Feb 052013

491 Babies left to die?!! That is question three MPs and thousands of appalled Canadians want the answer to. Joining Kari Simpson and Ron Gray this week on RoadKill Radio is Patrick Craine, Canadian Bureau Chief for LifeSiteNews.com and the ace journalist that pursued the story that is now making headlines across the country and Maurice Vellacott, MP for Saskatoon/Wanuskewin, one of the three MPs that wrote to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson requesting a full investigation into the alleged mass homicide of 491 babies born alive and then left to die. This is a must watch, must do something story that you need to know about and follow!

Watch the video, read the story, then write to:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson
(613) 957-4222

  One Response to “RoadKill Radio: Patrick Craine & Maurice Vellacott – Why 3 MPs Called for a Homicide Investigation”

  1. Re: Aborted babies

    There is another web site by a Dr. Tent questioning flu shots and other vaccines and how they are made. We are told that they can, and are, being made from aborted tissue. Dr. Tent says that many thousands who had flu shots now have the genetic code of unborn babies floating around in their blood streams and heaven only knows what trouble that will cause their health in the future. How can one fight the power of the pharmacy industry and the black market? They are away too powerful and will and can do what they want. Someone is making money providing the product in the first place. Does any politician really want to get involved in exposing such an industry? From personal experience of “the Resource Room”, I think not.

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