Jan 042013

Ron Gray takes a close look at the official website of Stephen Harper, Canada's Prime Minister. Of particular interest is how Stephen Harper portrays his interest and concerns regarding Family issues in his country. How does he define the Canadian family? Does he support child care, tax breaks for families with children, adopting children, warrantless social worker intrusion on family matters, or the superiority of parents over teachers in a child's education? Or does he even go there? Take a look at this very revealing website.

  3 Responses to “Family Freedom Fighters: Stephen Harper’s Website”

  1. I like this historical perspective of having Christians in leadership.

    would like to hear more on how are nation had Christian foundation
    Thank you

    I’m putting on a men’s retreat, having men in leadership that take responsibility for our society in what is going on in it. I’m thinking the end of February, up at rough acres bible camp near Houston Smithers..

  2. Sad!

  3. We need to look to our God to meet our needs and we need to fast and pray for this glorious country that we are so honored to live in. And I would like to hear more on how our country was founded and about our christian heritage..

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