Mar 132014

This week we tune in to the 16th annual presentation of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation Teddy Awards, honoring the best of the worst of government waste. Tax Talk host and CTF B.C. Director Jordan Bateman presents the Sun News footage of the awards, featuring CTF’s federal director, Gregory Thomas.

Plus our usual features – the Comment of the Cast and Waste of the Week!

  One Response to “Tax Talk 43: The Teddies”

  1. To change this Canadian political apathy, nonchalance and waste of tax payers money, by elected politicians,Canadian voting citizens must decide to use Plebiscites to form a united front to stop Government waste and indifference, Referendums to make these convictions binding on government, and Citizen Initiatives which at the insistence of the people must be voted on. For this vigilant righteous citizens are needed, who elect reasonable politicians, and have the backbone to keep these politicians accountable,or turf them. Remember only you can change this,because democratic politics is a reflection of the desires of the 50% +1 or more.

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