Dec 052012

Kari Simpson and Ron Gray speak with John Carpay, founder and president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. John co-authored the Campus Freedom Index, ranking Canadian universities and student unions on how well they carry out their mission of serving as a forum for free speech and open, honest debate. In Mr. Carpay's sights at the moment is BC's Kwantlen Polytechnic University, whose student association is denying club status to Oliver Capko's on-campus pro-life group. Tune in to find out who else gets a Failing grade!

  One Response to “RoadKill Radio: John Carpay Rates Canada’s Universities for Freedom of Speech – Many Fail”

  1. The criminal treatment of Dr.Cris Kempling and his wife and children ought to open the minds of BC citizens as to what freedom of expressing an empirical opinion; by an innocent teacher to a newspaper after work is now considered here. Expressing an opinion with the verifiable scientific proof about the consequences of normalizing morbidity to impressionable schoolchildren is now considered anathema. Only Secular Morality is imposed and that by decree.
    When Professor Tom Landers, and friends persuaded the majority of Canadian parents and citizens to politically unite in 2005,and pressure The House Of Commons to finally Pass a Bill into Canadian Law in 2008,thus ending the evil Supreme Court Of Canada and Parliamentary impositions of 2005. I thought our people were going to politically unite to end all other harmful Parliamentary and Supreme Court Of Canada Laws that degenerate our country. We need more people like Tom Landers who get upset at institutionalized unrighteousness,and then unite citizens politically to hold their elected officials accountable to change rotten Supreme Court Of Canada and Parliamentary Law, as they did in 2008. In a democracy the citizens are thus accountable and responsible for the laws imposed by the politicians they elect to rule them.

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