Nov 152012

Join Mark Hasiuk as he explores bullying / cyber-bullying, and the roles that the media and daycare play in this social crime. Citing Amanda Todd's recent tragic suicide, Mark explains why this particular teen suicide garnered so much attention. Turning his focus on the cause of bullying, Mark explores the role of daycare and institutionalized child rearing. Want to stop bullying? Start reconnecting parents with their kids.

  One Response to “The Mark Hasiuk Show: The Roles of Media and Daycare in Bullying”

  1. Mark…their is too much media, and too much access. Kids are becoming part of the movie Matrix…where most of these kids dont notice anything around them , they are socially stupid, socially inept, social recluses. Their reality is that 4 inch screen. This is parents …they dont have to deal with their children if they are preoccupied with some gadgit…the parent opts out of guidance leaving guidance to the media.

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