Oct 122012

Tune in to hear Kari Simpson explain why she wrote a letter to Prime Minister Harper lauding the recent vote by Rona Ambrose, Minister of Status for Women, to seek a scientific definition for when human life begins. Since when does seeking truth and clarification become an act of bravery? Since MP Ambrose’s vote, apparently, as she is now being vilified by certain special interest groups who benefit from ignorance and fear. How will the Prime Minister respond? Well, considering he voted against the motion, we’d suggest that his cowardice is showing.

Full Text of Kari Simpson’s Letter:

October 3, 2012

Re:      Bravo, Minister Ambrose!

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

My name is Kari Simpson; I am a civil, informed Canadian. I am the mother of four responsible, accomplished, and now adult children whom I raised as a single parent; the oldest was 12 when their father became ill and passed away. I am also delighted to proclaim that my eighth grandchild is due in March. And yes, as my children were taught, my grandchildren are also being educated about their democratic and civil responsibilities to protect life and liberty. This includes voting.

I am also CEO of WOW Multi-Media corporation; President of a national organization called Culture Guard; host of RoadKill Radio News, an influential current affairs program on RoadKill Radio.com; a commercial pilot; and a feared and respected child and family advocate—among other endeavours. I do not attribute my successes to affirmative action or feminist gains, but rather to having the good fortune of coming from a long line of individuals strongly committed to the family unit, and made up of strong men and women who deal in reality, work hard, live responsibly and respect those who deserve respect.

I would like to add my voice to counter the noise created by the gaggle of feminist squawk-boxers who willingly display their ineptitude and their challenged view of reality by falsely claiming to represent me, my three daughters, and numerous other female members of our extended family, in matters that affect Canadian women.

My family’s work history details the events involving my great-aunts running mines in The Pas, Manitoba; my grandmother working to finance my grandfather’s inventions—some events going back 100 years ago, long before silly women started burning their bras.  The women in my family have accomplished these noteworthy successes, like so many others, without assistance from the state, or being given an unfair advantage by government programs crafted to discriminate against men; and they have done so without murdering our unborn children, abdicating our responsibilities as mothers, or requiring others to pay for our career choice expenses — e.g., daycare.

I have watched with growing distain the verbal assaults being hurled at Minister Ambrose by self-absorbed, feeble-brained radical feminists—both male and female — who operate from a platform that seemingly provides blinders and affords only a flat-earth view. The out-dated rhetoric of yesteryear relied upon by these squawking ninnies is about as useful as the shrill shriek of a faulty brake-pad, just before a crash.

Minister Rona Ambrose deserves enormous credit for her willingness to assure Canadians that she and 90 other elected leaders don’t fear seeking a factual, foundational understanding of the scientific realities associated with the genesis of life. She deserves the applause that is growing louder as more and more Canadians become informed about this intelligent, independently-minded stateswoman, who had the integrity to vote in favour of Motion 312—a vote to establish the truth.

You can appreciate how intellectually pathetic those 203 members are who voted against seeking to explore the scientific facts about human life. There has been no moment in the history of Parliament that so fully demonstrates the sad state of the factually-challenged cowards who wimpily kow-tow to the squawk-box bullies and shrieking ninnies. I find it ridiculous—and concerning—that elected officials would publicly demonstrate their willingness to embrace ignorance on such an important issue, clearly acquiescing to the unjustified fear generated by the natter of a few cultural terrorists.

You are right, Mr. Prime Minister: we don’t need a debate; we need a solution to an obvious problem—a problem that allows innocent children to be slaughtered. Canadians deserve to be factually informed. This violent crime against our nation’s innocent, unborn sons and daughters, Canada’s most vulnerable citizens, must end.

Please extend my deep appreciation to Minister Ambrose for establishing a credible and respectable standard in political leadership—for both women and men. Minister Ambrose, by courageously standing in support of Motion 312, spoke for me, my daughters, and my granddaughters—and on behalf of the overwhelming majority of informed women (and men) who abide in truth, act responsibility and deal in reality—something her ill-informed critics, parroting the retro-rhetoric-of-yesteryear, fear.

Yours truly,

Kari Simpson
Host, RoadKill Radio News
Email: karisimpson@telus.net
Tel:    (604) 514-1614
Fax:   (604) 514-1669



Minister Rona Ambrose

The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper
Office of the Prime Minister
House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Fax 613-941-6900
e-mail: pm@pm.gc.ca                                             

Copied to:

Rona Ambrose
Minister Responsible for the Status of Women
House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
e-mail: rona.ambrose@parl.gc.ca

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