Dec 022013

Linda Gibbons is Canada’s most prolific prisoner of conscience.  Linda Gibbons would have been back in jail by now save for her mission to help Mary Wagner who is, at great taxpayer expense, behind bars. Mary’s crime? Trying to persuade mothers from murdering their unborn babies. Yes, in Canada, it is a crime to try to save the life of an unborn baby.

Please donate generously to the legal fund that will save thousands of innocent lives each year in Canada, it is time to stop the slaughter.

How to donate:

By Mail

1. Make cheque payable to Mary Wagner Legal Defence Fund,

2. write this account number in the memo section of your cheque; acc’t # 0319 8991-017,

3. Address the envelope to:
Mary Wagner Legal Defence Fund,
c/o Bank of Montreal
295 Boler Road
London, Ontario N6K 2K1

In Person

Go to any Bank of Montreal in Canada, ask to deposit your donation amount into account # 0319 8991-017 (Mary Wagner Legal Defence Fund), and please request that the deposit be done as a “credit memo”.

For more information:
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