May 312013

North American children are being carefully and thoroughly groomed to be at war with their elders – us – which is all too evident any which way you look at it. Ron Gray reviews the abundant evidence of this wholesale degradation of once-honoured standards. He asks why this is being done with such aggression and gives us the very frightening answer.

  3 Responses to “Family Freedom Fighters: Kids at War”

  1. I fully agree with Ron Gray. Parents have to accept their responsibility and take their kids out of public school and either do home school if able to do so or to put them in private fee paying schools where there is greater responsibility of the school to select quality RESPONSIBLE teachers and be more selective of the provincial school curriculum.

    We older taxpayers and electorate must spend far less time watching television, most especially Hockey and concentrate on working with like minded concerned parents to form Concerned Parents Associations to deal directly with school boards and make sure that both the boards, principals and MLAs must be held fully to account for education policy, school standards etc.

    Charter Schools should be the primary source of private schooling with parents elected to local boards of governors and education policy and operations set by regional Parents councils that would fully control curriculum content NOT the teachers or accountable bureaucrats!

    Full parental control of schools and curriculum would totally eliminate extreme left political agendas of “education elites” in our universities!


    Bob Tarplett
    West Vancouver

  2. Vancouver school principal writes letter to separate dad and his kids all caught on hidden audio/video. Youtube at : ” parental alienation ben applegate part 1 & 2 “

  3. I completely agree with the podcast about schools. Social workers and teachers all have been themselves brainwashed into believing that children need to be surrounded by other kids and taught in classrooms. Homeschooling is seen as harmful to children. We have been homeschooling our children for four years, and social workers have used homeschooling against us as a reason to remove our children.

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