May 122013

Insanity: A Suffolk, Virginia school suspended a second grader for pointing a pencil at another student and making gun noises. And we’re supposed to trust our children’s education to the likes of PC nuts like this!?

  One Response to “Boy Who Held Pencil Like Gun Suspended”

  1. I grew up in a Canada where guns were plentiful, but children started school with the Lord’s Prayer, and The Ten Commandments were on classroom walls. Crime was very low as citizens were raised to respect one another,and perversion was not normalized in schools as a legal human right. Clubs were not formed by adult teachers and their homosexual activist friends to recruit innocent schoolchildren into morbid behaviors. The Secular Worldview in Government, Law and Education as the official State Religion is not neutral as it dishonestly claims to be,but imposes its values on everyone starting with kindergarteners,as legalized so-called human rights and social justices. The consequences of this State Religion or Worldview are everywhere. This is not rocket science,but common sense has been replaced with Relativism also known as Political Correction.

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