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A Lying, Left-wing Loony Teacher, Debating the Non-debatable, Health Workers Reject the Inject, Abortion is Murder, and a Gaggle of Subversive Liars

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Monday, October 1, 2012
Drive For Justice 16: The Players, Pt. 3 – Is James Chamberlain a Left-Wing Loony Liar? Yes.

Ron Gray explores the latest character in the “Drive For Justice” series – one decidedly lacking in character and professionalism. Rafe Mair lied repeatedly about the true facts associated with this unprofessional goof of a teacher while vilifying Kari Simpson for supporting a parent who refused to allow her young son to be indoctrinated with this teacher’s version of left-wing propaganda. Instead of telling listeners about James Chamberlain’s lies and abuse of his role as a teacher, Rafe Mair falsely accused Kari of supporting the parents simply because this teacher was “gay”. Pay attention Rafe Mair! Oh wait! You already know all this, you just choose to continue to lie and shamefully hide behind the skirts of not-so-law-abiding judges.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
RoadKill Radio News: Debating the Non-Debatable! Parliament Reluctantly Begins the Abortion Discussion

Kari Simpson and Ron Gray speak with Don Hutchinson, vice president and general legal counsel of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Mr. Hutchinson discusses the recent defeat (91 yeas v. 203 nays) of Motion 312. Motion 312 called for review of the outdated 400 year-old law and sought to strike a special Parliamentary committee to review the medical and scientific facts now known about the origins of human life. Clearly a great number of Liberals and New Democrats fear the truth – apparently the world is still flat for them, and regrettably it seems for our Prime Minister and some other Conservative members as well.

Thursday, October 4, 2012
The Mark Hasiuk Show: Half of BC Health Workers Reject the Inject

Mark Hasiuk asks why the government of British Columbia is so upset that approximately half of the province’s health care workers are refusing to get flu shots. Is it that health care workers don’t fall so easily for the rhetoric and lies that push these drugs on an unsuspecting population? Is the general public aware of the dangers of these unnecessary flu shots, and their relative ineffectiveness? Are they aware that the government and makers of these vaccines are not liable for the damages you may experience? Are they aware of the ingredients of these vaccines, and that some are considered poisonous and life-threatening to children?

Friday, October 5, 2012
Culture Guard: Seeing Is Believing – Abortion is Murder

Kari Simpson speaks with Jonathon Van Maren of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. Mr. Van Maren’s organization has engaged in a long-term campaign to inform the public about the true facts of abortion and the killing of innocent human babies. Hundreds of thousands of babies each year, murdered because they are “inconvenient” while hundreds of thousands of childless couples would cherish raising these children. While many proclaim that this Canadian Holocaust is a “woman’s right”, growing numbers are seeing this senseless slaughter for what it is.

Saturday, October 6, 2012
Family Freedom Fighters: Why the BCTF is a Gaggle of Subversive Liars

Ron Gray once again clearly points out the subversive agenda of the British Columbia Teachers Federation, a union dedicating much of its resources to the deconstruction of family values, morality, and tradition. As the number of enrolled students drops in BC’s public school system (wary parents are running!), the BCTF continues to impose its culturally destructive agenda on the children of the remaining oblivious parents.

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