Feb 072013

We would warn “Don’t try this at home,” but that would defeat the purpose. As this video strongly urges, hire an experienced electrician to perform this task. Smart Meters are not approved by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or CSA (Canadian Standards Association). They are not safe. If they burn your house down, the utility company is not liable. Smart meters spy on you, cause health problems, and have been forced on the public without proper study, safeguards, or due process. Smart meter parts are made in China and assembled in the United States, sending your tax dollars to foreign pockets rather than back into the Canadian economy.

You have the right to remove smart meters from your property as long as you follow the proper protocol. Watch this video and learn how to fight back! It’s never too late.

Plan B: Surround the smart meter with Magnetic Shielding Material (much more efective than aluminum foil).

Also see these two documents published by the Santa Cruz County, California, Health Services Agency, confirming that smart meters have not proven to be safe, and recommending a moratorium on their use:



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