance of making sure that those policies were in place. We’re now virtually complete, Hon. Speaker, and with that, we have a great partnership with the ARC Foundation, which has been working not only with the Ministry of Education and with my staff but with school districts around the province to make sure those supports are in place for our educators. [Emphasis mine]

There you are sitting in the gallery, a trustee of this foundation, forking over a lot of money—and the Minister neglects to acknowledge your role. I wonder, are you amused? Do you really think you won’t be linked? Do you think you have duped British Columbians?

My question:

Do you hide your affiliation with this foundation, or did the MLA’s deliberately try to deceive British Columbians?

On September 8, 2016, another post is added to Mr. Beattie’s Facebook, this time asserting that the company Mr. Beattie owns,”POP, The People Agency”, is a “client” of the ARC Foundation and has been working on the ARC + Ministry of Education “partnership” for a few years.  

My question:

How does Mr. Beattie get paid?

According to the announcements made by the BC Minister for Education, Mike Bernier, and the video record of the event, this is a political relationship. I trust you are informed about the rules around charitable organizations and political activities, and the legal requirements of the BC Lobbyist Act, and the offences that flow from violating the relevant sections.  

My questions:

Please explain why you, as Trustee, didn’t inform CRA about the political activities the ARC Foundation is engaged in with the BC Ministry of Education?

Please inform me of the name(s) of the individual(s) and/or company that lobbied the provincial government on your behalf, or on behalf of the ARC Foundation, to secure the partnership with the BC Ministry of Education.  I have reviewed the registry and failed to find any of the aforementioned individuals and/or companies registered.  

In Closing-
Thank you for your attention to these matters and the questions herein.  If you are not the Robert Quartermain, AKA Robert A. Quartermain, AKA Bob Quartermain referred to, please inform me so I can correct this very public record.

I will forward to you another questionnaire regarding your affiliation with the University of BC and the gift of $125,000 the ARC Foundation made to fund a “major new social justice initiative.”

This information will be posted to the Culture Guard website, and I assure you that I will post your responses to my questions and any clarification you, the Board of Pretivm Resources Inc., or any other individual named wants to offer up—provided it is factual.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely yours,

Kari D. Simpson

(604) 514-1614

Backgrounder on SOGI

Here is a pdf copy of the Quartermain

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