Jan 112013

Ron Gray takes a most practical and pragmatic look at the issue of homosexuality being promoted in public schools. Does it have anything to do with making life better for homosexuals, who already enjoy higher-than-average achievements in today's society? Or does it indoctrinate an entire generation to accept and even participate in potentially devastating activities? Without proper attention to dire health consequences, are politically correct teachers, unions, media and government actually aiding in the horrendous deaths of millions of homosexuals? The truth may hurt, but lies kill.

  5 Responses to “Family Freedom Fighters: Homosexuality in the Classroom”

  1. Only too true Mr. Gray. We must have the most sick and stupid leadership, with no conscience, running our schools in Canada.
    Think about it. They are all led by a handful of depraved narcissistic people who couldn’t give a darn about our kids.

  2. Well said Ron. This needs to be on mainstream media..to get through to the mostly apathetic parents of young children that will be abused by these perverse educators. They wont be indoctrinating any children in my family , immediate or otherwise.

  3. What our society needs to do is return to that whereby we can see: In God’s Light , we see light! The pages of the Bible–thegospel of Jesus Christ–the good news, is that very clearly defined Light God-sent for our blessing. Any teaching that would “supress this Truth in unrighteousness” is another gospel which is not gospel and is but a masquerade of satan–which brings curse, as we presently see, and as Ron implys

  4. Ron, please forward me the data that suggests that LGBT families incur more domestic violence than straight families. While I have always suspected that this may be the case I have no ‘studies’ or family law data to demonstrate it as such.
    Please direct me to the data so that I may read through it.

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