Nov 192012

Ron Gray interviews Kari Simpson about the closing of her first (yes, more follow!) defamation trial against the lying shock jock Rafe Mair, and the bizarre "settlement conference" that "Justice" M. Marvyn Koenigsberg called before she was forced to settle the case on her own (and once you hear her legal decision, you'll understand why she wanted somebody else to take it off her hands!). This "ending" is just the beginning…

  2 Responses to “Drive For Justice 22: Closing Arguments, and a Bizarre Settlement Conference”

  1. Hi Ron, Kari, and all,

    I just came back from the first Global Home Education Conference, and heard your very own Gordon Neufeld talk about parenting. In particular he had a lot to say about attachment theory. You may want to look up his websire and possibly use some of his materials to promote parent child bonding.

    Jake Zwart

  2. Kari….this judge konigsburg or whoever …she is an air head and has to go …what kind of a judge brings up issues that has nothing to do with the case…its like she is talking down to you ..because your a christian , you have views that are not perverted like the judges. The judge murders babies and you dont …so yes your different. The judge should resign …get the hell out of the justice system , her judgeship is a mess like her personal life .

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