Feb 132014

Normally, two flags fly over BC's provincial Legislature: Canada's, and the British Columbia flag.

That's appropriate, because those flags represent all of us.

The BC flag, in particular, represents our belief that all points of view have a right to be heard-not that one favoured opinion should be elevated above others.

But now, according to NDP MLA Spencer Chandra-Herbert, there's a plan to fly over the Legislature a banner that only represents a minuscule favoured few: the purloined rainbow flag of "Gay Pride".

It's slated to happen TODAY, February 13.

That flag doesn't represent about 98 percent of the people over whose building that flag is to be raised. We're not proud of the fact that our children are being indoctrinated with lies in a campaign to manipulate them into "celebrating" sexual practices that are demonstrably dangerous.

In fact, most of us are not only concerned for our children; we're also legitimately worried about taxpayer liability if any of those children contract an incurable disease as a result of the malign influence of these propaganda tactics.

Homosexuality, according to the census statistics, is the orientation of only about two percent of us. But it's being promoted by a marketing machine of propaganda and lies that has successfully conned the three most powerful cultural influences on our society: taxpayer-funded education, the taxpayer-supported courts, and the media, both news and entertainment-who all bark on command of the activists, like a troupe of trained seals.

Chandra-Herbert says the plan to fly the gay flag over the Victoria legislature is "In support of gays in Russia, living under hateful laws".

So what, exactly, are those supposedly "hateful laws"? Is homosexuality illegal in Russia? No. In fact, homosexuality was decriminalized more than 20 years ago, in 1993.

So what, then, is the Russian law, against which these cultural terrorists and sex activists are protesting?

It simply says that no one should expose minors-that is, children-to propaganda, which by definition is one-sided, distorted promotion for non-traditional sexual relations. An example would be "Gay Pride Parades" like the scandalous displays of public nudity and gross misinformation that take place annually in Vancouver and Toronto and other major cities across North America.

In summary, the law in Russia only says what we at RoadKill Radio have often said: "Don't lie to the children!"

Our heritage is being hijacked by this scheme, hatched on the quiet by radical sex activists, and supinely endorsed by media wimps.

As British Columbians, we all need to make our voices heard in Victoria – soon and loud!

Here are the contacts you need:

Justice Minister and Attorney-General Susan Anton (who the BC government office says "Is taking the lead on this [flag] issue"):
Phone: 250-387-1866
e-mail: JAG.Minister@gov.bc.ca

Speaker of the House Linda Reid
Phone: 250-387-3952
e-mail: linda.reid.mla@leg.bc.ca

Premier Christy Clark
Phone: 250-387-1715
e-mail: premier@gov.bc.ca

Protocol Office of BC Government
Phone: 250-387-1616
e-mail: protocol@gov.bc.ca

By the way, the Gay Pride flag is also to be flown over Vancouver City Hall to protest Russia's law. So if you live and pay taxes in Vancouver, contact Mayor Moonbeam's Proclamation Secretary, Alison Arisheh, at:
Phone: 604-873-7622
e-mail: alison.arisheh@vancouver.ca

Don't wimp out on this! Do it today!

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