Feb 182013

In this RoadKill Radio exclusive, Mark Hasiuk exposes the latest shenanigans of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson. This time, Robertson seems to have strategically placed special friends on the city's Task Force on Housing Affordability who are more than willing to help him turn city-owned property into "affordable" high-rises. But a quick follow of the money raises eyebrows and some very pointed questions about who is really benefiting. Don't count on taxpayers being among the benefactors!

  One Response to “The Mark Hasiuk Show: Mayor Robertson’s Special Friends… and Special Favours?”

  1. Stop picking on mayor Greg already. He’s the bestlooking mayor we ever had and lets us have chickens in our yards. So what he makes a little money on the side wouldn’t you if people gave you that power? People don’t care cause everybody steals. That’s why he won’t get in trouble and why you should just leave hoim alone.

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