Jan 082013

Join Kari Simpson in this second installment of a four-part interview with the fascinating Bill Whatcott, Canada's champion of truth and free speech. Hear Bill describe how and where he found religion – or how it found him – and how he learned a simple truth that proved abortion is wrong.

[Photo by Parrot of Doom]

  3 Responses to “RoadKill Radio: Bill Whatcott Explains How He Learned That Abortion is Wrong”

  1. Please stop slapping your hands on the table…Good show :o)

  2. Please, wear long sleeves and a jacket in future.
    It is a very serious topic and one should do it being dressed modestly like your host, Mrs. Simpson.

    • Personally, I like the casual look. It’s about the message, after all, not the messenger. And Bill Whatcott wouldn’t be Bill Whatcott if he couldn’t be himself thru and thru. But I’m a guy – what do I know about fashion?

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