Dec 092012

Dear MP Sweet

I wish to be very clear about this Bill C-279 which will provide ‘special’ rights for transgendered persons.

I personally am acquainted with a transgendered adult for whom I hold high regard and compassion.

He was born with Klinefelter’s syndrome which occurs in the womb prior to birth and according to reading I have done, exists in between 0.1 to 0.2% of the population. Klinefelters syndrome results in males having an extra ‘x’ chromosome and often a very low rate of male hormones among other complications. A very discouraging condition without a doubt. I hold no malice toward those who suffer from this condition.

Having said that, I am a supporter of equal rights, not special rights.

Special rights not only create classes of people with special sets of rights, special rights also are often used to trump one worldview over another when conflicting worldviews collide. This trumping is often used by various human rights commissions to prosecute those who do not subscribe to commission worldview.

In the case of special rights for transgendered persons, Ontario passed Bill – 33 which is now being used to defend biological males to enter female washrooms with the very real potential to permit the same to enter female change rooms and shower facilities. According to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, biological males may enter female washrooms and do so with out question as questioning one about their actions would be against their human right. This special right opens the doors to sexual predators and other sexual deviants.

The right of biological males to enter their washroom of choice trumps the right of our grandmothers, mother, sisters, wives, daughters and granddaughters to be and feel safe in an area where disrobing is necessary.

Enough said. I urge you to not only vote against Bill C-279, but also to inform other MP’s why you are doing so.

Thank you

Jim Enos

Hamilton Wentworth Family Action Council

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