Mar 072014

This week, we look at biblical prophecies, and compare them with current news in an attempt to understand what’s driving international events.

The Bible speaks prophetically of “the King of the East”, “the King of the North” and “the King of the South” battling for preëminence in the first days before the return of Messiah. Today, three countries—China, Russia, and the Muslim Ummah—are competing to have their currencies replace the American dollar as the world’s “reserve currency”. Are they the prophesied “kings”?

Another tantalizing hint: “Signs in the heavens” forecast by NASA’s computers—and occurring on biblical feast days this year and next—correspond eerily to astronomic events predicted in both the Old and New Testaments as marking the End Times.

  3 Responses to “The Ron Gray Show: 3 Kings Prepare for War”

  1. The Rulers Of Western Democracies appointed by the 50%+1 or more have declared ,The Ten Commandments in Government, Law, and Education unconstitutional, and The Worldview-Religion of Secularism with it’s morality constitutional, and thus to be legalized as a human right ,normalized, then enforced on everyone starting with Kindergartners. This Western political paradigm shift into the worldview Secularism as the official state religion became law in 1962 in the US,and spread like wildfire to the now Secular Western Governments. and the Religious orders they indulge. When Secular Religions or Worldviews collide then The God who created Male and Female in His Own image;thus giving them inalienable rights cannot care what the outcome will be, because both sides do not consider Him or His Views constitutional.

    Now one must remember, The Attributes of The God Of The Ten Commandments. He does not impose Jizya or Infidel tax on unbelievers, but gives them freewill to choose Him or decide His views are unconstitutional, and allows them to live with the consequences of their choices. Other cultures may believe in a god or secularism ;but the name they use for their god or worldview does not reflect the law or attributes of The Jacobite and Christian God. Even their Jesus has different attributes. Therefore all views are not equally true or beneficial,because each worldview brings about distinctive consequences to it’s society.

  2. Fascinating stuff. Certainly, Russia taking back Crimea would seem to be a major piece falling into place in this scenario, as they now have a strategic naval port in their own control in the Middle East area. But I suspect they won’t move to take over Israel until Israel ramps up production of their oil and gas and begins undercutting Russian oil and gas exports, which will hurt Russia directly. In Ezekiel 38, God says He will put hooks in Magog’s jaws and draw him down against Israel. This could be the thing that does it. It will likely take Israel some years yet to ramp up its petroleum production to the point where they could rival Russia’s exports, mainly because they are only now developing the technology to extract oil from their huge oil shale reserves. Natural gas is another matter, though. Israel is already beginning to exploit its Mediterranean Sea gas discoveries and could begin exporting it soon. If Israel begins exporting large amounts of natural gas to Europe (Ukraine would likely be first in line to buy Israeli natural gas in order to free itself from Russian natural gas servitude, followed by Poland and Germany), it would no doubt infuriate Putin. And how can Israel resist the temptation to sell gas to Europe, which would be a huge financial boon to Israel? The scenario is shaping up as the Bible foretells.

  3. Anti-Christian Legislation and Law in Western Society comes from political and judicial fiat which started in 1962.The School Lord’s Prayer was considered unconstitutional in 1962 by The United States Supreme Court.The New Western State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion of so-called “neutral” Secularism in Government,Law and Education was now considered constitutional.This new State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion spread like wildfire throughout The Former Christian Western World in Government,Law and Education.The consequences of this so-called Politically Correct Secular Worldview/Religion is the indoctrination of Western society in the tenets of Secular Paganism,as legalized human rights starting with Kindergarteners!

    Citizen Referendums are essential to good democracy.Every voter ought to make sure our politicians make righteous laws that everyone has to live by,including politicians and judges. A righteous Church also keeps it’s Bishop’s etc., in line with Christ’s teaching. A time is approaching when Anti-Christ will have his World Religious and Political leader in place,which the majority of the globe will follow.Today there are many Anti-Christs in positions of authority as Saint John predicted. All of my contemporaries in The Western World started every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer led by their school teachers.This was because our Parents,Grandparents and Priests were politically involved in our democracy to keep it that way. Then starting in 1962 judicial and political tyranny changed the official State sanctioned Worldview/Religion to so-called “neutral” Secularism in Government,Law and Education. Political apathy,indifference and complaisance of Western Democratic Voting Citizens allowed this new State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion to be imposed on everyone ,including Kindergarteners as Secular human rights.This left Christianity in the hands of Secular Bishops,Priests and Pastors.This further fractured the faith of people as they started being led by all sorts of different leaders with their own interpretations of Christianity. The majority of our Democratic Secular society and church fell for the so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Lie.

    Now school children are taught in the evil tenets of secular morality,law and religion by adult teachers and homosexual activists from Kindergarten to University,thus indoctrinating “all” professions.Heterosexuals reproduce,but being less than 2% of the population homosexuals recruit by any means allowed them. Only the Secular Worldview /Religion brings our society back to Paganism, where this activity also was sanctioned by Government,Law, Education and Religion. In this way of State Sanctioned indoctrination, Western Anti-Christian Political,Judicial,Religious and Educational leaders can fool almost all the people all the time.The ones who do not conform to the tenets of Politically Correct Secularism will be but in jail for breaking secular law,as Ruth Lobo,Dr.Chris Kempling and others have been subjugated.Who will you follow Christ or Barabbas?

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