Feb 192013

Howard "The Galvanator" Galganov is back! This show is not only really fun, but informative and … well, surprising! Tune in and watch as Kari Simpson gets a stunning confession from Ron Gray!! You won't believe who Ron Gray once voted for!! This is a show you will be cheering about. Make sure you forward it to your friends! Is it time that we organized a national association of hard-working, common-sensed Canadians with enough clout to instil electoral fear into any politician that dares waste tax-payer dollars on anti-Canadian policies? YES!!

  One Response to “RoadKill Radio: Howard Galganov Rides Again!”

  1. I have had it …and especially with these cultural transformers who ahave hijacked the education system , the school boards who act like the government, the public unions who threaten the taxpayer if we dont give them more , more , more. I am done . JUdes who act like they are the godhead of morals and virtue….NOT.

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