Apr 212013

Kari Simpson got the SunNews Network’s email alert about Brian Lilley’s expose on what is going on in the public indoctrination system. She says it’s worth the watch and should be forwarded to all your friends that have their kids in a public school! Thanks Brian Lilley and SunNews!

  2 Responses to “Brian Lilley investigates the textbooks which use geography to indoctrinate your kids into activist ideology.”

  1. These Sun News guys are missing the point. The environmental movement is a fraudulent movement perpetuated by United Nations Agenda 21. The indoctrination in schools comes from Brussels, Belgium. They need to be talking about this, not there neo-conservative reactionary views.

  2. Schoolchildren, and teachers are insulted when they don’t agree with Teachers Federation ,Liberal and N D P, Politically Correct indoctrination of impressionable schoolchildren in all subjects. Just ask Dr.Chis Kempling , his wife, and children? If our voting citizens are fooled all the time, and elect rotten politicians that continue to pass harmful Bills into Law ,then this corrupt free-fall will go on. In a democracy only the voting public can unite to change this. Attend Party policy meetings in force to select healthy policies,instead of allowing mindless followers to be led into selecting morbid policies,don’t you think?

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