Apr 232013

Kari Simpson and Ron Gray continue their recent discussion with Jim Hnatiuk, leader of Canada's socially and fiscally conservative Christian Heritage Party. As former leader of the same party, Ron Gray has intimate knowledge of the party's history, and his successor Mr. Hnatiuk spells out the current state and plans for the future. Tune in to hear Kari Simpson's rationale for her suggestion that the party would serve the public better if it changed its name to the all-inclusive, all-welcoming (and more accurate) name of "Canadian Heritage Party".

  One Response to “RoadKill Radio: Jim Hnatiuk of the CHP”

  1. Regarding the name Christian Heritage Party. It suites me fine, but one should think that all Christians would flock to it, But that is not the case anyway, I am so disappointed about that., and I think we should stay with the word Christian and be proud and happy with it, and let the blind lead the blind..

    Ejnar Iversen.

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