Jan 212013

It seems that Bill Flanagan, president of the Council of Canadian Law Deans, is opposed to the establishment of a law school at a highly respected Christian university.

Flanagan sent out a hysterical letter to his cohorts, attempting to galvanize opposition to Trinity Western University’s decision to once again expand the educational opportunities available to its students, to now include a law school.

TWU is no stranger to deconstructionists attempting to usurp the rights of the civil majority by demonizing constitutionally-protected beliefs, opinions, practices and associations; a few years ago, the Langley university had to battle cultural terrorists from the BC College of Teachers all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, when they wanted students enrolled in TWU’s School of Education to be certified to teach in BC schools.

Of course, TWU won.

Mr. Flanagan and his gaggle of law deans are now squawk-boxing their repulsion about the code of conduct requirements that students agree to. Students wanting to attend TWU agree not to engage in swearing, profanity, drunkenness, porn-viewing, adultery, premarital… or sexual orgies/activities that seem to be sanctioned by secular universities like the University of Toronto; but the proviso that really has their pork stewing in the pit is the agreement students make not to engage in (gasp!) homosexuality.

Oh my! Imagine a school when civility, morality and sexual health are encouraged!

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For a copy of the letter sent out by Bill Flanagan, President of the Canadian Council of Law Deans, click here.

If you wish to express your opinion or outrage to Mr. Bill Flanagan and the Council of Canadian Law Deans for discriminating against Christians, a constitutionally protected group, you can use this contact information:

Please direct your correspondences in care of:
Brigitte Pilon
Executive Director
57 Louis Pasteur
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1N 6N5
Telephone: (613) 824-9233
Facsimile: (613) 824-9233
E-mail: brigitteccld@rogers.com

  2 Responses to “RKR News: Anti-Christian Bigotry is Alive and Fulminating Within Canada’s Law ‘Education’ Community”

  1. Just add the ‘Trinity Western University to the growing list of Christian institutions coming under increasing attacks these days; either accused of being “too white” or one of those nasty WASPS (White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestants). Do the secularists realize what is happening in Belfast Ireland these days, let alone why it is happening??? Some day soon they are going to wake up to the big surprise of a multicultural showdown. Watch out for those “WASPS”, they could swarm and sting one day!

  2. They shouldn’t allow religious organizations to run any schools, let alone law schools.

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