Jan 062013

RoadKill Radio’s “Letter of the Week” this week is actually a petition – three, in fact. All have to do with CNN Brit tabloid talker Piers Morgan’s stance in favour of banning assault weapons in the United States.

Banning guns is against the US Constitution’s Second Amendment and is a wildly unpopular notion among Americans. Freedom of speech is what the US Constitution’s First Amendment is all about, however, and is a wildly popular notion among Americans. Morgan – even though he is not an American – nevertheless has the First Amendment right to voice his opposition to the Second Amendment.

God bless America!

Morgan’s detractors have their First Amendment rights, too, which has resulted in a series of petitions on the White House’s official petition website.

At the time of this posting, 103,744 people have petitioned the White House to deport Morgan, while 8,822 have petitioned to keep Morgan in the US. Only 6,981 people have supported Morgan’s anti-gun stance by petitioning the White House to ban assault rifles.

Since the White House promises to respond to every petition that reaches 25,000 signatures within a month, it looks like President Obama will be weighing in on this issue in the near future.

Click on the graphics below to go to the respective official petition page:

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