Jan 122013

Dear friends of life and liberty:

Hopefully you had a blessed Christmas and New Year’s season.

Now as 2013 begins, I must return to the front lines of the culture wars in defence of innocent human life and our God-given liberties, which are increasingly under attack each passing day. A battle field I must return to is in the courts. I must report in person to my probation officer on January 17 and will be in court the next day.

Therefore, I’m writing you to ask for your support in my upcoming hearing in the BC Court of Appeal on Friday, January 18 at 10 AM.

The courthouse is located at: 400 – 800 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC.

Sissy von Dehn is my co-appellant seeking to have our convictions overturned that resulted from our being arrested on June 19, 2009, this time for informing the public in a BC bubble zone that they could be arrested for saying anything against abortion. We were actually arrested, convicted and sentenced to two years probation and fines for passing out copies of the Access to Abortion Services Act.
For more details, please read the following press release, originally sent out when we were granted leave to appeal on September 10, 2012: http://www.donspratt.org/ud_091112.htm

Sissy and I would appreciate your support in three ways:

1. Pray that God’s truth, justice and freedom will prevail and overcome any political prejudice.

2. Please attend, if at all possible, to show your moral support for us, and to show the court that there is public interest in preserving our free speech rights.

3. Although my lawyer, Ron McDonald, is once again (God bless him!) graciously representing me pro bono, I have an obligation to cover his travel and any court costs associated with my case. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate your financial help to defray expenses.

Please send any donations to my defence fund ASAP at:

Ron McDonald Law Office

243-12B St. North, Lethbridge, AB T1H 2K8

Re.: Don Spratt Defence Fund

Thank You!

Sincerely, for Life & Liberty,

Don Spratt

P.S. To read my statement (a witness to the truth) given before sentencing at trial, click here:http://www.donspratt.org/ud_062111_statement.htm

Contact information:

Don Spratt: donaldspratt@gmail.com (480) 772-8978 http://www.donspratt.org/

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  1. Don,
    May I post your witness statement on my facebook page in order to share with others?

    Thank you,
    Mary Beth Tucker

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