Mar 062013

Every family and child throughout Canada is vulnerable to the agency’s authority. Poor parents and children are at even greater risk. The Children’s Aid Society (also known as Family and Children’s Services and Ministry of Child and Family Development) can remove a child from a home, with or without a reason. While the law requires the agency to obtain a warrant for an apprehension, they rarely do – and they get away with it in court. This behaviour encourages malicious behaviour from teachers and principals, neighbours, adversaries, and health-care providers to use the agency as a weapon to avenge a personal vendetta – one of the most common reasons the agency is called. A parent best be careful not to swear at the principal, challenge a child’s teacher, argue with a malicious neighbour, or irritate a medical professional at the hospital – because the odds are against them. All it takes is a phone call. No warrant required.

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  1. My brother found this link to an article. The subject appears to breach FOIPA regulations. Wanted to get your take on it.

  2. Check out this lnk. Maybe the lamestream media is coming alive.

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