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Dr. Steve Tourloukis wants the right to protect his children from sex activist propaganda and other misinformation that flows freely in some Canadian school districts. The “Board of Education” that presides over the school attended by the Tourloukis children refuses to tell him what his children are going to be taught. Dr. Tourloukis launched an important lawsuit. He is seeking a “declarative judgement”.

This case is important for all parents – and not just on the basis of Charter protected religious rights.

PARENTAL RIGHTS Issue is in Court

The Rights of Faith parents to be informed by the school when conflicting curriculum is planned is being defended in court today & tomorrow!

Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012
Dr. Steve Tourloukis will be cross-examined by the legal counsel for the school board. I am told that one of the strategies of the board’s legal counsel will be to discredit PEACE. To present parts of our website as discriminatory and homophobic. An organization that should not be representing the interests of faith families, and for a school board to be accepting form letters that have been created by such a group is inappropriate.

Tomorrow (all day), Albertos Polizogopolous, legal counsel for Mr. Tourloukis, will be in court cross-examining the board of Education’s Principal of Equity who refuses to accommodate for Mr. Toruloukis’s requests.

It is important to know that Mr. Tourloukis is not suing the Board of Education, but seeking a “declarative judgement” from the court that parents do have the right to request to be informed when curriculum conflicts with their values, so that they may talk to their children about what they have learned, or be accommodated and the students participate in alternative activities.

We are very thankful that Steve and Albertos have taken the steps to represent all people of faith, and We need your help! The cost for these proceedings is quite expensive (even though legal counsel is working at a very discounted rate). People of faith need a judgement so that parents know their rights. If you are able to support financially, please contact the organization below that is accepting funds to cover the costs of this case.


Thank you.

Phil Lees
President, PEACE
1 888 327 2386

Check out RKR’s interview with Dr. Tourloukis about his legal challenge here.

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  1. A big “thank you” to Kari Simpson, Ron Gray and Jim Enos for their untiring efforts to uphold parental rights.

    Parents WAKE UP and find out what your children are being taught in public schools, before it is too late.

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