Dec 222012

December 2000 Warning

Health Canada recognizes the unborn as “babies”. Among the graphics that Health Canada requires to be displayed on cigarette packages in Canada, one depicts a pregnant woman holding a cigarette. One ad reads:


Tobacco use during pregnancy reduces the growth of babies during pregnancy. These smaller babies may not catch up in growth after birth and the risks of infant illness, disability and death are increased.

If hurting babies is worthy of mandatory warning labels, why doesn’t the killing of babies warrant even stronger warnings?

December 2000 Warning

Why does the Canadian government allow the murder of 100,000 babies every year in the form of abortions?

2012 Warning

Stephen Harper’s government is hypocritical when it warns against cigarettes but not against abortion.

2012 Package Insert

Health officials get it. Why don’t our so-called “leaders”? Help them out and write to you MLA today!

  One Response to “National Absurder: Health Canada Recognizes the Unborn as “Babies””

  1. The difference between tolerance and legality is, that when Democratic Politically Correct Relativists are talked into legalizing scientifically proven morbid behavior by the policies of politicians, courts, teacher federations and popular media moguls they trust ,it is then also made a Canadian human right by, The Canadian Human Rights Act. This legalized morbid behavior is then normalized to impressionable innocent schoolchildren, as a human right and social justice, by adults who ought to know better. By this method Secular morbid so-called neutral morality is spread throughout former Christian Western Countries, who were so in Government, Law and Education before 1962.

    The Moguls who are adding to their Billions from legalized sexual irresponsibility, know exactly how to manipulate The Socially Engineered Politically Correct Relativists. According to Psychology textbooks the white race will become minorities in most of their own countries by about 2080. As I look around it may be sooner. They have been aborting their children and making The Abortion and Permissive Sexuality Products Industry Moguls Mega Billionaires. Who presented The Order Of Canada to Henry Morgentaler?

    In a democracy the citizens are politically responsible for the laws of the land.
    Merry Christmas Season to men and women of good will. Jesus and His worldview is the reason for Christmas.

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