Jan 082013

RoadKill Radio News exposes the truth behind urban legends.

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(HEAVY = True, Average = Partly True, and Nil = False.)


On the Scale: Nostradamus predicted the attack on the World Trade Center.

In one of his hundreds of published quatrains, Nostradamus, the infamous “seer” of the 16th Century, warned of the September 11, 2001 attack on New York’s World Trade Center.

Veracity Weight: Nil. In fact, there is not a single documented case where a prediction by Nostradamus had later come true. Of more than 1,200 quatrains written by Nostradamus and purported to predict future events, absolutely NONE of them have predicted the future with any shade of detail. His vague wording has been retrofitted to more or less match events that have already happened, but as a prognosticator of any merit or credibility, Nostradamus fails miserably.

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