Nov 202012

Kari Simpson and Ron Gray interview Maurice Vellacott, MP for Saskatoon—Wanuskewin in the province of Saskatchewan, about his recent recommendation that Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner receive Diamond Jubalee medals. Vellacott calls these women "heroines of humanity" for their brave and relentless opposition to baby-killing (Canada is now the only country in the world with no law addressing pre-born human rights). MP Vellacott also discusses his support for Canada's removal of diplomatic ties with Iran.

  3 Responses to “RoadKill Radio: MP Maurice Vellacott Honours Pro-Life Activists”

  1. A very short time after The Christian Eternal Perspective was exchanged for Secular Atheism with it’s worldview in Government, Law and Education by Democratic Western Civilization it started to morally and economically erode. Only Christian Society can be shown where it’s wrong to enslave certain people, because they are created with certain inalienable rights by an omniscient God. That is the reason why morbid lifestyles can be so easily scientifically proven to be unhealthy by The Centers For Disease Control etc. Darwin’s Theory and worldview is just that a theory. When Darwin’s theory it is not balanced with the theory of Intelligent Design, Western Society corrupts absolutely as we are now seeing. The Theory of Darwin’s The Descent Of Man, when it is used as the only creation story allowed to educate Western schoolchildren, and young adults as science, truth, and law leads to normalizing Kinsey Sex Education with all it’s perversions, and classifying human beings as to who ought to live and who ought to die. Another society’s Government and Supreme Court made laws classifying human beings. After The Second World War ,The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal indicted ten Nazi Leaders for the crimes against humanity of’ encouraging and compelling abortions. Trials Of War Criminals,Nuremberg Military Tribunal,Washington,DC:USGPO,Volume IV,Page 610.

    Canada has a majority Conservative Government with many Traditional Values MP’s except Stephen Harper, and about 31 others according on how they vote on Traditional Family Values Bills, in The House Of Commons. Bad Bills are being passed into Canadian Law because Stephen Harper and his 31 are siding with The N D P and The Lib’s . Concerned Parents and Citizens have to politically unite to keep our families and children safe from rotten Bills being passed into Canadian Law by irresponsible politicians.

  2. MP Maurice Vellacott is doing what all our MP’s ought to be doing. Recommending fine heroines of humanity like Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner for Diamond Jubilee medals instead of presenting The Order Of Canada to Henry Morgentaler.

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