Feb 142013

Join Kari Simpson and Ron Gray as they speak with Jerry Flynn, retired military expert in electromagnetic (EMF) warfare. What do Smart Meters and EMF weaponry have in common? EVERYTHING! And for the almighty buck and control over our lives, the utility companies and government are forcing this technology on all of us. Is genocide good for the bottom line?

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  5 Responses to “RoadKill Radio: EMF Expert Jerry Flynn Exposes Smart Meter Hazards”

  1. Sounds like he’s done his research. Knows what he’s talking about, especially with his background. I’m with him, all the way!

  2. I’m one of the rebels against these stupid meters. Hope to see Jerry in Burnaby but has he tried to get on CKNW, the main talk show station in Vancouver?

  3. Governments and big business have teamed up on imposing the smart grid world-wide. The potential benefits to both are so huge that they are not interested in hearing of any negative effects on people. However, we the people, need to insist that they listen to the truth and consider the impact on the lives of people. Good on Jerry Flynn for stepping out of retirement and taking on this cause.

  4. How does smart meters affect customers on Electric Plus? Hydro’s answer is to make all customers alike by cancelling the contract so as to be fair to all customers. We had to divvy up around $700 to join this contract, so to be fair, shouldn’t all the other customers not in Electric Plus now have to divvy up the equivalent of $700? This may be another point to show how Hydro treats customers. Can’t go to see you at John Barsby school as I am a shutin. Best of luck with your endeavors and thank you for looking out for we public.

  5. Turned down my smartmeter when the guy came around to install, my neighbours did too…I have recieved a letter lately that they will be coming around again to put it in soon….march, april, may?? I dont want it but it sounds like they are saying this is a contract that I have to go with.?

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