Jan 152013

RoadKill Radio News exposes the truth behind urban legends.

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(HEAVY = True, Average = Partly True, and Nil = False.)


On the Scale: Dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible.

For decades, believers of Creationism and Evolution have debated the co-existence of dinosaurs and humans. “Old Earth Creationism” bridges the gap of dispute by proposing that God created the Earth billions of years ago, allowing for dinosaur fossils predating Man by tens of millions of years. They claim dinosaurs are even mentioned in the Bible.

Veracity Weight: HEAVY. The Old Testament describes a large lizard-like creature called the “tanniyn” at least 28 times, usually as a dragon, and sometimes as a gigantic sea serpent. There are further mentions of a Behemoth (Job 40:15–24 – “He is the first of the works of God.”) and a Leviathan (Isaiah 27:1 – “… Leviathan the fleeing serpent … the twisting serpent … the dragon that is in the sea.”), clearly described as extremely large, ancient creatures.

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