Dec 022012

This week’s feature letter is written by Denise Mountenay, President and Founder of Silent No More. The issues of the sanctity of life and our humanity will continue to knock on every politician’s door, and the knocks are getting louder, until such time as the door is opened. The fact is that the debate is long over do and the door is cracking and we here at RKR suspect these doors will be flung wide open in the near future. It impossible for us to ignore the pain and horror of abortion when the evidence is so compelling.


Dear Hon. Prime Minister and The Conservative Government of Canada:

It is very sad Hon. Prime Minister of Canada that you do not want to TALK about abortion, or listen to women like me who chose abortions and now live with the deep sorrow, remorse and tragic aftermath of legal abortions that have damaged my body, my mind and my soul.

I am outraged that our hard earned tax dollars are being WASTED and Abused on organizations that push the homosexual and lesbian agenda, push countries where abortion is still illegal to try to pressure and force them to legalize the shedding of innocent blood. It is horrible that you agree to pay over 50 MILLION dollars a year for the destruction of tiny Canadian children while in their mother’s womb. Yet, NOT one study reveals that an induced abortion is beneficial for women’s health!!

Abortion doctors are biased when it comes to abortion as they only benefit financially from inducing abortions in vulnerable pregnant women.

While dozens of credible world-wide studies confirm that legal induced abortions are linked to depression, suicides, substance abuse, pre-term births, breast and cervical cancer etc…!

Women have a RIGHT to KNOW about ALL of the RISK factors noted above, as well as the truth about fetal development-which we are not being informed of!

The Truth is Sirs/Madames that legal induced abortion is rarely a real medical necessity, but the majority of abortions are being used as a violent form of birth control.

Please stop wasting our money on organizations who already get millions of dollars annually from other sources such as the UN Population Fund and International Planned Parenthood Federation (, whose main agenda is pushing abortion into nations on demand, without restrictions, changing laws, and pushing sex education which results in more pregnancies, and more abortions…(good for their business); bad for women’s mental and reproductive health.

Please immediately stop funding for abortion as birth control, and please stop paying for EI benefits for women who have abortions.

As an expert on abortion, I would love to meet with you to discuss this vital issue so rampant in our generation.


Denise Mountenay
Canada Silent No More

107 Discovery Ave.
Morinville, Alberta, Canada
T8R 1N1
“We defeat Satan by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony
and did not love our lives even unto death.” Rev. 12:11

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  1. One has to ask: What happens if a Hindu Organization in support of the family of Hindu national, Savita Halappanavar, who was left to die a horrible death for want of a therapeutic abortion last November, goes ahead with the plan to sue the Pope, his Jesuits, the Church and the Irish hospital involved on a charge of “wrongful death” based on questionable religious doctrine? It is said that Northern Ireland has enough documented historical evidence to back up any challenge in court by the Hindus that the church has little regard for any woman or her unborn child IF she is not a Catholic and a Papist. They site the systematic tortune and slaughter by the church of 50,000,000+ Protestant men, women, children and UNBORN BABIES as “evidence”. Seemingly today’s society does not see this holocaust as “murder”.

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