Jan 012013

Join Kari Simpson in this first of a 4-part interview with Canada's Champion of Free Speech, Bill Whatcott. In Part 1, Bill recounts his early years as a reckless – and admittedly inept – criminal and drug user. Hear how Canada's institutionalized child-rearing only adds to the problems of troubled youth, offering no parental guidance, no incentive to reform, and no spiritual support. Enabling is never the answer.

  2 Responses to “RoadKill Radio: Kick Off the New Year with The Bill Whatcott Interviews”

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all of you at Road Kill Radio!

    Thanks for bringing Bill on board for these interviews. He is a wealth of knowledge and definitely lives his faith.

    Bill……..I’m glad to hear that your bride is doing well :)

    Drop me a line next time you are by Edmonton………. coffee on me LOL

  2. What I have heard so far just backs up what has become reality to me over the last few years. I realize psychiatrists can be snowed by criminals…especially some of these ones that commit murder and get off for apparant insanity, and are having coffee at tims and harrassing the ones who were trying to put him away. Courts seem to be the cause of governmental insanity at different levels…or is it lawyers supporting the insanity.? I look forward to more.

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