Dec 032012

Ron Gray steers Drive For Justice into the courtroom of the British Columbia Court of Appeal, where Rafe Mair's inexplicable exoneration by "Justice" M. Marvyn Koenigsberg was decidedly overturned by Justices Southin, Thackray, and Prowse. Kari Simpson wins her case against Rafe Mair, who was found guilty of malicious libel. While the Appeals decision itself repeated some of Mair's lies as apparent facts, the case was nonetheless settled. Or was it? Tune in to find out what happens next!

  One Response to “Drive For Justice 24: The Appeal and Its Appealing Decision”

  1. I dont have a problem with quoting from the bible …homosexuality is an abomination unnatural and sinful in the eyes of God. QUOTE:

    God is not a man that He should lie, nor a son of man that He should change His mind.” (Numbers 23:19, NIV)

    I am glad God doesnt think like the regressive.., unconstitutional judge Koenigsberg…a hippocrit, a liar, and a disgrace to the courts and the office of being a judge. Who supports buggery, and perversion and went on a witchhunt looking for something to pin on Kari Simpson.. the judge should be whipped at a post for the accusations and slurs she leveled on the completely innocent Kari Simpson.

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