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Dead Women and Dead Babies, the Sordid Reality of Legal Abortion

Marla Cardamone, a beautiful 18 year old American woman (picture left) was pressured by a social worker into aborting her child. The social worker lead Marla to believe her baby was permanently damaged by anti-depressant drugs she was taking and insisted she needed a “therapeutic abortion.” Marla was killed by her “therapeutic abortion.” The (picture centre) was taken a few hours after the “safe & legal” abortion went wrong. Marla is dead and is lying on a stretcher at the coroner’s office. Marla’s son (picture right) died in Marla’s womb. Contrary to the social worker’s alleged diagnosis, the coroner found the baby was perfectly normal at the time of his death. Marla’s grandmother named him “Christopher” and requested that he be buried with his mother. The hospital threw him out claiming he was “medical waste.”

Sordid stories like Marla’s happen in Canada too, but our strict privacy laws, secretive bureaucracy and overwhelmingly pro-abortion media insure most Canadian abortion horror stories never see the light of day. None the less, God who is the author and giver of life has a way of exposing the abortion industry’s dirty little secrets. Thanks to Regina Planned Parenthood’s malicious attempt to sue me and destroy my nursing career we learned a little bit about the abortion industry in Saskatchewan.

An RN appeared at my misconduct trial in 2003 and testified under oath, that she helped Regina Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director, Dr. George Carson kill babies at the Regina General Hospital. She testified to assisting with abortions up to 25 weeks gestation. She testified about witnessing Dr. Carson grabbing one aborted baby by the head and violently shaking the child. She testified Dr. Carson shook the child so hard she was “afraid the child’s head would separate from the body.” She testified that some of the aborted babies defied the doctor’s attempt to kill them during the abortion procedure and they came out alive. One baby the RN described on the stand cried and started sucking its thumb, before dying. Another baby cried and bled to death before her eyes. The baby bled to death because the RN was ordered not to clamp the baby’s umbilical cord shut, to insure the baby would die.

The RN also testified under oath that a 14 year old girl, who was the girlfriend of her teenage son, ingested Morning After Pills in her basement, given to her by Regina Planned Parenthood. The girl collapsed on the floor of her basement in pain, and started bleeding. She was rushed to the Regina General Hospital. No one knew what happened to the girl until she told them about Planned Parenthood giving her the Morning After Pills without her parent’s knowledge or consent. For those who wish to investigate further the case is known as “Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses v. Whatcott.” In the end I prevailed on free speech grounds, but I still believe that some of the revelations that came to light during the discipline tribunal phase should be investigated.

The abortion industry claims to care about women, but whenever a light is shined on their practices one finds what they really care about is their image and money. In provinces across Canada we are being prevented by so-called privacy laws from accessing statistics on abortion and its complications. The abortion industry wants to spread the lie that abortion in Canada is “safe and legal,” but inconvenient truth has a way of springing up and exposing the lie for what it is. The reality is abortion always harms women, sometimes kills them, and almost always murders the baby. Abortion should be illegal and those who are complicit in the grisly practice should be brought to justice.

If you have evidence of an abortion horror story that you want brought to light contact:
Bill Whatcott 306-861-6140, E-mail: billwhatcott@gmail.com, website: http://www.freenorthamerica.ca

Contact Premier Brad Wall and demand that he ends Saskatchewan’s tax funding for elective abortion and Planned Parenthood. Demand Premier Wall to order his Attorney General to investigate evidence of babies being born alive after failed abortions and then being murdered in the Regina General Hospital after they refused to die.

Contact Premier Brad Wall: 233 Central Ave N, Swift Current, SK, S9H 0L3, Ph: 306-778-2429, Fax: 306-778-3614,
Email: bwall@mla.legassembly.sk.ca

Sincerely, Bill Whatcott
Ph: 306-861-6140, E-mail: billwhatcott@gmail.com, website: http://www.freenorthamerica.ca

“And this is His commandment: that we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ and love one another.” 1 John 3:23

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  1. Can you get Mr Whatcott to provide a pdf of the brochure in letter and 10″x17″ size ? so that those of us with colour printers can print some out for distribution.

    • Great idea! In fact, we’ll help Mr. Whatcott by providing the flyer in downloadable PDF form right on this page… coming this week.

  2. Regarding a down-loadable PDF brochure, its been two weeks at least and I cannot find it. Did Mr. Whatcott not agree with the idea?

    • So sorry – Mr. Whatcott has been in the Philippines these past couple of weeks, but we’re sure he’d approve of spreading this flyer. So we’ve made a downloadable PDF for anyone to download, print and share. The link is at the end of the online flyer.

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