Nov 292012

Mark Hasiuk speaks with the inimitable Alex G. Tsakumis, the renowned "Rebel With a Clause" political commentator. Mr. Tsakumis weighs in on Christy Clark and her Liberal Party's abysmal record, her politicizing of Amanda Todd's tragic suicide and bullying in general, and her pandering to special interest groups. Plus, hear of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Roberton's plan to charge taxpayers for the Pride Parade! And then there's the case of Darryl Plecas, the undemocratically appointed Liberal replacement candidate in Abbotsford, BC, who is a self-admitted “Antichrist of politics”. Tune in and watch out!

  One Response to “The Mark Hasiuk Show: Alex G. Tsakumis – Rebel With a Clause”

  1. I am a long time “poster” on AGT’s website and am a big fan of Kari Simpson. The fact that these two powerhouses of the “real media” have given us in BC some hope.

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