Dec 202012

RoadKill Radio News: It’s getting insane out there, folks. This week two separate stories involving Canada’s so-called “Human Rights” kangaroo courts hit the newspapers.

The National Post covered Saskatoon may face human rights complaint over ‘Merry Christmas’ messages on buses. It seems that if the slightest hint of a cultural and / or religious holiday “offends” a passerby – or merely makes a politically correct xenophobe cringe – they can run off to a Human Rights Commission to try to shut down the offending notion – and collect some money for their efforts, to boot! Would these same whiners be okay with losing all their religious-based paid holidays? No more days off for Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving? Should western culture ban Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and even St. Valentine’s Day because a handful of cultural extremists want to re-write history?

A Saskatoon man named Ashu Solo claims that his right to be free from religion extends to even glancing upon the greeting “Merry Christmas”! We hate to think of the overwhelming indignity he’d feel if he ever entered a Hallmark card store!

Then there’s the Vancouver Sun story Human Rights Tribunal to hear complaint against Earls’ Albino Rhino beer, in which we read of how offending the word “albino” is to some albinos. The offending notion here is the pale ale served at Earl’s called the Albino Rhino. It’s named after the white rhinoceros. Lighten up, folks!

Should tall people go running to the Human Rights Tribunal because they see a can of Green Giant Peas in the store? Should black coffee be banned in deference to African-Canadians? Should the gay community cry over homo milk?

Mr. Spock said it best in The Wrath of Khan: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” The overwhelming majority of common sense Canadians needs to be free from this sort of politically correct insanity that only placates the oversensitive few.

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