Dec 202012

The horrific murder of 20 innocent beautiful children plus 6 adults – their teachers, principal and school psychologist – while attending Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, has reignited the calls for gun control. The proponents of gun control, led by the hysterically postulating Piers Morgan on CNN, shamelessly, ignorantly and foolishly fawn over those who would demand us to believe that the only motivating evil that exists in the world today – the only evil that paves the way for this unacceptable bloodshed – is found encased by steel with its chamber loaded.

Blinded by their own stubborn view, they fail to acknowledge or even entertain the possibility of other factors that are proven doorways that allow for this evil to gain entry and mark our communities, our homes, and the lives of our loved ones with loss and fear. Regardless of our feelings about guns, good or bad, steadfast or indifferent, we have a responsibility to consider all the contributing factors that might paint a picture of reality that makes known a more deadly culprit: pharmaceutical drugs. Every parent, every concerned person must watch this video.

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