Jan 272013


This is an appeal to conscience, human decency, and humanity. Please confront the responsibility to read this through. I would appreciate a response explaining the World Health Organization’s counsel in the following matter.

I am apprised of your recent manual on the “best way to kill unborn babies”.

This is not the organization’s categorization yet terminology does not change objective reality.

Like Hitler, you sanitize language to cover up crimes against humanity. With the advancements made in ultrasound technology in this last 20 year period, the question of whether or not the “fetus” is a human being from the very first moment of conception has been radically resolved for persons of right functioning conscience. Yet, like Hitler, you hide the evidence from the world and from your heart.

The Third Reich, too, continually came up with new and more efficient ways to get the job done.

Apart from the radical issue of conscience and objective morality, it is incomprehensible, with all of the evidence of the demolition on every level to a woman’s health caused by abortion physically, mentally, and psychologically, that you would recklessly continue to recommend abortion as a health option in entire disregard for a woman’s health.

When is the madness going to end.

A “health” organization has a grave responsibility to offer only the best of health standards and counsel. Women deserve better. A “health” organization cannot justify crimes against humanity. This is beyond appalling and the extermination of human life has superceded Hitler’s crimes against humanity to incomprehensible proportions. 1.5 million lives ended annually each year in the United States alone since 1973.

WHO are you? What are you? What have you become?

In defense of all women and in memory of my grandparents exterminated in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, I urge you to live up to your responsibility to humanity and to your name.

I urge your hearts and minds to confront the atrocities and end the deadening and rationalizations of your consciences.

I urge you to confront the reality of your “health” counsel.

Nothing, absolutely nothing can justify your recommendations or your standards.

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